What if the IT industry start making films ?

well,well i have been quite busy the last week or  ,besides that , dint have access to net so copuldn’t post anything ,To tell the truth , i am back to college after bunking college for almost 1 month , you see i am in final year 😛 . Worse ,sitting now in cyber Cafe i am in no mood to write something new.My result is going to get out anytime ,now plz dont think i would be nervous or something like that ,there is no use of repenting now after having written the exams already :d .

Just came to check my mails and my scrapbook.After ages i opened my orkut account and found and interesting forward message .Though it has been doing rounds from sometime now i, would still post it here shamelessly  just for the sake of posting 😀 .

THE TITLE of the post SAYS IS ALL …

1) Meri disk tumhare paas hai—Humara dil apke paas hai
2) Aao chat kare—Aao Pyar Kare
3) Programmer no.1—Coolie no.1
4) Mera naam developer—Mera naam joker
5) Java wale job Le jayenge—Dilwale dulhaniya Le jayenge
6) Hum aapke memory mein rahate hain—Hum aapke dil mein rahte hein
7) Do processor baarah terminal—Do aankhen Baraah Haat8)
8 ) Tera code chal gaya—Tera jadoo chal gaya
9) Har Din Jo mail Karega—Har dil jho pyar karega
10) Network Ke Us Paar
11) Debugging koi Khel nahi—Pyar koi khel nahi
12) Jis Desh mein Bill(gates) rahata Hai—Jis desh mein ganga bahthi hai
13) Raju ban gaya MCSE—Raju ban gaya Gentleman
14) Client ek numbari, PROGRAMMER Dus Nambari
15) Login karo sajana—Pyar karo sajna
16) Naukar PC ka
17) DOWN to hona hi tha—Pyar tho hona hi tha
18) Partition (Deewar)
19) 1942 – A Bug Story—1942 – A love story

7 responses to “What if the IT industry start making films ?

  1. hmm.. how shld u worry abt results after got placed?
    uh.. I don’t understand those names as i dono hindi.

  2. That’s one of the funniest articles I’ve read.

  3. Tera code chal gaya, LOL.

  4. @ teky
    thats what i said i am not worrying , but still i want to maintain a good cgpa..
    @ ish i iked that aao chat karen
    glad that you like it

  5. Really funny..:)

  6. LOL! Should make a ‘when bloggers start making films too

    Just, I wanted to ask this for a while… Am I crazy or do you have a new template?

  7. @laalopaallo
    yes ,thats whyi posted it here… 😛
    yeah i had a change in my theme 🙂

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