Phew!!! Finally the long waited car THE WORLD”S CHEAPEST CAR – NANO was unveiled by the TATA in the presence of minister kamal nath .

TATA's nano  - world's cheapest carThe pic on your left of the screen is the the worlds cheapest car named NANO which cost just 1 lakh rupees and the on road price would be just 1,20000.Well, ISn’t that unbelievably cheap . The main motive of a car being modeled for a cheap price like this was to attract the middle class population which other wise wouldn’t have even thought of buying a car.

tata nano Wow,doesn’t the car looks amazing .

You can have a look at the specifications of TATA’s NANO here



20 responses to “TATA’s NANO – WORLD’S CHEAPEST CAR

  1. I was reading about the Tata Nano car a couple of days back and was waiting for the pictures to be released. I think it looks very neat for a “cheap” car and I support this move. There is no point comparing this to other expensive cars, because this ones focuses on the low end of the market, which I’m sure they’ll serve well.

  2. Sounds like iPod nano?! 😛

  3. yes it does look neat..perhaps ,it looks better than some cars costing more than this..
    ,may be tata got an inspitration from ipod nano

  4. No, No, No, Don’t Follow Us
    November 4, 2007

    India is in serious danger — no, not from Pakistan or internal strife. India is in danger from an Indian-made vehicle: a $2,500 passenger car, the world’s cheapest.
    India’s Tata Motors recently announced that it plans to begin turning out a four-door, four-seat, rear-engine car for $2,500 next year and hopes to sell one million of them annually, primarily to those living at the “bottom of the pyramid” in India and the developing world.

    Welcome to one of the emerging problems of the flat world: Blessedly, many more people now have the incomes to live an American lifestyle, and the Indian and Chinese low-cost manufacturing platforms can deliver them that lifestyle at lower and lower costs. But the energy and environmental implications could be enormous, for India and the world.
    We have no right to tell Indians what cars to make or drive. But we can urge them to think hard about following our model, without a real mass transit alternative in place. Cheap conventional four-wheel cars, which would encourage millions of Indians to give up their two-wheel motor scooters and three-wheel motorized rickshaws, could overwhelm India’s already strained road system, increase its dependence on imported oil and gridlock the country’s megacities.

    Yes, Indian families whose only vehicle now is a two-seat scooter often make two trips back and forth to places to get their whole family around, so a car that could pack a family of four is actually a form of mini-mass transit. And yes, Tata, by striving to make a car that could sell for $2,500, is forcing the entire Indian auto supply chain to become much more efficient and therefore competitive.

    But here’s what’s also true: Last week, I was driving through downtown Hyderabad and passed the dedication of a new overpass that had taken two years to build. A crowd was gathered around a Hindu priest in a multicolored robe, who was swinging a lantern fired by burning coconut shells and praying for safe travel on this new flyover, which would lift traffic off the streets below.
    The next morning I was reading The Sunday Times of India when my eye caught a color photograph of total gridlock, showing motor scooters, buses, cars and bright yellow motorized rickshaws knotted together. The caption: “Traffic ends in bottleneck on the Greenlands flyover, which was opened in Hyderabad on Saturday. On day one, the flyover was chockablock with traffic, raising questions over the efficacy of the flyover in reducing vehicular congestion.” That’s the strain on India ’s infrastructure without a $2,500 car.

    So what should India do? It should leapfrog us, not copy us. Just as India went from no phones to 250 million cellphones — skipping costly land lines and ending up with, in many ways, a better and cheaper phone system than we have — it should try the same with mass transit.

    India can’t ban a $2,500 car, but it can tax it like crazy until it has a mass transit system that can give people another cheap mobility option, said Sunita Narain, the dynamo who directs New Delhi’s Center for Science and Environment and got India’s Supreme Court to order the New Delhi bus system to move from diesel to compressed natural gas. This greatly improved New Delhi ’s air and forced the Indian bus makers to innovate and create a cleaner compressed natural gas vehicle, which they now export.
    “I am not fighting the small car,” Ms. Narain said. “I am simply asking for many more buses and bus lanes — a complete change in mobility. Because if we get the $2,500 car we will not solve our mobility problem, we will just add to our congestion and pollution problems.”
    Charge high prices for parking, charge a proper road tax for driving, deploy free air-conditioned buses that reach every corner of the city, expand the existing beautiful Delhi subway system, “and then let the market work,” she added.
    Why should you care what they’re driving in Delhi ? Here’s why: The cost of your cellphone is a lot cheaper today because India took that little Western invention and innovated around it so it is now affordable to Indians who make only $2 a day. India has become a giant platform for inventing cheap scale solutions to big problems. If it applied itself to green mass transit solutions for countries with exploding middle classes, it would be a gift for itself and the world.
    To do that it must leapfrog. If India just innovates in cheap cars alone, its future will be gridlocked and polluted. But an India that makes itself the leader in both cheap cars and clean mass mobility is an India that will be healthier and wealthier. It will also be an India that gives us cheap answers to big problems — rather than cheap copies of our worst habits.

