I cant be in sulkier mood than this .Being already pissed off by the training i am undergoing , all i needed to become more peevish was to witness a shamefull defeat in the hands of australians.In my last post you saw me in an ecstatic mood after that victory in MCG so after this deafeat let me shed out some of my tantrums too .
Well,let me start with some positive points of the match which is ofcourse the bowling performance.Through out this tour we have seen some excellent performance by the indian bowlers and i guess i have never seen such consistensy in the bowling department till now. And without doubt todays performance should be the best in the series.Being an indian fan i could not even imagine , all the indian bowlers bowling well that too against a formidable team like australia.It was really a treat to watch all the four seamers bowling exceptionally well in tandom .The way dhoni rotated them is really appreciable.Ishant sharma ,what a find he has been this season ,just 19 years old and already he has marked a name for himself in the bowling department.Today too he was the best bowler.I have always liked munaf patel because of his speed and the line he bowls and today was no different .kept his basics right .Irfan pathan was in a good rythm too .and about Srishanth ,Phew!!1 ,atlast he too bowled well today, after that disasterous match against srilanka 🙂 .Good bowling with a good fielding support can be a deadly combination.After all ,You dont see australians at 50-4 quite often .Today was one such rare day and indians missed to take the oppurtunity when it mattered the most.
Ok fine ,Australians managed to score 202 runs but it was still a very ,moderate total to chase ,i mean these days u see teams chasing targets of above 300 and clearly there were no devils in the pitch.As far as i can see India missed a glorious chance to take over the kangaroos again.Our batting which is considered as a lethel is no longer one.Except sachin ,dhoni and yuvaraj, no body really has the experience .Leave alone yuvaraj ,he looks more obsessed thinking abt his gf rather than cricket .The reason behing irfan pathan’s promotion to first down still remains a mystery to me.Ghambhir looked as if he wanted to go to loo 😛 .WHy was he in so much hurry ??? Wickets fell for india like nine pins and seriously there is really wrong with the line up.WE really lost a game that was clearly supposed to be Won.
Indian batting line up looks quite feeble without the likes of sehwag ,dravid and ganguly.I think upto 20-20 its ok but when it comes to a longer version of the game somebody needs to carry the mantle till the end. ITs high time that the selectors start realising their mistake of removing the senior players.Otherwise we have to see indians losing an easy game every now and then .

120 responses to “AUSTRALIA WINS !!!!

  1. You are right, there is genuinely something wrong with the batting. I guess Dhoni put it correctly, “The Batsmen should start taking responsibility”. If you look at it, almost all of them got out playing silly shots leaving out maybe Dhoni. Though I don’t think there was a run there but he was very confident that he would have made it easily if he was running on his own. So yeah, if the batsmen start performing again, there’s nothing that can go wrong. The fielding is much better than it earlier was and the seamers are really impressive. Especially Ishant, that guy is impressive. Munaf is okay too. I guess they should have retained Ganguly for the one-dayers after all. And what Sunny Gavaskar said about Munaf is also true, the guy is too lazy in the field at times. He doesn’t think..seems to be too naive. But yeah, got to give it to Dhoni, he’s good. Did you notice him saying “Chalo chalo, baad mein sone ka time milega” in between? I thought that was hilarious lol.

    And well, no offence but if I had a gf like Deepika, I wouldn’t be able to keep from thinking about her either. 😛

  2. @ ish:

    yeah ..the only thing we can be confident of is dhoni..he is playing well ,,
    and yes munaf looks too lethargic.. while he bowls ..he seems as if “koi dhakka lada kar bowling karwa raha ho ..but really ,they missed a wonderful oppurtunity to win yesterday..
    “Chalo chalo, baad mein sone ka time milega” in between?
    lol ..i dint hear it … 🙂
    and may be u are right abt the yuvaraj matter there .. 😛

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  4. At the end of the match, they asked Dhoni why he had chosen Munaf. So he replies, ” Kyunki woh zaada sochta nahi. Usko jaise bolo waise bowling kar deta hai. Kabhi kabhi captain ko aise bowler ki zaroorat hoti hai jo field placement ke according bowling kare”.

    So Sunny Gavaskar says, “Basically you have him because he doesn’t use his brains much?”

    Dhoni replies, ” Yeah, pretty much!”

    And I was like LOL. The guy’s got sense of humor alright. He said that ’cause India were going slower than the over rate and so they were gonna finish late. So he said, “Chalo chalo jaldi karo, baad mein sone ka time milega”. He has an interesting and youthful style of motivating the guys which I think is good.

