I have been following cricket from the time i could remember things and i guess todays win has been one of the best inidan victories i have witnessed till date .The victory cound’t have possibly come at a better place and time .Defeating Australia at perth (considered to be the fastest pitch in the world) after going down 2-0 and more importatnly after the sydney test fiasco ,is special for the team and possibly to each and every indian here in india.We,cricket fans ,have a,lways critisized the team if it performs badly .But After sydney test loss , the support indian team got worldwide was overwhelming  and the team has reciprocated really well by winning this perth test.
Indians have stopped aussies from acheving that elusive record of 17 consecutive wins yet again .I am so happy 😀 , yes i envy sometimes the way australians play ,but i guess everything is fair in love and war,and cricket for me is both , love for country and war against the australia  😛  .
This test has showed a lot of positve aspects as far as the team INDIA is concerned .Bowling department being one of most important one.Bowling out australia two times in its home ground with an inexperienced attack is really appreciable.I think ishant sharma bowled  extremely well. Pathan is back to his original form Hecan be a lethal bowler once he starts swinging and RP singh has delevered everytimne he has played a match.BAtting wise ,i have always felt india has the strongest batting line-up in the world .Partenership between Dravid and sachin proved to be a costly one for the ausralians .Lakshman has been a thorn in the flesh of aussies ever since he has started playing international cricket .It was the same lakshman who came in the way of 17 consecutive wins last time in 2001 through his blistering 281.Irfan pathan is the all rounder india has been looking for the last one decade or so.
Australian batting really looks feeble without hayden .Hayden factor could be one of the reasons of the low first innings total.He has been a real pain in the butt for the indian bowlers 😛 .Other than that i dont see any thing wrong in australian side .It still looks the same champion side .
Though ,India are still down by 2-1 the series still look evenly poised ,lets accept the fact that the other two games too were fought closely,unfortunately india had their share of bad luck in sydney test otherwise the game could have headed any way . Indians have psyological advantage going into the next game as the confidence is high and the team is playing as a unit and now that australians have lost one game they would definately feel a bit apprehensive as they are no longer invincible 😀 .Good for the game of cricket .


  1. It’s a great victory indeed, the Aussies must be feeling really foolish now and all of them who went about saying India is making all the allegations because they are bad losers will have to shut up now. I know a couple of such people and I’m really hoping they’ll make a blog post soon. I wanna see what reason they’ll give for Australia’s defeat. I’m thinking they’ll say the Australians were in a bad state of mind after all that had happened with the Indians in the previous match.

  2. yes , they have to run for cover i suppose 😛 .. Aussie media would be ready to thrash australian team for the loss …i guess india would be the rivals for australia from now on..
    bye bye ashes..welcome border gavaskar trophy

  3. Nar not really, I don’t think this win is THAT significant. Of course it’s big but the Aussie media is not gonna criticize their own team. It’s only Indian media that is saying that the Aussies are getting the flak in their country but all the blogs I’ve read are supportive of their team. They don’t think they’ve done anything wrong. It was only the Indian media trying to glorify the issue and cash in on it.

    But yea, India will be on Australia’s radar now, well they’ve been there for a long time now but it will get better. The Ashes lost their appeal a long time back because even though the Aussies might have lost it one time, the England team isn’t appealing enough to make me watch those matches. If they make it a 20-20 tournament, I might watch it lol.

  4. not only this win.its been quite some time now that ….the way england has been playing and the way australia india confrontation is taking place ashes seems to be a bore..
    well,yeah they back sometimes but some of the news sites from australia had written bad about the team but they also nag indian it looks like they support aussie..
    anyway they ought to support the home team 😀

  5. i know… the win couldnot have been better timed… we needed this more than anything now…. glad the boys put up a gr8 show…..

    i hope the magic continues….

  6. @ lazybug
    yes..i missed to say that 😀
    i too hope the same..

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