HERE’s a simple hack for yahoo messneger and google talk through which u can create multiple instances if in case u need to..


Go to Start -> Run -> Type regedit -> hit enter

Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER->> Software ->> Yahoo ->> pager ->>Test

Right click on test -> choose new Dword value .

Rename it as Plural.

Double click it -> assign a decimal value of 1.

Close registry -> Restart yahoo messenger.

NOW you can open yahoo messenger N number of times


  • Create a shortcut of Google Talk messenger on your desktop or any other location.
  • Right click on the Google Talk messenger icon and select properties option
  • Modify target location text by this

“c:\program files\google\google talk\googletalk.exe” /startmenu


“c:\program files\google\google talk\googletalk.exe” /nomutex

  • Click OK

Now you can run multiple instances of google talk .


  1. We can run multiple instances means we can log in with different ID’s in each window? If yea, then it’s cool.

    It doesn’t matter much to me anyway..ek arsa ho gaya kisi bhi messenger mein log in kare hue. I used to use Trillian, it served my purpose pretty well. It didn’t have Google, that’s it. Maybe it does now.

  2. yeha u can use how many u want with different ID’s at the same time which u cant do otherwise

  3. 4 to 5 months ago i made a post about multiple using of yahoo messenger


    oh..really …dint know…

  5. uh… will it work without harming system? won’t be any problem?

  6. @teky: Yeah, you’re simply editing some registry values, shouldn’t be any bother. Though I don’t know if the registry cleaners or something will think that is illegal.

    The GTalk one would not be any bother at all.

  7. oh.. then ok.. thx for the post

  8. hey btw ish r u the another author for this blog… juz now i noticed.. why ur replying…..

  9. Nice hack Arvind. Or we can just use Pidgin. 🙂 Multiple instances on multiple IMs, all rolled in together. 😀

  10. @ teky:

    yeah ..as ish said ..it wont harm ur system until u do it properly..though if u try to edit the registry without know what u r doing can harm ur system..

    No ish was just helPing me out by answering to u 😛 its not that only the author should reply ..u coulld reply to in anybody’s blog if u know ..

    @ ish
    thanks dude 😀

    • Hi Brother,

      I want to learn how we can hack yahoo or other messenger, Is it possible ?? Can you please inform me , I don’t have any plain to loss someone, I just learn for information, Please give me reply, I will wait, Musa.cancer@yahoo.com

      Musa Khan

  11. @ Ruhi:

    @ ruhi
    never heard before ??

    throw some light 🙂

  12. http://www.pidgin.im/

    It is a desktop chatting client and very easily configurable 🙂 Just take a look. I don’t use Yahoo , MSN, Gtalk etc. Just use Pidgin for signing into everything. And you can have 2 or more yahoo accounts running simultaneously.

  13. @ Ruhi:

    i know that meebo can be used for signing into anything but pigdin ,well i was oblivious abt that till now…thanks for enlightening me 🙂

  14. @ish & arvind
    Hey I’m not blaming dude… Juz asked for the immediate reply..
    Nothing else.. cool… 8)

  15. @ teky:

    hey ..i was cool… 😀 i was just telling u… did my comment was rude 😛
    you seem to likeb being offended. 😀

  16. @teky: Nah, I’m not another author in here. It’s just that I’ve gotten used to replying to things like that from the WordPress.com forums. No issues.

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  18. nice post. how about the webcam and voice for yahoo?

  19. dontblinkjustthinktech

    It’s an ok Hack but i have seen better!

  20. hello! Please help. all these messengers r blocked from office. now, you tell me how do i use it, then i can think of doing this next! 😉

  21. @ jkookie
    yes i do have hack for webcam but that not worth..

    @ veenu
    open ,meebo.com
    all im’s can opened through that site]
    hurry up women ,before they block that too

  22. hi ..
    that is a nice trick, bt don`nt know why it`s not working on ma com … so can u help me plz .. if u dnt mind ///

  23. @ mihrtbeat:

    try it again .. it will work 100 percent…
    u did some mistake i guess

  24. mAY b .. actually after complete whole process i`d open y! messenger (( wat to do after that ,, i mean write the user name nd then wat abt the password wat to fill in there }} …

  25. @ mihrtbeat:

    you gotto have another password too.. the hack is usefull only when u have two or more accounts. otherwise whats the point in using it

  26. i need yahoo webcam hacking software

  27. It works! thanks! ^_^ 🙂

  28. great dude, this is wrking, thanks a lot

  29. do u know how to hack passwords of yahoo msngr

  30. hi,
    some one phished out my yahoo messenger password.i have important contacts in it. how to hack in to my YM or how to retreive the contact details.As i dont remember what i typed in while registering my YM account, i cant reset my password.so pls help me.

  31. I also have made same post on my blog
    see at >> net2mobile.blogspot.com/2008/04/open-two-or-more-yahoo-messenger-at.html

  32. You can run mutiple instances of yahoo..but still you can’t run mutiple instances of webcam…
    i mean if two instances of yahoo msnger open you can’t run two webcam’s from individual msenger instances…either of one works at a time….
    any hack availabe for this?

  33. kewl thing man…i can say only one thing….

  34. Hi Any one can help me by saying how to break a XP Admin Password?

  35. wow thts gr8………….actually i know abt google talk…..but i dnt know abt yahoo messenger so tht very good for me thnx again

  36. yah man its really working,, can u do the same with gtalk,,,, email me

  37. hi
    use webcam splitter. U can use web cam in both but the same image

  38. Satyendra Shah(Nepal)

    oww…………….. It is really work……………

  39. hi.
    when i chat in yahoo massenger,how can i find my frind ip?
    it’s realy that ip belong to him or it’s belong to yahoo Server?

  40. how to run multiple window live messenger

  41. u tricks r very use full,,but can u tell how to hack yahoo pwd,,i mean hw to know yahoo pwd of others id…

  42. hehe..it works fine:D

  43. Hai coollllllllllllllllllllllll. Rrally Its Rocking

  44. hai every one…. in my office all the websites are blocked i cant even open an single website… is there any way to open yahoo or gtalk ?

  45. Namaskar sir

    aap muje yah bataye ki kaya koi freind agar muje aapana web cam dikhana na chahe to may use bina bataye…. use malum bhi na ho or us ka web cam dekh sakati hu? muje yahoo messanger me windows 98 or xp me yah web cam kese dekhana? yah aap batayenge? ya muje ese koi softwareki link bhejnege sir? plz.. vo muje aapana web cam nahi dikhata,,,,,permition nahi deta.. or muje us ka web cam dekhana hai. bs.


  46. i got hacked from this freak and i wanna hack back my id …plzplz tell me how to hack him back without downloading anything


  48. thanks bro. it;s simple and best….

  49. dummy

  50. Thanks Buddy!, It’s very simple and the best…

  51. any tricks for sending 300-400 frnd requst to any yahoo user

  52. hey too good man too good…….i just check this and its working…
    u r smart person arvind…keep going up.. 🙂

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