    And man, I’m seriously considering taking tips about women from Yuvraj. If he can get Deepika with the kind of looks and the kind of personality he has, maybe there’s something secret in his technique and I would so wanna know what it is. 😛

  5. yeah dhoni has been a revolution to indian cricket.. he has changed indian cricket drastically .. he has added an exceptional strength to the indian middle order …
    and he speaks well .. knows how to handle media ..
    as u said he has a great sense of humour ..

    and yes do let me know some techniques too… i am single too here..and i dont get even the half proposals u get 😛

  6. I get proposals?! Kahaan? Kidhar? Oh bhai comment post karne ke alaawa na koi ladki mereko ghaas bhi nahi daalegi. Proposal ki baat chodo. Mereko to dar hai main matlab..aise hi bina girlfriend wagehra banaye hi shaheed ho jaunga.

  7. @ ish:

    acha bhai….yahaan toh ladki commetn bhi nahi karthi 😛 ..
    blogging tips hi de dena 🙂

  8. Bhai seedhi saadhi baat hai. Agar tum unke blogs pe comment karoge to woh vaapis comment karengi. You’ve got to be a little patient though..kabhi kabhi unko time lagta hai open up hone mein. Teen chaar baar comment post karo and then automatically aayengi. That’s how I did it for one.

  9. @ ish:

    i was just kidding yaar.. mere paas itna time nahi hai..
    aur most ladkiyaan bade silly post likhti hain..mujhe samaj mein hi nahi aatha kya comment karoon.. 🙂

  10. It started with a serious discussion on cricket….and by the time I reached this point, the topic was girls and proposals. 🙂
    Well, I missed this one(the match that is!!!) too as I have been missing quite a lot of them. 😦

  11. @ amit
    oh…. good …its not nice to see india losing..
    and yeah.. even i dint notice the discussion.. i forgot that this post was on cricket

  12. I’m used to this. Off topic comments are one of the only things I’ve learned from the forums. 😛

  13. @ ish:

    ha ha.. never mind.. i too enjoy off topic comments.. 🙂

  14. arvind…..can u plzzzzzz tell me wat this blog was all about …….cricket i guess???????? so where does deepika,yuvraj and thier love triangle come from????? actually love square if u include ranbir kapoor as well…….but hey u didnt blog abt india’s win over lanka……m waiting……n yeah BTW m back again………

  15. n wat was dat about “ladkiyan silly post karti hai”….hmmmmmmmmm….nw d feminist in me has woken up…….u bttr have a nice explaination 4 it…….

  16. I am not complaining at all….infact I enjoyed the transition. 🙂 It seems though that Ish is entering some troubled waters. 🙂 See the comment just above mine. ^ 🙂

  17. @ riddhima
    well , the blog was about our loss to australians ofcourse.. but then i guess , i and ish got carried away :)…
    and if u notice my last 2 post.. they are abt cricket dint want to hit a hatrick of posts :P…
    and oops..i dint realise that my post are read by some girls too :P..
    well ,riddhima , i do have explaination for that :).. hmm..actually there are exceptions like you ,ruhi but otherwise i see a lot of silly post especially in blogspot ..plz dont ask me to point out now 🙂

    @ amit
    ISh ..i guess it was me who entered the troubled waters here 🙂
    and honestly even i enjoyed the transition when i read it fully 😛

  18. @Amit: See, Arvind clarified that he’s the one who is in the troubled waters. I never make sexist remarks because you never know from where a female can pounce upon them and then you are history. You should always be diplomatic. I guess I should become a politician. 😛

    @Arvind: So, now that all of you have enjoyed the transition, should I say Thank You? Okay, Thank You. Speech will come up later. I love you guys! 😛

  19. @ ish..
    i need to be diplomatic more next time i stumble any discussion like these… i thought that ,this being a post on cricket, no girls would have the audacity to peep into it.. 😛
    MAN …girls are into cricket these days ..thanks to the likes of yuvaraj , dhoni 🙂

  20. @Arvind: Eggjactly! 😛

  21. next time would remeber that 🙂

  22. Amit thank you for inviting me to the discussion here! 😮 I never read any of Arvind’s cricket posts because I’m interested. LOL. So I didn’t catch the sexist remark “Ladkiyan bogus posts karti hai”. Achcha bachcho? Very smart huh? You guys know that girls won’t generally read this comment section. Hmmmppff! All guys stay away from my blog now. Waise, my blog has more hits. So people don’t mind my bakwaas I guess 😛

    Riddhima, thank you for standing up for the rights of girls!

    ARvind You better be diplomatic 😉 Else I’ll put you on the blacklist of my blog 😛 Okay, just joking. What are silly posts, btw? Which post of mine is silly, batao toh? Heh.

    Ish I know you won’t say anything against girls, because your blogroll is filled with girls and if you say anything, then all girls will disappear 😛 And you do have lots of people from Blogspot who comment on your blog. Heh.

  23. Wow, this is a global phenomena. Suddenly I’m feeling as if I’m some British guy and all the Indian bloggers are on a rebellion against me. I can hear everybody saying, “Maaro saale ko..full time ladkiyon ko impress karne mein laga rehta hai saala off topic commenter”. 😛

  24. @ Ruhi:

    oops … now i am in real trouble.. hye ruhi u dint see my comment to ridhhimma earlier..
    check it out yaar… u and ridhimma are exceptions 😛 ..

