Just came back watching the Movie “BHEEMA” in mayajaal complex 😛 and after 3 hours of non stop violence i was quite relieved to be out of the theater .Well ,i had written a review on billa earlier for which i was bombarded with some rash comments from ajith fans .So this time i am not expecting any softness from vikram fans 🙂 .
I am a great admirer of vikram so i was anticipating this movie from a long long time .The movie is about three main things – Violence ,violence and violence.SO light hearted girls please stay away from the movie :p but ofcourse you could got to watch the movie just for vikram 🙂 .He was the only life of the movie.As always, he played his role with perfection.
The movie revolves around shekhar(vikram) ,a thug who joins the gang od chinna (prakash raj).As usual their is a rival group (raghuvaran’s) which has a stronghold over the city.Shekhar single handedly fights and acquires the control for his master prakash raj.This is the main story line and ofcourse trisha comes inbetween every now and then for the obvious romance track . According to me trisha’s role was total useless  in the script but an unexpected climax gives some justice to her role 😛 .The director wants to give some message at the end  but for me the climax sounded as if the story writer was out of any ideas and was finding it difficult to end the story so the dirctor ended all the roles abruptly and that was the end (this is meant to be a spoiler for all of you who have not seen the movie ,I just saved your 100 bucks :D).
Songs are good if not great .But i was totally exasperated while watching the item song done by sherin.Was that meant to end some spice to the movie??If it was, Director made the worst mistake by picking up sherin who was finding it difficult to even shake her hips .OMG!! who would call that as a dance .Though sherin is HOT still ,an item number is too much for her 😛 .
Backround music was awesome for almost all the scenes.Fights sequences were something that were larger than life ,just unbeleivable, but the way vikram did them made it look great.Raghuvaran’s perfaormance as a villain was just infallible.HAd a short but crisp role.
On the whole the movie was OK ,not more than that ,dint live upto its expectations.Except vikram’s performance there was nothing much in it.

15 responses to “BHEEMA REVIEW

  1. OMG! Every line ends in rhetoric negativeness. Even trisha didnt escape the negativity 😛 . C’mon, its only a movie – that too tamil movie… 🙂

    I saw vikrams interview, he was lamenting that he wasted two great years for this movie – he said he could have earned atleast 10 crores if it was not for Bheema.

    Show some kindness, boss :))

  2. @ srikanth ..
    i have shown kindness to vikram..dint i????
    well, i am a firm beleiver of entertainment type of unwanted messages ,the movie should be entertaining for 3 hours full..

  3. Mate, what you need to understand is that your definition of entertainment may not be the same as what others define as their kind of entertainment. You should just title your posts as movie opinions and not reviews! Anyway, i respect your opinion it’s a free world.

  4. vikram! i think i have heard of him:)…. i have mixed opinions abt action movies… but yes, maayajaal is a nice place… i went there some 3-4 yrs ago.

  5. Hey I guess you saved my 100 bucks !

  6. U mite aswell delete one of those comments.. I submitted my comment and then there was an error on the page. I came to the page a while later and found that my comment is not here… and then commented again !!!!! 🙂

  7. @shuz
    yeah mayajaal is good and costly too.. 😀
    @ xylene..
    glad that i could ur 100 bucks..

  8. i saw this movie…waste…this is not what is expected from an actor like vikram who have done movies like “sethu” “pithamagan” etc….inside the theatre i was praying for this movie to get finished…..and abt the climax,ne1 thinks that it is a variety KMA

  9. @rohan
    well,i guess vikram too had expected a lot from the script and mobvie..but it truned out be a dull one..
    anyway i liked vikram’s performance in the movie..
    KMA ???

  10. KMA=Kiss My A%% LOL

  11. The BEEMA film is super dooper flop. Do u know y? Because u made a review about that film. ha ha ha.

  12. @rohan
    lol…will remember that

    well,now that u have commented …it is a big faliure …

  13. hey fuck all you people out there who thinks the movie’s a flop…i’m from singapore and i think the movie is freaking awesome…it might be a free world but don’t show disrespect, it’s not easy to make movies…vikram rocks…


  14. i don’t know about this movie but yep can definately say that SUNDAY is a good entertainer.

  15. Looks like those who gave negative comments bout these movies must be the ones that sits down and watches serials or like boring ass drama oriented films….Bheema rocked in my opinion…the action…the character potrayal of Vikram and Prakashraj and the other cast members were good..the ending could have been better but I guess the indian mentality just cannot accept an ending that ends sad eh? This film was a hit in Canada and USA and even my friends who were of other races enjoyed the movie for it’s fast paced action and fight scenes…to those who complained about violence, then ur better off watching little mermaid. This movie was made to be an action with it…whinning bunch of babies!

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