Well, Time and tide stops for no one . How true ?? Another glorious year has passed. And with that I have turned 21 . Yes, its my birthday today 😛 . And i am grateful to all of u to celebrate my birthday as new years day 😛 .

OMG ..its 11:30 now in the morning and i havn’t even taken bath yet.My mother is shouting from the kitchen but here i am writing another useless post just to increase my post count 😀 . Year 2007 has been a wonderful year for me. Got good grades this year,Got placed ,Got my self this blog what else could one want 🙂 .

The main aim of this post was to give a brief overview of this blog 🙂 . I had started blogging 7 months back and beleive me before that i was not even aware of a thing like this .The Idea to start a blog came from the blues one day when out of boredom i was looking for some options to kill the time.As it would be obvious i was quite apprehensive about writing earlier .This was my first post( first proper post in this blog) And now after 7 months i am having no qualms what so ever with my decision to step into the blogging world.Though ,I dont know how good i am at blogging even after these 7 months but i am loving what ever i am doing here.

My blog had started with a personal touch but with time i have changed it to an entertainment writing more about general topics .This is what people like to read and more importantly i enjoy. Besides that ,I am not comfortable while sharing my personal ramblings on my blog 😛 ,more specifically in web .

The trurning point in this short period of blogging was when i wrote a post on harry potter and the deathly hallows spoilers. People were just coming from every part of the globe .i never knew people could be so impatient to know the end of a book .This post made my blog 2nd fastest growing blog in wordpress . I love rowling for creating such a wonderfull book 😛 . One fact i haven’t read the last book till now 😛 .

After that there have been a number posts that got traffic for me like orkut proxies , orkut hacking , how sexy is ur name 😛
.Infact i have written some posts on hacking that doesnt teach you hacking but still became hits .As i have said earlier half of my blog stats is due to the above posts.

Though the above posts brought my fame , they aren’t in my favourite posts list . The posts which i have loved writing would the following :-

Blogging syndrome – This post deals with the harmfull affects of blogging syndrome 🙂 i mean addiction to blogging.Some of my regular readers like ish ,ruhi ,shuz through this post .

NOKIA vs NOKLA – AS the name suggest i just wrote a post comparing the two N95’s one original and one fake one 😛

HAppy days review – A review i wrote after seeing the movie hapy days .One of the best movies i have seen . describes the college life with 100 percent truth. i guess the movie is coming in hindi too but dont know when.

MY Hall of Fame :- Started recently but one of my fovourite ones..keep coming back as i will update it regularly .

Now here is the Best part ,i have come across some crazy comments by my visitors . Have fun reading them

  • ” any one can hack this yahoo ID too… &…because the girl i love it she cheated at me and i want to distract they relationship….thanks a lot guys……send to my email there password a
  • hey this is all CRAP and you are such a dumb hacker. Your full of yourself and if you think I’m going to fall for this? Wow your part of the stupid population AND stupid hackers.
  • idiots, if you think your girlfriend is cheating on you, leave her.
  • i wanna hack my gf password i think she is double dating
  • How to Hack yahoo , aol , hotmail account..

    Hay friends !

    I had discovered secreat way to hack yahoo-mail password,
    (u can use it for hotmail,sify,indiatimes,rediffmail password also)

    Its a new bug which i found on 21-Sep-2007.
    It is quit possible that this hack may be fixed by the authorties
    soon, may be in next 1-2 weeks…so hury up……

    Beacuse it is a secreat-method so i have not posted it here….
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    So if u wants to know this method, use the
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    Click on this. You will go to a new web-page.

    3) On the Top of this page, You will see a Button => Join Now.
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    4) Now fill the form and submit. Now u r a member of this site.
    Now u can access that Secreat-Method.

    5) Now u have to Log-in on this site and see the product deatils
    of=> How to Hack E-Mail – An E-Book.
    This a product featured on this site.
    If u do not find u can search.
    You will not be able to search this product without joining the site.
    Now you can read the details, How you can Hack E-mail.
    Have Fun……!!!!