    @ amit
    yaar,,, thanks for inviting ruhi … 🙂 .now plz dont start inviting other girls too..ruhi ko toh sambhal lenge ..and i dont want girls reporting spam to my posts.. 🙂

    @ ISH
    no harm accepting it yaar..
    ab toh ruhi bhi humaari side hai 🙂

  25. @arvind
    m into cricket years before dhoni and yuvraj played it…….who told u dat girls dont watch cricket…..BTW m into F1 racing as well…….even dats a “guys sport” na???????? so Mr.Arvind blog very carefully coz m keeping a watch on u and ur blogs……(sounds like m d terminator na??????):-)

    dont worry i alwaz keep a tab on all d guys i know ke blogs…u never know when u catch something dats so very “anti women”……looks like m some “nari mukti morcha” ki member na????:-)

    n yeah u cld become a politician. Very correct…..not offending ur friends as well as d girls…..very smart…:-)

  26. @ Riddhima:

    acha ji accepted… so toh dravid hai na pehle se 🙂 .. F1 hmm ..u are a real exception riddhimma… and yes keep checking my blog too.. 🙂
    and plz if u have idea of joining “mahila mukhti sang” ..change ur mind 😛

    PS : looks like you are chatting on yahoo these days..
    yahoo smilies dont work here

  27. Wow!!!! I was enjoying this war. Is it over??? 😦

  28. @ Amit:

    wait ..ish will be back..he cant live without these..and ruhi wont leave me that easily..she might be sleeping now 🙂

  29. @arvind
    firstly itz not mahila mukti sang but nari mukti morcha…..8least naam toh theek se likh……warna u r again going to awaken d feminist in me…..n abt joining these groups have nt thought abt it as of nw……but i might just join them mood hua toh…..n i dont find dravid dat good….i mean he’s a decent cricketer but painfully slow yaar……i only drool on dhoni…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…….he’s just so ahhhhhhhhhh……..

    amit if u r so very njoying this war….might as well write something 2 offend the girls n c d war escalate further…….hehehe…….

  30. @ ridhimma..
    acha… so what ever morcha that may be 😛 .. y such an extreme step 😉 we can solve it right here …i dont want ladies with chappal and jaadoos outside my house .. 😀
    and yes ,dravid is slow… i thought girls like patient guys.. :0
    lagtha hai dhoni ne tho ridhimma ke challe chuda diye 🙂

  31. @ arvind
    ohhh except ruhi and riddhimma all others gals write very silly posts huh??? Then why these many gals in your blog roll?? Why you are commenting to these silly gals ??
    >>”Especially only in blogspot ”
    I need a explanation for this too..

  32. I am seeing the war only now! Am very late 😦

    >aur most ladkiyaan bade silly post likhti hain..mujhe samaj mein hi nahi aatha kya comment karoon..
    We girls come & encourage you guys by commenting on your silly posts and you are saying that girls write silly posts? 😡

  33. Wow!! Good Good. Started again. I’ll just get my popcorns. 🙂

    @Riddhima: Well…I don’t want to be a part of it. But you all are doing an excellent job. Im really enjoying the dhishum dhishum. 🙂

  34. @ Aparna:

    @ vidhya
    OMG :O .. this is not getting over …is it ??? where is ISH ??? :O
    ok …so here i was talking abt the girls who write silly posts and believe me i have seen a lot of them .. i dint mean to offend any one 🙂 .. it was just my opinion ..and i don’t think any girl should be concerned for this… even boys do write..i might have written myself….
    u just cant expect me to write a list of girls whose posts are silly and whose isn’t ???
    i might comment in very few people’s blog.. but i do read a lot of them ..and i find many post silly .. as simple as that…i am not asking them to stop writing a blog..its their wish… 😉
    We girls come & encourage you guys by commenting on your silly posts and you are saying that girls write silly posts?
    now i need an explanation for that… 🙂 .. from what i know of u …u are not the one who would come easily to someone’s blog 🙂

  35. @ amit
    kay..akela ladka yahaan mar raha hai/… aur u need popcorns …. anyway i am loving it too … lekin i dont want any more girls to see this..its already getting difficult for me 😐

  36. @ arvind
    Trying to be so smart in your comment… When you know even guys write silly post then why you mentioned only girls at first???

  37. ruhi ko toh sambhal lenge ..

    Oh really? 😛 kaise sambhaloge? I’m going to stop visiting your blog now. You have insulted my gender 😐

    Good to see other girls joining in and breaking your bones 😉


    I’ll surely become a member of your naari mukti morcha. Looks like the morcha has already started. Look at the number of girls who have joined this “boys only” thread.


    You’re the one who’s partially responsible for this fight 😉 Wouldn’t have come to know about this comment if you hadn’t told me. Yeah, go get your popcorn and watch a nice movie.

