Well, apparently not thrash ,but certainly won comfortably so i would keep that way,sounds good 😛 . Nowadays ,it gives me more pleasure when we win against Australia than against Pakistan so there are no words to describe my state of elation 🙂 .India finally won a match in MCG,  after some 20 years or so.

It was a match where India seemed to dominate almost every department of the game right from the very first ball.Starting with the bowling department ,well ,it isn’t easy to bowl against the mighty world champions with an inexperienced attack like the indians have.But dhoni managed quite well and the bowlers responded well too.Ishant sharma ,probably my age guy ,bowled exceptionally well with new ball. Hayden has been a real pain in the butt for the Indians ever since he started playing international cricket, taking his wicket was very crucial and thanks to MR .Rudi kurtzen ,yet again ,a false judgement leads to gilly’s wicket. Well, Ishant sharma is having a real happy time bowling to ponting ,every time ponting faces him he seem to get out exactly the same way he got during the Sydney test.He probably is the find of the season with his height and proper length he has the ability to control the ball.hopefully he wont fade away as the likes of balaji and nehra. Sreesanth had his luck today . He has the natural wicket taking ability apart from all the drama he creates on the pitch with his dance and stuff,but generally he proves out to be a expensive bowler ,today he seemed to be different there wasn’t that unwanted aggression ,he kept his balls in the limits which worked well for india. Pathan and harbhajan bowled well too maintaining the pressure on the Australian batsmen. India did very well to restrict them to 159 .

Coming to india’s batting ,Australians for the first time looked defensive after a long long time ,they generally prefer 3 slips with players at catching position no matter how low the target is but this time it was different .They had only 2 slips at first, which reduced to 1 after some time leading to some drop chances at slip .Indians attacked from the very first ball .Wow , wasn’t sachin at his best . Three fours of the bret lee ‘s same over showed his class ,charisma and style .I heard harsha bhogle exaggerating that he would probably not forget the shot till he is alive 😛 but worth exaggerating 🙂 isn’t it ??? . The mystery behind irfan pathan’s arrival at the crease after sehwag is still unknown but whatever dhoni had in his mind ,irfan’s presence in the crease did exasperate the Australian .Who would like to bowl to a bowler while defending a small total with a big batting line up waiting behind 😀 .???

AT the end too dhoni and rohit sharmaplayed quite sensible stealing quick single near the pitch which annoyed the Australians greatly 🙂 . On the whole indians won the match comfortably and now we are ahead of the Australians in the points table 😛 . Slowly but steadily the tag “invincible australians ” is fading away .

Next match is with sri lanka and i am confident our team would do well to win that too.


  1. boy!!! arvind…u r so quick in blogging…idhar match khatam n ur blog comes up…keep it up…..:-) and yeah hurrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy..!!!!!!!!! v won….!!!

  2. hmmm…..yup…that shows my interest for blogging and cricket .. 😛
    aur welcome back….again 😀

  3. the best part is that after a wonderful bowling, india did not mess it all up

  4. @ Ankur Aggarwal:

    yeah..thats the new indian team… 😛
    thanks for dropping by… 🙂

  5. Have you guys got any more pace bowling prospects like Sreesanth and Sharma coming through?

    Absolutely brilliant bowlers. India is building an attack that can win on any surface.

  6. @ benstinga:

    u shouldn’t be asking that question to a country of a billion people 🙂 …well,yes ,we have got but they get lost amidst others… 🙂 .. and some aren’t fortunate enough to get a chance to play against a team as good as australia …
    thanks for dropping by ..

  7. Good thing India won..itne din baad cheer karne ka mauka mila. Ghoda a.k.a. Ishant Sharma played well. I thought Sreesanth was cool too, but I was missing the usual fist pumping and stuff..he’s fun when he does that. I hope saada Yuvraj comes back into form soon. Losing 5 wickets wasn’t heartening par chalo end mein jeet to gayi..baaki sab cheez ki aisi ki taisi.

  8. @ ish:

    yeah.. i too like sreeshant when he is aggressive …but then bowling is more important 🙂
    yeah ..australia ko haraaane mien bahut mazza aaya :d

  9. hey, true! brilliant match. Since it was a sunday, i got to watch the whole of it! This new bowler shrma is very good! Sachin again played a beautiful game…
    For a second, i thought if the match was fixed, cause Aussies were just not playing their natural game!

  10. @ Veenu:

    yeah … they weren’t they had asses torn apart … 😛 …they looked defensive which costed them the match

  11. I don’t have much more interest about cricket 😦

  12. “hope” is the word and Indians (we) never cease to amuse ourselves with our hidden potentials when they burst out from the sack on to the rack!!

    good post. I myself had my minds set to write on it… I was busy collecting statistics I guess 😉

  13. @ arun:

    🙂 … thats true.. the enigma in the indian cricket is always there..
    another indian obsessed with stats,..

  14. Great match that was. Ishant played like a champion.

  15. yep.. most awaited victory.. 😉

  16. no post fr a long time..

  17. Some how my country plays well so I am very happy!!!!

  18. dono that y u deleted ur prev hexaware training post… due to that anonymous comment? may be… but that comments seems like written by a chick. may be ur crush. that’s y u deleted!!! 😉

  19. @ teky:

    yeah.. my friends saw that comment and asked me delete the post…i have the post saved but not published.. . but how did u know tht it had some anonymous comment ..
    the thing that creeped me more was that he said it was wrtten by one of the regular readers ..who would that be ??? 🙂
    and no , my crush doesn’t evn know i have a blog like this one.. so commenting is far from something possible 😛

  20. yep… wordpress allows us to track commment na? in My comments section I have seen that comment there…. btw u have done the right job… That post should be deleted. ‘coz it will surely become a problem if ur company HR read that… So that’s right.. As ur blog have such popularity.. with pagerank 4 and always minimum 3-4 readers online whenever I visit, even during night time…. hmmmm gr8 8)

  21. @ teky:

    yeah… anyway i deleted it without interest..
    i hadn’t written much ab the company was abt my thoughts..
    i had a page rank zero one time… then i had to find my mistakes and i made it to 5 it dropped to 4..

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