View locked orkut albums now – Is there anything such as security ???

Well,i have already written a post on how vulnerable orkut is for hacking cuz if someone like me can hack an account (hacked my friends account :P) then anybody can.Hacking scrips have been flowing around in orkut like just need a fool to put it in his address bar . I dont know the trick works any longer or not but i am sure people would always come up with a new one.

After these orkut hacking methods came into light orkut officials made the orkut more secure by implementing the features such as locking scrapbook and albums.But i guess people are getting smarter and smarter . Orkut albums and scrapbooks are open to hacking now.There are scripts which can make anyone view ur locked scrapbook and albums.YES, open ur eyes , i had tried these scripts 2 weeks back and it worked. I am sure that Orkut would do something about these scripts but i am sure hackers would generate a new script in no time.All a guy needs is a internet connection .Everything is available on web.One just needs to follow those steps..

Where is this leading to ??? I sure cant trust orkut anymore.Orkut would ban those scripts and the hackers would have another.The fight would continue till eternity i guess. My main motive of this post is to make people aware who post their personal pics in their album thinking it is safe.

PS: Dont comment here asking the steps to hack into others profiles and albums .You can find it anywhere else but not here.

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6 responses to “View locked orkut albums now – Is there anything such as security ???

  1. That’s why I left that stupid social networking site. Come to Facebook. 🙂 It has its own privacy issues, but it’s better than Orkut.

  2. thats bad.removing all pics of mine from orkut riteaway !

  3. yeah i tried using face book.. i had made some mistake in the registration form..tried it for another 10 minutes..i thought screw facebook 😛
    Actually i had hard time to get off the adiction from dont want facebook to come near me..
    and i lke these insecure sites 🙂
    also,none of my friends even know about something like facebook.. 😀
    Anyway i havent got any photos in my album with my girl friend so that i should hide it my profile is free for all to peep into. 🙂

  4. Hi there , would u guys can help me out to see the private albums from orkut………..

  5. thanx buddy…….
    actually m a comp sci student……….
    so m eager in knowing abt hacking…..
    m clear in mind ……..
    sir really i appreciate ur knowledge……..
    but sir want to learn all this ……
    hw shud i start…….
    plz sir help me out………..
    this article was awesome………
    this is wat i lyk abt hackers……….
    my ultimate aim is to become a good hacker…..

  6. plz sir help me abt some hacking tips i have tried using these script but this script can’t work i can’t hack my frd album

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