  38. @ vidhya:

    if you read the full discussion me and ish were talking abt its obvious that girls had to be mentioned ..i dint write the post about ” girls and their silly posts” .. u ppl are creating fuzz if i had posted one
    we were having discussion abt girls the point just came into the frame out of the blues… .. i have no personal grudges against any girl 😉

  39. @ ruhi
    I wanted atleast u to be on my side 😉 . tum bhi … 😦

  40. @ arvind
    Think twice before telling anything in your post/comments… A lot of gals following your blog… You can’t just discuss about gals and speak as you wish and then give silly explanations like this… We gals are not making any fuzz.. Its just you who have commented unnecessarily about gals x(

  41. @ vidhya:

    ooh .. u ppl are unnecessarily making me sound like a sexist … boys do speak abt girls ..girls do abt boys…. its no new thing … i told that because if i find a silly post and i cant comment on it..whats wrong in it..
    If somebody writes a post ” today i played with my pet DOG ” ..i would be in no position to comment on that ..i call it silly…but its ok.its thier wish to post something…
    so i cant argue with them…
    i had clearly mentioned that i dont comment becasue most of them are silly posts.. thats it.. nothing wrong in it 😉

  42. Right from morning today a lot of argument clashes between you and me… I am exhausted… may be someone else will take their turn…

  43. @ vidhya:

    thanks for leaving me unscathed 😉 ..

  44. LMAO =D Arvind still not out eh? Waiting for me to bowl then? I’ll give you such a spinner that you’ll get clean bowled. 😛

  45. @ Ruhi:

    nope… plz…not u atleast.. :).actually i am good against spinners…Indians are always good 😉

  46. I didn’t expect you to give such a big explanation 🙂

    >u just cant expect me to write a list of girls whose posts are silly and whose isn’t ???
    I would love to see the list 😛 The comment-hungry blogger that you are, just imagine how many comments you will get when you give the list of silly posts 😉

    >from what i know of u …u are not the one who would come easily to someone’s blog
    You are absolutely wrong about this 🙂 I spend a lot of time blog-hopping everyday and I read a lot of blogs. But I comment only rarely. I am silent reader of too many blogs 🙂

    Btw, I don’t find your posts to be silly 😉

  47. @ Aparna:

    yeah i need comments, which blogger wont 😛 ….but no use in getting those negative comments 😉 …. i am getting so many remarks for just a single word “sill”y ..:)
    wonder what would happen if i publish that list ??.. 😀
    its better if it remains highly classified. ..

    You are absolutely wrong about this 🙂 I spend a lot of time blog-hopping everyday and I read a lot of blogs. But I comment only rarely. I am silent reader of too many blogs 🙂

    exactly my point..what makes u decide that u should comment or not ?? 😉

    oh…i am glad that u dont find my posts silly 😀 ..

  48. >wonder what would happen if i publish that list ??..
    You will become even more popular but for all wrong reasons 😛

    >what makes u decide that u should comment or not ??
    Maybe I too comment only for non-silly posts 😉 If you want a real answer, then most of the times I comment only when I like a post very much (comment will be just ‘Good one’ or something like that 🙂 ) or when the topic of the post is of interest to me or if I am total vetti 😀 – The reason why I am commenting so many times in your blog 2day is this 😛

  49. Interval. 🙂
    I’ll get another popcorn bag for the rest of the war.

    @Ruhi: I know I am partially responsible for all of this. That’s why I am enjoying it so much. 🙂

  50. @ Aparna:

    its enough if i have this much popularity 😛 … dont want more 🙂 ..
    yeah i knew very well that u were “vetti” when u came to my blog that too on a post on cricket :p ..
    last time u commented was on orkut-reasons.. 🙂 i guess u were vetti that time too 😛

  51. @ arvind
    jesus christ!!!! wat has this turned in2…….from just a blog abt india’s win it has turned into mahabharat of a modern kind…..m kinda feeling bad 4 u….coz i was d one who pointed out wat u wrote abt girls……but now even m thinking abt joining amit in just being a spectator……

    ruhi u can join my party but are’nt u feeling bad 4 arvind nw with all these ladies behind his blood…..

    n dont u feel u shld be helping arvind survive this onslaught of girls on him…..????????

  52. @ Riddhima:

    ha ha.. yeah… i never get 50 comments on useless topics like these….
    no need to feel bad.. i ma enjoying it. 😉

    @ amit
    movie over 😉 … how many shows do u intend to see for free ..

  53. @arvind
    BTW wen will u blog abt india’s win over lanka……maybe even dat will lead into some sorta war….so choose r words carefully mister…hehehe……..

  54. @Ridhimma

    This is a never ending fight 😛 I wish I could continue fighting, but it’s 3 am here and I need to sleep.


    You’ve been spared! Thank the American Time Zone 😉 I’m off to sleep.

