16 responses to “HAPPY PONGAL !!!!

  1. Hey to you too 😀 Eat lots of sweets.

  2. Happy Pongal to you tooo…..

  3. happy pongal to u too:)

  4. Happy Pongal to you too 🙂

  5. Ek din late, but same to you. That font you’re using in the header..is it called “The Harry Potter font”? I think I had it too at one point in time.

  6. @ ruhi
    thanks a lot.. but i dont like eating too much sweet
    @ aparna ,shuz
    thanks a lot
    @ ish
    yes,thats harry potter font…
    why is it that what i use you have used at some point or hte other 😛
    may be i should try next time something of my own 🙂

  7. @ roham ..
    thanks dude

  8. wish u the same…dude enjoy 😉

  9. @Arvind

    I´m sorry this is definitely posted the wrong place but I don´t know how to contact you otherwise….I need help please contact me on my-darkestsecrets@hotmail.com


  10. god great….wrong mail…..my-darkest-secrets@hotmail.com that´s the right one

  11. so how did the pongal festival go? In Tamil Nadu do people distribute the mixture of roasted white til, jaggery, groundnuts and copra to all like how we do in karnataka? People prepare special sugar candies of various shapes and evn give a piece of sugarcane along with that ‘yellu’ and wish good luck to all.

    Belated greetings to all. Busy writing posts on Learning disability or dyslexia. Your readers may visit my blog if interested to know more about dyslexia, that has now been popularized through “Taare Zamin Par”.

  12. arvind, i liked that “responsible commenting” stuff and have put it in my blog too! thanks for discovering so many interesting things and sharing them!

  13. @ latha
    it went fine…
    well, i really dont know how people celebrate it here..
    i am quite oblivious about these festivals….
    glad that you liked those pics …
    how was ur pongal celebration …

  14. I wish u a happy and prosperous pongal and makar sankranthi to all ………….

  15. I wish u a happy and prosperous pongal and makar sankranthi to all ………….

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