I have had a real hard time downloading a DVD rip print of JOHN RAMBO. Waking up at 2 am ,yes 2 in the morning ,after sleeping at 1:30 is not easy and thanks to the poor service from the BSNL i cant even rely them for a infallible net connection ,so that i could happily switch off the monitor and give some rest to my eyes . Not having an unlimited connection has really some disadvantages 😦 . Worse , due to the connection faliure somehwere in Mediterranean sea the downloading speed was so slow that it took 3 days for me to downlaod it completely. Imagined getting up at 2 continuously for three days . ???

ALL for a movie where u have a guy as invincible as , i mean i cant imagine , who almost single handedly finishes off a whole military battalion . Believe me watching the movie was an arduous job even then downloading it . Being a huge fan of the other 3 prequels i was expecting ,if not a better one , a movie that would be as entertaining as the previous ones. But the movie turned out to be a big disappointment for me yet again.My chemistry with movies isn’t going well at all.This is my third consecutive review that is negetive 🙂

Violence is something that is obvious with all sylvester movies but this one was different .The previous versions of rambo had a strong story line where he completed the mission alone but they looked plausible if not possible due to the intelligent script.But this movie looked more like a documentry that has been shot to show the miserable life of people in burma suffer. Most of the movie is about killing people with guns , bombs or by some other means . you can see bodies being torn into pieces almost in every frame.

There was a time where i cant even see whats happening in the movie .I agree the nights are supposed to be like that but originality upto this extent where you cant even see what the actors are doing is silly .

Stallone carries the same weired expression in his face throughout the whole movie which u can see in the poster above it seemed like he was angry with the crew or something 😀 .The movie’s climax was as expected – rambo massacres 1000 army men with one gun ofcourse a big one 😛 . The climax has been shot with intense graphic like body parts flying , well some scenes reminded me of the movie ” SAVING PRIVATE RYAN ” .

Here is the story line —


Twenty years after the last film in the series, John Rambo is staying in northern Thailand, where works as a Boat man. Civil war still continues to take thousands of life in burma which rambo seems to have ignored since the last 20 years .

A group of human rights missionaries arrive at thailand to seek help from rambo to guide them upto the burma border. Sarah (JULIE BENZ) and Michael Bennett (PAUL SCHULZE) ask rambo to help which rambo denies first as in earlier movies 😛 . but then finally accepts .The missonaries after going to the village get trapped .

Arthur Marsh (KEN HOWARD) asks rambo again to help the embassy to find the missionaries along with some hired mercenaries .How he saves the missionaries is the rest of the story. 😀


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22 responses to “JOHN RAMBO

  1. I’ve not really been a fan of the Rambo series because it involves way too much violence and I can’t watch that. For me, a movie is one that entertains a person and makes him/her feel lighter after having watched it. Well, violence just isn’t my kind of entertainment and I think Sylvester is waaaaay to old now to act like a man who can annihilate an army single handedly. Even Amitabh Bachchan doesn’t do that now. Well, maybe 10 years down the line, Sunny Deol will. 😛

  2. @ ish:

    yeah stallon has become old to do these kind of movies now.. but u see unlike bollywood he can’t survive by doing father’s role’s and still rule 🙂
    sunny deol 😛 lol .. he is the one who acted in movies like ghatak 😛 /….where has he gone..
    waiting to get old he?? 😛

  3. He acted in a movie called Gadar in which he uprooted a tubewell and almost killed the entire Pakistani army with one “Oye!”.

    He also did a film recently which featured his entire family a.k.a. his dad Dharmendra and brother Bobby Deol. It was aptly titled “Apne”. Sadly though, only his “Apne” watched it and it didn’t do too well at the box office.

    So yeah, now he’s officially waiting till someone casts him as Hrithik’s dad in his next sci-fi movie. 😛

  4. yeah i forgot abt that apne.. and yes ,i remeber gadhar -ek prem katha .. 😀
    comedy movie.. he would escape pakisthan with one old truck 😀
    that would be a bigger comedy.. sunny in a sci fi movie 😀
    he would have his hand controling all those satellites..

  5. Not seen any Rambo movies yet 😦 , but i’ve heard that the first two were good. I guess in the wake of the success of Die Hard 4, they tried to recreate Rambo’s magic again.

  6. @ Amit:

    yeah..but do see the other 3 rambo// they are really good ..if u can see violence ..

  7. Arvind, I saw the movie in theaters amidst diehard rambo fans. Sly has directed this movie himself besides acting. This must be tough job as somebody in rottentomatoes said, most of the time he is soaked with wet mud or blood or something else. On Direction, he has done one hell of a job and at 61 one has to admire his enthusiasm.

    That worn out look is a legacy of Rambo movies, taking the ordeals he faced in the series, into consideration.

    On the storyline, it is quoted directly and indirectly in the movie, that in a war there is no appreciation for life – it just doesn’t matter. There are no rules. There is only the animal instinct and trying to bring some humanity in there is disastrous.

    Well, violence is the latest trend and stallon has poured it in tons all over the movie. You rightly pointed out about Saving Private Ryan. Good one but I understand your frustration on downloading the movie – perhaps if you had watched the movie in theaters may be you would have more positive points to say.. no offense :))

  8. \@srikanth
    yeah … the movie was ok but not upto my expectations..
    yes u are right it could have been better if i had seen
    it in theater..

  9. You’re worried about waking up at 2 to download the movie? I spent $10 to watch the movie in a theater. Now beat that 😉

    The movie reminded me of all the telugu movies starring the one and only Balakrishna.

  10. @ Liju Philip:

    he he… yeah probably it wasn’t that worse…next time take a smarter action
    .and dont even mention the name blakrishna here ..i cant control my laughter..
    seen any guy stopping a train with just a tap on hi thigh ..see balakrishna movies..

  11. LOL, and I thought Rajnikanth was the only superhero of the south. Who is this Mr. Balakrishna?

  12. @ ish:

    balakrishna is from andrapradesh..he is just a big star ..not superstar..
    dont compare him with rajnikanth 🙂
    i can’t explain who is cant believe what he does in his movies … he he 😛 full comedy 😀
    will send u one mail just check it out..

  13. I checked the mail, and the video too. Man, this guy is hilarious. I should really buy a Rajnikanth and Balakrishna collection for entertainment purposes. Inko dekh kar to duniya ka har superman, spiderman aur krrish sharma jayega. 😀

  14. @ ish
    actually rajnikanth is pretty normal campared to him… its just in north people blew it out of proportions abt rajnikanth..
    but yes.. .. entertainment is there 🙂
    by the way , u can have more fun by searching in youtube abt balakrishna 😛 i am sure there would be lots of it

  15. uh… this bsnl connection sucks….

  16. I found this on Youtube and thought you’d love it.

  17. @ teky
    yeha it does

    thanks a lot dude..
    it was funny… 🙂

  18. I’d like to DL a copy of it myself, until it comes out on DVD. I do intend to buy it. Until then, though, I can’t get enough of it – I’m a hardcore fan of Sly’s and Rambo is my favorite character.
    So wouldja tell me how to download a copy of the movie? I’ve already paid to see it three times.

  19. @ soquili
    download through torrent dude..

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