  55. @ Ruhi:

    even i would 😉
    good night sleep tight
    sweet dreams ..
    thanks a lot 😀 for sparing me
    @ riddhima
    i am not going to write abt the sri lanka match its too old now..
    but i wont leave post coming up 🙂

  56. Congrats on crossing 50 comments, Arvind! 🙂 I have never got 50 comments for any of my posts 😉

    >yeah i knew very well that u were “vetti” when u came to my blog that too on a post on cricket
    Seeing the no. of comments for this post in my Google Reader, I wanted to see why this post had attracted so many comments. Came here initially out of curiosity and not because of vettidom 😉

    Anyway, now that the war got over a long time back, I am not going to contribute in increasing the no. of comments for this post anymore. Bye Arvind 🙂

  57. @ Aparna:

    Phew !!!!so the war is over .. 🙂
    thanks a lot.. 🙂 .. If i ever get an award for encouraging maximum number of irrelevant comments from wordpress i would surely give a share to u too … 😀

  58. @everyone except amit
    The “WAR” finally subsides….peace returns to wordpress…….and the world is again a happy place to stay….

    i know u must b sad that it all ended……now no more popcorn……but u can try to instigate another fight in arvinds next blog…..hehehe…….

  59. @ riddhima:

    @ ridhimma
    thats good seems that all of us wating to see each others soon as i respond to one ..the other one comments..
    thanks for decalring ridhimma.. i was yearning for it .. 🙂
    @ amit
    hopefully it should be clear to u too 🙂
    where is ish .??? he missed a treat today 😀

  60. Haha, just when it was coming close to ande and tamatar, everyone went away. Meanwhile, I was away because I had washed my hair and when I wash my hair, it takes like 6 hours for them to dry and I don’t like moving around with wet hair so I went off to sleep lol.

  61. @ ish:

    yeah …but u missed it … it would have been nice to see u diverting the topic again 😛
    i too need a sleep badly now … 🙂

  62. I wouldn’t have diverted it this time. I would only have helped the girls in bashing you more, mera bahut udaaya tha tum sab ne milke..ab main badla bhi nahi lunga? 😛

  63. @ ish:

    koi baath nahi ..mujhe waise mazza bahut aaya 😛

  64. @arvind and ish

    i dont believe u both….topic khatam ho gaya uspar bhi u both commented about 10 times….war khatam hone par bhi comment……n hopefully mine will b d last comment otherwise it wont take long for u 2 reach 100 comments ……then u can go in2 the wordpress hall of fame…..

  65. @ Riddhima:

    @ ridhimma
    yaar..ab we cant help it… ish cant resist commenting i cant help responding and u cant help coming back again 😛
    ghabrao nahi theeno jaayenge hall of fame mein …

  66. Ok….it seems to be over. The movie has reached the climax. 🙂
    *Amit takes a bow*
    Arvind should seriously consider giving Amit a treat. 🙂 He is on the verge of making some sort of a world record. Its almost 66 comments now. 🙂
    And BTW was this something less interesting than a cricket match? 😆
    @Riddhima : Don’t worry. My sharp hawk eyes will never miss the oppertunity to start another one of these. 🙂

  67. well , treat ???
    you should give me treat.. i allowed u free full entertainment show … i deserve the treat 😉 .. check out the IPL posts…..the latest one.. lets discuss something there 😛

  68. @Riddhima: 100 comments are nothing man. I’m looking to break Aamir Khan ke records. Dude gets like 500 comments on one post which consists of nothing except broken english. 😛

    @Amit and Arvind: Joh bhi treat de raha hai yaar mereko zaroor bula lena. 😛

  69. @ ish:

    arre.. waise you have a equal share for that…
    chalo tum hi de dena treat..mein aur amit aa jayenge… 🙂
    after all u were the one who instigated me to deliver such a controversial( was it ??) remark .. 😉

  70. @ish,arvind,amit…..
    i want to be d last comment…….so puhleeze dont comment on this comment of mine……and dont start commenting on who wil give d treat……since i cant come…u might as well send me a cheques so that i can go on a treat on my own. After all i was d one who pointed out that controbersial line owing to which u even reached this point of discussing about the treat……….so which of u guys will send me d cheque?????

  71. @ Riddhima:

    well ,its my duty to clarify ur doubts now… 😉 y cant u come..we weill arrange a common place..and the guy who gives treat will pay the travelling expenses too 😛
    Ish should be the one . 😀

  72. @arvind
    done…!!!! decide a place…may d taj hotel….if itz d chennai or h’bad ka taj then plz travelling expenses send karo…or if itz mumbai ka taj….then i’ll b there at d precise date and time u guys tell…..toh kab aaoon?????? aane ke 2 din pehle bolna…will not eat for 2 days so i can gorge at d taj…..hws dat?????

