This week has been quite exciting for me  , so obviously i have lots to share with you but i had been lazy to write a post on all that separately 😛 . My regular readers might know very well that i don’t like to discuss much of my personal life here.But i had to post something and i was out of any commercial topics which would give me some hits 🙂 .The India Australia series is almost inert and sluggish , No new movies to review , no tech innovations like tata nano and besides that i aint interested in writing off a topic whether french president sarkozy is accompanied by here girl friend bruni 😛 or not .So it was indeed a necessity for me to write a post like this :d .


Starting with the most important news my results were out day before yesterday after almost 2 months . My exams had got over by 4 December , and they have taken a helluva time in releasing the results . I sometimes wonder what these  people in COE section do sitting in their haunches all day.Its really queer that being an autonomous organization they take this much time to evaluate our papers. I mean we students dont write that much 😛 . I have almost forgot how i have written my exams 🙂 . The daily rumors of result being declared next was a real pain in the ass . Now that the result is out this would be the end of all the rumors.By the way i forgot to mention that i have successfully cleared my seventh sem too .My grades would be out on Tuesday an i hope to get a GPA of 8.5 at least (pray that i should get as i need to maintain a proper CGPA 😛 )


Then ,We , the students of ECE dept conducted a national level technical symposium called APOGEE on 24th and 25th of this month and from what it appeared it was a grand success. Couldn’t attend the first day as i had a pre training program from hexaware(which i would discuss in the later part of the post 😛 ) .AS a matter of fact this was the first time in three years that i have attended my dept. symposium 😀 . Worse , i Missed the culturals 😦  ,the best part of any symposium . My friends added insult to the injury by saying that i missed a dance by first year girls (supposedly hot chicks) 😦 . i dont want to go into the technical details of the symposium as more paper presentation never interest me,ironically i was one of the technical heads ,but some unlike me there are many sincere workers   who took care of everything 😀 ,GOD BLESS THOSE GOOD SOULS . Also missed a photo session with my crush , which i repent the most , i guess photoshop comes to play here 😀 .


NOW , the worst thing  happened was the news that hexaware people gave on 24th during ROAD SHOW / CAMPUS HEXERT . It was a kind of early intervention program where they gave us brief review about our training. Gave us a real blow to all my plans when they told that my training starts right now from feb 1st unlike after joining the company.We would be having training through e-learning ,in other words Virtual classrooms .Had lots of plans of enjoying two months of project time lazing around in home but now i guess have to study online 😦 . There’s no way out i have to clear the tests for joining the organization.Only solace during the session was that   a hot chick was sitting just in front of me  but failed to ask even her name  😦 anyway next time i wont miss it 😀 .They have provided some CD which i haven’t even opened.good thing is that this e-learning gives me the chance to change my internet plan from home-250 to home-500 which means 2.5 gb of free usage and night 2-8 unlimited download 😀 .


Celebrated republic day yesterday by going to chennai’s city center  a millionth time and returned empty handed once again without shopping anything.Just saw the girls there and came back.

Ok,i guess thats it for now . i dont know you were intrested reading this post of not, certainly i was not interested writing this post 😛 . would come back with some interesting post .just keep visiting 🙂

5 responses to “WEEK’s RETROSPECTION !!!

  1. dude!!
    you made my day!!

    CAMPUS HEXPERT freaked me up like crazy..

    And that chick was like OMG!!…

  2. Hexawareons at work huh 😉 !
    Glad to hear Apogee-08 went on with not many glitches! Congoz on having cleared the tough papers! lolz 😉

  3. @giri
    yes,i cant take her off my head too 😛
    @ srikanth
    you could have come…
    well,tough papers lie ahead i suppose 😀

  4. hey me too cleared dude…
    btw do we have internal mark rule still now?

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