Hmmm ..so here’s  another  post which  completely  Shows how jobless i am  😛 This is supposed to be my project time and i am lazing in home doing nothing.I have seen people trying to flaunt the harry potter house batches ,  so thought of trying it.

I am Proud to say that i belong to gryffindor  .   🙂

whats your house ??? check it out here

14 responses to “YIPEE !!! I am in GRYFFINDOR

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  2. Lol, I’m Gryffindor too. The questions were so predictable. It’s how you wish to answer them and which house you are looking to get in. To get into Gryffindor, you basically give the “Brave, I live for others” kind of answers.

  3. @ ish:

    yeah 🙂 …. its ur wish …i mean even in the movie dumbledore says that its u who decide which you want to be in… 😀 …same concept..

  4. Im a Gryffindor too..but i dint gave the brave and blah blah answers…still um gryffindor..lolzi…Fake fake fake..

  5. @ Prachi:

    @ prachi
    ah… may be its really magic… 😛 ..
    but i have seen ravenclaws and slytherins too 🙂

  6. @Prachi: I did it again, gave Slytherin type answers and wallah, I’m a slytherin now!

    @Arvind: You don’t need to write “@somebody” when you are using that comment script. It refers to the comment poster automatically. I stopped using it because I reply to multiple people in my comments.

  7. @ ish:

    yeah .. i know. it just came out of habit 🙂
    you can comment to multiple people by addressing others in the same box..

  8. @ Srikanth Perinkulam:

    @ sri
    well,i expected this answer from you 😀

  9. I belong to Ravenclaw 🙂

  10. so finally someone apart from gryffindor

  11. Im a Hufflepuff. Funny stuff….good lazy saturday afternoon timepass. 🙂

  12. @ Amit:

    yeah ..i have loads of timepasses.. will share one by one 😀

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