  73. @arvind
    and haan one more thing……keep it sometime in d weekends…:D m free then…..;)

  74. @ Riddhima:

    TAJ [:o] .. ISH wont like the idea that we are planning to shed out money from his pockets…
    ane ke 2 din pehle bolna…will not eat for 2 days so i can gorge at d taj…..hws dat?????
    very smart of u …
    🙂 😉

  75. @everybody: Waah, mere peeche se saari planning bhi ho gayi. Pata chale sab log aapas mein celebrate karke end mein mereko bill bhej doge. Kaun ho bhai tum log? Main nahi jaanta tumko. 😛

  76. @ ish:

    ..ab yaar itne nirdaye bhi mnahi hain..tu bhi aiyooo but dot forget to bring ur dad’s credit card 😀 😉

  77. @Arvind : Hey…I am the one who brought the girls into this. Remember??? And from where are so many contenders coming in the picture. Its my treat. Buzz off!!!!
    And, look at the number now. Its 76. Phew!!!!

  78. hey ISh ..amit is ready to give treat..ur problem solved 😛 . 🙂
    thanks a lot amit ..
    jaldi batao planning karni hai ….
    ridhimma cant wait for it 😛

  79. @amit
    i have never seen such a generous guy like u…..u r gonna give d treat na….mere aankh mein aasoon aa rahe hai…… 😉 bas time bataa and i’ll be there b4 time…. 😆

    sharam nahi aati…ek taj mein party kya maangi friends ko bhool gaya???????? hey bhagwan!!!! tujhe bill nahi bhejenge…tu bhi pee lena chai or some biscuits….v r not dat bad yaar…… 😛

    smart toh mein pehle se hi hoon…thanz 4 accepting dat…. 😀 toh chalo u 3 decide n tell me ki who is gonna shell out d money….with d exact date n time…..dont keep me waiting 4 long…coz i have other appointments as well…. 🙄

  80. @everyone
    sorry 4 d double post… 😦 treat ki excitement mein 2 times ho gaya…. 😆 …..

  81. @ridhimma
    OMG !!this is 81 st comment,… where is this heading to [:O] … 😆
    now we have to wait for amit’s response.. lets wait and see when he can give us his treat 🙂

  82. @arvind
    hey u will soon get in2 d “WORDPRESS HALL OF FAME” 🙄 and in your thankQ speech u better take my name as d person who pointed out one controversial line leading to 81 comments and counting 😀 may u reach 100 comments n looking at the rate it wont take long…… 😉

  83. @ Riddhima:

    i have already got once into that list 🙂 . it was declared wordpress ‘s fastest growing blog but it was just for 2 days … it was harry potter season…ppl went crazy over spoilers… 😆
    this time anything happens i would surely dedicate a whole para for u 😛 ..

  84. @arvind
    thankQ thankQ thankQ….m waiting 4 dat para…dedicated 2 me…… 😆 u have reached 84 comments……..congrats….. 😉

  85. @Riddhima: Nahi, sharam hi to nahi aati. Yehi to problem hai zindagi ki. And agar mere paas paisa hota to treat de bhi deta. Yahaan apne khaane ke liye to kuch hai nahi, tum log ko treat doonga to we’ll all end up cleaning utensils at the Taj or wherever. Main bol raha hun Punjab aa jao, we’ll go to some Dhaba. Udhar sasta bhi hoga and khaana will definitely be better than those big hotels. 😛

    @everybody: Ho jaye yaar, lets drag this conversation to 100. Bas 15 more comments after this one. Chal Arvind, kuch ulta seedha bol fatafat.

  86. @ish
    even i have heard ki there ekdam gr8 dhabas in Punjab 🙂 haan toh phir punjab return trip sponsor kar de na…..preferably plane ho…kingfisher business class…. 😆 cheque bhej de…..

    yeaahhhhhhhh…. 😉 14 more to go for 100…..chalo kuch bhi nonsense likho par 100 pahuncho….. 😆 ek hi comment ko 2-3 parts karo so that d comments increase….. so that me,arvind,ish,amit go in2 the “HALL OF FAME” 😀 chalo logon…..lage raho….mein tumhare saath hoon…..n ab tak i have realised that all 4 of us are experts in talking nonsense so it wont be dat tough 4 us…. 😉

  87. @ ISH
    idea acha hai… yahaan chennai mein sada hua khaana kha kha kar pak gaya hoon ..
    i am yearning for that original punjabhi dhaba special..yahaan kaafi fake dhaaba hain lekin mazaa nahi aatha.. ok so ISh swipe ur dad ‘s credit or debit card and send us tickets..economy class bhi chalegi…

    laghta hai amit dar gaya …. 😆 he has vanished 🙂

    I guess , ur comments are more here than me..log galath samaj lenge ki its ur blog … galthi se koi australia search kar ke mere blog mein aa gaya toh pakka mere blog ko spam karega :mrgreen:

  88. @arvind
    arrey i can keep on commenting just so that it reaches 100 comments 😀 i mean it shld b an emotional moment for d 4 of us. 😥 baat karte karte we commented so much ki v r on d threshold of a historic moment 😉 and hello BTW i wont settle 4 economy class….mere liye business chalega…. 😆 jaise jaise 100 comments paas aa raha hai m getting nostalgic….. abhi abhi toh yeh blog itna chota tha…dekhta hi dekhte bada ho gaya….m sounding like some 70’s ki film ki typical maa na??? :mrgreen:

  89. @arvind
    BTW where’s arvind…doesnt he want 2 b on d verge of creating history??? 😆

  90. @ riddhimma
    u are excited more than me 😆 chalo acha hai … haan historic tho hai ..
    100 irrelevant comments in a post 😆
    this must be the first one .. i want business class too then 😀 .
    bada toh ho gaya hai..sab aaki kripa hai … 😛

  91. @ arvind
    At last you are in verge of reaching your 100 comments… Let me too contribute my comment in your record 😛

  92. @ vidhya:

    thanks a lot … :mrgreen:
    u too invited for treat 😆 😉

  93. Thanks for your invitation… I would get it from you in chennai itself.. 😛

  94. Hello all. This is Amit’s ghost. Amit just died a few moments back by banging his head on the wall when he read the previous few comments. So I am leaving for heaven and we don’t have any sort of currencies there….so I am so sorry that a party is not possible. 😦 But we do have internet connection there. So, I will be regularly checking all the posts and commenting…as they are allowing me to take the ghost of my laptop with me.
    Farewell my fellow earthlings.
    p.s.: its 94 now. OWMIGWD!!!!!!!

  95. @Amit: You know what, hum log treat ke itne bhookhe hain that we’ll follow you to heaven for that treat. After the treat, hum bhagwaan ko kisi ka vaasta dekar vaapis aa jayenge. So start finding some suitable eateries there in heaven.

    95. 😀

  96. @ Amit:

    @ amit
    ish is right…
    ridhimma has even started fasting …so that she could exploit ur treat in a proper way..
    she will bring u back from heavens… 😛
    there’s no escape.. :mrgreen: 👿

  97. Why did you guys stop commenting when the 100th comment is only a very few comments away? 😕

  98. Since no one else seems to be online right now, I want mine to be 100th comment for this post 😛

  99. 100! Yay!!!!! 😀 Arvind, I want treat! 😀

  100. @arvind
    treattttttttttttttttttttttttt…..:-D congrats yaar v somehoe managed 2 write shit n reach it 2 100 comments….. 😥 again mere aankh se aasoon aa rahe hai……. hamara chota sa blog itna bada ho gaya….. 😥

    dekh i have been fasting now so that i can fill my stomach at d taj. 😡 toh u bttr come dwn n give me d treat coz “hell hath no fury like a woman scorn” translated into ki a woman ka gussa is worser then hell…. 😡 i will pull u dwn 4m hell ya wherever u r….. 😆 n waise bhi wen i,arvind and ish all bhooke will come 2 heaven’s doors even god will let u go :mrgreen:

  101. @everyone
    I would now officially like 2 congragulate myself,ish,amit and arvind (all experts in writing nonsense) for achieving this historic achievement 😆 it was not easy….raasta was a lil tough but with brains like ours v made it quite easy…..again m gonna cry…. 😥 Also there were many other ppl like ruhi who made their invaluable contribution in achieving this noble task 😉 our dilse thanks 2 them 2…..wouldnt have been possible without u guys…… :mrgreen: if i have left out somebody plz 4give me coz i cant speak rite now since m again crying 😥 itz been a wonderful journey…. 😥 oh god i cant write now… 😥

  102. @everyone
    BTW in my crying i 4got 2 point out one thing 😀 D first comment 4 this blog came on d 18th…and d 100th on d 22nd :mrgreen: so even this is an achievement. 5 days mein 100 comments 🙂 yaar….again m gonna cry 😥

    Toh Mr.Arvind since yeh eventful kaam apke blog par hua hai aap kuch shabd bolna chahenge???? aap apki success ka credit kise de chahenge???????? :mrgreen:

  103. @ arvind
    Congrats!!!! you have got your 100 comments and also going near your 1,00,000 hits.. so i want a double treat… 🙂
    Also its your blog which is getting this much record breaks so only you have to spend your money for the treat rather than asking your friends… please be modest and tell when is your treat for all of us…:P

  104. @ aparna
    welcome back aparna 😛 .. urs was 50th comment i guess…and 100 comments is urs too 😛 ..thanks a lot 😀 ..u woudl get treat too… we are deciding that only from the last 30 comments.. hopefully we would confirm before 150th comment :mrgreen:

    @ ridhimma

    na.. rona nahi..itna emotional nahi hote 😥 😆
    My “thank u ” speach will be here after sometime…
    😛 …
    @ vidhya ..
    thanks 😀
    treat ???
    me 🙄 😆 ..
    ok fine i will think abt that 😛

  105. @arvind
    Now m done with my crying 😆 so c’mon let’s go 4 d 150th comment….m all 4 it….. 😀 how abt it guys…… :mrgreen: m pretty sure v can do it…….hai na??? 😉

  106. Really…now this is amazing. I am dead and people are celebrating for such small things like 100 comments completion.
    Anyways congrats Arvind. 🙂
    My blessings from heaven.