  • HI i m mahen,
    Today father call me and said there is one guy who is selling second hand n95 for 8500bucks. i was surpised and excited after hearing this. i told him get the piece home and i ll check all the feature as my father dont know much about mobile. When i first saw the piece i was very happy about its look and price at which was about to get and already decided to buy it.
    The first function i knew was it has support for two SIM card when i insert my sim.
    After switching on, the first feature i test was camera and video recording. Frankly saying i got disappointed with its quality also the zoom feature was missing in option but even then i didnt change my mind(of not buying it) i thought might be its night thats why the quality is not good.
    i tested the call, was happy with voice quality of the
    opponent but was supprise there is no loudspeaker function. Hey even now i had not change my mind.arre what a look and at such a cheap price i would be fool to miss that …man…
    My father told that there is stick, one more supprise for me its touchscreen i never knew N95 is a touchscreen mobile and tested this function not working even after doing pen calibration setting still not working.Now
    Friends i got a doubt at this piece after looking that camera flash is not working, touchscreen problem, picture quality. I thought of doing some research.

    I went to nokia site, i came to know original N95 as up/down slide feature whereas mobile in my was only up slide. i notice the buttons different. Main feature GPS built in navigator was missing. Look for Battery specification, i found my mobile as NOKLA written on it with different specification. I also look in you tube site.
    Then i search for “duplicate of N95 in market ” in google. the second option was “NOKIA VS NOKLA ??? « ARVIND’s BLOG” thats how i reach to this site.
    After reading the post by arvind now i decided to hand over the mobile on morning ya coz its 1:05 am in night me writting this reply.
    Thanks to arvind for completing my search. I m no longer looking to this mobile (NOKLA ).
    And friends please do some research if you find any wierd things like this. It would help you as it helped me……..

Coming to Blogstats , till now i have got 65000 visitors in 7 months which i think is good enough but i have got some regular readers as well which satisfies me more .This is my page stats for the past 7 months.
MY favourite blogs
I have to stop with this..
FInally a big thanks to all my readers who are the main motivators in keeping this blog alive .
and once again have a wonderfull year ahead . 😛


14 responses to “BLOGGING ,2007 – RETROSPECTION

  1. Wow, Happy Birthday too then! 😀

  2. Happy Birthday Arvind!!! 😀 See, I didn’t forget?

    Everything related to hacking? 😮 Man, you’re dangerous. Are you THAT good? Care to help me then? 😉

    PS- Turn off that snow PLEASE! I know there’s only one more day of snow at left, and in Chennai, you’ll never see snow. But for your readers’ sake…Please! 😛

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  4. @ ish
    thanks a lot
    @ ruhi
    thanks …glad that u remembered ..
    Believe i aint good at hacking..thats the funniest part.. 😛

  5. so, what are your special plans?? Dating the mystery girl?? 😉

  6. Wow! Those are some impressive figures! 🙂

    May lady luck keep kissing you all year through! 🙂

  7. @ruhi ..
    no . no plans like that.. 🙂 how was ur new year day..

    hope ur words come true.. 😛

  8. Here I come! Have a great new year and a special birthday 🙂

  9. arvind, beltaed greetings for BD and NY.

    i am delighted to find myself listed in ur fav blogs! i am just 23- day old here in blogosphere and a humble 1400 or so visitors. and glad to find you are empowering latha! truly, all visitors and all commentors are empowering me day by day.

  10. thats a nice book shelf you have acquired!

    do you want us to believe that you have all your books so neatly arranged and so well showcased ?!! 🙂

  11. hey, whats this sudden change in page colour? just posted a comment and lo! behold the change!!

    i like this velvety black! and red letters look so bright on it!

    and black always adds mystery to the page……….

  12. @ latha
    thanks for ur wishes..
    and glad to hear u being empowered by ur readers..
    NO i dont have the habit of arranging things in a proper manner 😛
    this is only the case for my blog..where i like things neat ..

    glad that u liked it.
    does the header suit this theme

  13. Belated birthday wishes! 🙂

    >The main aim of this post was to give a brief overview of this blog
    How many times are you going to write what made you start a blog, how Harry Potter post put your blog on the growing blogs list, etc.? 😉

  14. @ aparna
    you still remember that…
    this was the last time…

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