  5. well,i agree but the real cause of concern is population rather than secondory things like these..population explosion i sthe main culprit behind all the thing you mentioned above…
    and why the hell tata would care for the country ..they want bussiness and they would get it..thats their main aim..

  6. @Entropy

    I don’t think we should be talking about India’s dependence upon oil…esp. after you take a look at the gas guzzling cars that are driven in the US and the cheap prices of gas that people in the US pay for…even today.

    Your statements seem to be contradicting each other. This car, is nothing short of a “leapfrog”. You spoke about cell phones- even that was a leapfrog. Look at the prices we pay in the US for cell phones, even though US is a developed nation. So what’s wrong, if a country like India, can provide the same technology to suit the needs of millions of people, who otherwise, couldn’t have afforded even a simple landline!

    The environmental efficiency etc. that you’re talking about here,is inapplicable in this case, because however bad it may be, the car does meet the minimum standards of the envt. level efficiency demanded by the Govt. How good is that, is another question all together.

  7. ya, with auto rates in blore hitting a new 20 bucks for a minimum, i think this is a gr8 car….

    no seriously, the design is decent, and i do think it will work….. they might not even take a long time to break even like in the case of indica….

    see ya:)

  8. Reply to THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN New Delhi

    Dear Thomas

    I have few questions for you and would appreciate if you could post your answer in this blog.

    1. Whom do you represent by stating “US”? United States, Big car makers or some other entity?
    2. What made you think that we are following you?
    3. Do you understand what Indians mean by “Fuel Efficiency”?
    4. Can you please provide information about the car(s) of what nano is ‘Cheap” copy?
    5. What are your worst habits?
    6. Are you being paid to write this kind of article by the big car maker of west who are struggling to enter Indian market because they don’t understand the Indians?

  9. yeah, here
    in chennai too they ask a min. of 20 for starting the auto..
    actually this looks for me better than maruthi 800 …why does that cost more?? i cant understand

  10. Your post is among the Top Posts. 🙂 Congrats!

    I can see that you changed your theme – I like this one much better..very easy on my eyes.

  11. The roads are pretty crowded already in India. If anyone can drive anywhere I am afraid nobody will get nowhere. But Power to the peoples car.

  12. @ruhi
    well,that too in only cars section..but your post end there almost evrytime..
    perhaps,you should tell me ur secret so that i could follow you ..:)
    yes this theme is better..i want to design my header but i cant get any ideas to implement it..
    yes , this cant be a reason , yes it is crowded here in india but thats merely because of the ever growing population

  13. Just a little info for people concerned with polution- As stated above fuel will be saved by cutting down on multiple trips. This cars 35 HP engine is more fuel efficient than many motorbikes and scooters on the road. Finally, I am not sure, but if the engines in these are four stroke and do not burn oil in the fuel mixture (most bikes and scooters in Asia are two stroke) the amount of pollution saved by everyone driving this car instead of a noisy smoky 2 stroke engine would be amazing.

    :end of line

  14. eyelinerrobot
    i too agree the fuel efficiency is more than most of the two wheelers thats what the tata’s said

  15. @ eyelinerrobot
    i too agree the fuel efficiency is more than most of the two wheelers thats what the tata’s said

  16. really amazing!!

    Nano is perfect for Middle class community!!

  17. The “people’s car” is a wonderful example of India’s mid-20st Century mindset and its squandered chance at 21st Century development. My short essay on this can be read at http://memestreamblog.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/india-going-nowhere-fast/.


  18. @ himanshu
    yes ,it is 🙂
    thanks for dropping by but i dont agree with what u are saying through the article

  19. I saw that on tv the other day…way cool. Where is it being released?

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