  107. @ Amit:

    😆 thanks .. no blessings…
    send a check of 1000 dollors ..hope it will be enough for all of us here…

  108. @amit
    i told u na…treat k liye i can come newhere heaven n hell included… :mrgreen: n r u sure u r in heaven??? 😉 i have my doubts…… 😀 toh treat kab hai???? BTW i heard there r apsaras like menaka n all in heaven…..did they do an item number 4 u???? 😆

    1000 $ milne k baad 500 idhar bhej…..m an equal partner in helping u reach 100 comments n counting :mrgreen:

  109. @arvind
    also badi mushkil se i have stopped crying….. 😆 toh 500 $ bhej watrna my ganga jamuna can start again…. :mrgreen: m a lil emotional ki u have reached 100 comments 😥

  110. @everybody: Congratulations everyone. Good job, we finally made it.

    @Riddhima: Hello, what makes you think you’re gonna get 500$? We’re gonna do a one-third thing out of the 1000$ because I should get the money too. After all, it was I who instigated Arvind and got that controversial statement out. 😛

    Ooh, and item number sounds interesting! 😉

  111. @ ridhimma
    5oo $ ka hum kya karenge…1000 $ toh khane mein hi kharch ho jayenge..
    if u wish u can ask 500 $ exclusively for u …

    @ amit
    yaar ,woh apsarayen ho toh dance record kar ke mms mein bhej dena

    @ ISh
    keep fighting ish… i am with u…

  112. @ish
    hatt i shld get 3/4th of d amount 😆 i pointed out na dat controversial statement :mrgreen: how cld u guys b so mean 😥 nw m crying again!!! mera dil toot gaya…. 😥

    dekho i want 3/4th of d total money…. :mrgreen: so u guys decide ki total budget kitna hai n then send me 3/4th of it…..m waiting 😆

  113. @amit
    BTW u r in heavan na??? 😆 so hw r d guys there??? bttr then dharti k men na??? 😉 Koi pics hai toh bhej na…. :mrgreen:

  114. @Riddhima: Chalo okay, deal. Tumko 3/4th milega aur 1/4th mera. Khaane ke liye Amit se aur maang lenge aur Arvind ko kuch nahi denge kyunki usko already 100 comments to mil hi chuke hain. He doesn’t need anything else. 😛

    @Arvind: Yeah, I keep fighting and you get over 150 comments. Shaane. 😛

  115. Hi all,
    I am not allowed to take pics here. They have put huge signboards saying that Photography is not allowed.
    The Apsaras are awesome. Just now Menaka did “Crazy kiya re” especially for me, and then we did many more things which I can’t explain here. 😉
    Its awesome here. You guys should pay a visit here sometime. And Riddhima, its mandatory to attend gym here. So all the guys have six pacs. I am also going to have them in another 4 months.
    And they have erased most of the materialistic things from my brain which they think would pollute the environment of heaven. So, I couldn’t understand what dollars and party mean…..
    We are having the GOD-OSCARS here soon and I have filed my nomination for the “Best Earthling”. There are already 484968293294324933 people competing.
    Prey for me. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
    Cloud 78B,

  116. @amit
    shaane ekdam time mein memory erase hua??? x:) N wow apsara ka special item number only 4 u???? 😆 BTW how does this menaka thing look???? n if ur memory is erased then hw cld u remeber “crazy kiya re”??? 🙄 n i dont like six pack men yaar toh koi seedha saadha ladka nahi hai kya??? :mrgreen: gharelu types??? N u r d last person who will get d GOD OSCARS….shaane ek party toh deta nahi hai… 😥 N BTW hws d accomodation in heaven??? n wat do u guys wear??? :mrgreen: armani……..manish malhotra even???

    U r right… :mrgreen: arvind ko dont need to give nethin…u n me can split d booty…. 😆 n amit ko kheench kar laayenge 2 pay d bill 🙂

  117. @ ridhimma
    arre..this is not fair..mujhe maloom hota i treat milne waali hai toh sable blog mein 100 -100 comment kartha… atleast ginve 1/4th ..ok no need of money. if amit pays bill thats enough 😛

    woh toh meine socha hi nahi 😛 .lage raho ..

    @ Amit
    get some pics before anybody notices…
    Aur ..wahaan bhi itna disipline..
    rearth is better yaar..come back..we will have great time in that punjab dhaaba….
    fir chale jaane waa[pas..
    ek din PL leke aa jaana.. 😛

  118. @arvind
    dat all u discuss with amit.. 😆 i just want my 3/4th hissa :mrgreen:

  119. ok …. fine.. if he gives ..i will give u 3/4th hissa..
    but he is busy now with apsaras over there..

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