Harbhajan “obnoxious weed” – Hayden .

check it out here.

Before you read any further ., REad the new ICC rules 🙂

With immediate effect, India should stop giving back to the Aussies in their own coin, else, strict action shall be taken against the offending players for violating the spirit of the game**.

Australia will continue to sledge whenever, wherever and howsoever they wish to. This will not be against the spirit of the game, but in fact be a part of the game. ‘Hard Cricket’, as the great ones call it.

Umpires will be neutral. However, as and when Ricky Ponting desires, he will interfere and…..

Read full from here . I dont want anybody prejudiced in this matter 😛 .


True isn’t it ??? .

Harbhajan “obnoxious weed” .. lol … thats funny.. .and look who says it..?? one of the players from the team “gods in sledging” .Well,this time hayden has gone too far stating him personally .

“It’s been a bit of a long battle with Harbhajan. The first time I ever met him he was the same little obnoxious weed that he is now,” Hayden said on Brisbane radio.”

Why this much hatred ???? oh ..yeah i rembmber .. harbhajan was pain in the butt for most to the Australian players in that series in india.He was the reason why australia ;lost that series . HE was a fighting man..and yes,he is still one.

“His record speaks for itself in cricket. There is a certain line that you can kind of go to and then you know where you push it and he just pushes it all the time.

“That’s why he has been charged more than anyone that’s ever played in the history of cricket.”

oh i see !!!! . The manner in which players are charged itself is falsified..Why is harbajan a problem only for australian team. i cant wonder y?? .. one can get 10 times more evidence against the austalian players sledging then other teams.Why australian players are let off ??? because thats the way the play.ITs ok if they do ..But when others respond…they cry ..yeah ,even i would cry if somebody takes my right .

“I called him a bad boy,” Hayden insisted. “He took offence to that and I thought that was quite funny. I said, ‘Mate you should be flattered, it’s a clothing range’.”

Well , we dont take anything funny from players who take a monkey issue so seriously and who abuse others using words like fu** .

” India were complaining because “they are losing every game they are playing”

Ok fine . so you mean a team which loses should not complain against sledging.they should just sit and wipe out their tears.I mean its absurd. . Just because australia plays well than any other team in the world doesn’t mean they should be this arrogant.Most players in their team dont even have respect for other players.

and then their was the sarwan controversy too.I dont want to add more videos because then i wont have enough space to write.i can keep on adding. Sorry mister hayden you got ur all facts wrong..think before you speak…when you call harbhajan an obnoxious weed then u call ur co-players one too.Probably i would still say harbhajan must have done things less serious than what ur many co-mates have done.

“I’ve really had a gutful of their whingeing. This is international sport, obviously people are going to say things to try to unsettle you,” Hogg said

You people are so mean guys.Why cant you be normal.If u play good cricket why dont u just stop with it. Is it necessary to unsettle players ??? and in turn when somebody respond you just blow it out of proportion and end up calling him “Obnoxious weed”

Well ,this is really obnoxious.

And now the latest controversy .Symonds vs ishant sharma.He loves to be in news..doesn’t he ??? after all thats what got him the million dollar ticket to IPL . NOw hayden says that he was just “well bowled chap ” . One thing is sure he said more than three words.. and his expression clearly indicated that he was not appreciating the bowler.

The more these issues are getting serious more it gets funnier. The finals are ready to kick off . Lets wait and see what awaits us in the never ending issue of “dirty cricket”


26 responses to “Harbhajan “obnoxious weed” – Hayden .

  1. I don’t understand what the Australians are trying to do. I knew Ricky Ponting always had an attitude issue but I used to think Hayden was rather cool. Not now, of course. And every dialogue on the field between the Indians and Symonds turns into another issue. But I guess the things would get better once these ancient guys retire. I’m pretty sure Micheal Clarke and the others are pretty decent. They are aggressive alright but not aggressive in an abusive kind of way. Just wait for Punter, Symonds and Hayden to retire and it’ll be fine.

    Saying that he was praising Ishant was a dumb thing to say. I mean if you’re lying, do it in some proportions. Just imagine the scene –

    Symonds – Well Bowled Chap.

    Ishant – Saale bandar teri to mereko well bowled bolta hai? ********, ****** teri *** **.

    Yeah right. 😛

  2. If what Symonds said was ‘praise’, then what he got in return is equal praise. Sharma helped him find the road back to the pavilion. Now that’s not bad, is it?

  3. During the IPL, I can bet that whenever Symonds steps on the field, the whole stadium will erupt with monkey chants. I want to see how many people they will chuck out of the stadium. Hope to see all these buggers cry by the time IPL ends.

    And ya, its time to check out the animal kingdom for some racist names for Hayden and (P)ricky.

    Let’s play hard. 😉

  4. @ ish:

    Australians have become too arrogant ,they think theya re the gods of the game/.. ponting is the leader….if the leader is like that ..the players ought to become like that..
    more over i see micheal clark as the next poting …both in performance and behaviour …
    and yes there are decent guys too
    I like gilly and bret lee.bret lee shows agression but he does not go over board….he wears his smile even while he is aggressive so that calms everybody..
    and gilly ,well ,i have hardly seen him doing anythign dirty ..what a player he is …??

    well , ur version of symonds and ishant sharma trnscript was funny…

    @ lazybug

    ha ha .. :lol :
    wonderful perception… what ishant did realy made us happy .. 🙂 yeha ofcourse he did show symonds the way to pavillion …

    @ lijuphilp

    yeah , that may be the case .. wtih the kind of boos harbajan is getting in australia.. australians too are going get their share…
    anyway we eill spare the good players…

  5. @arvind
    u know wat???? i have come 2 understand one thing that whatever we say will be interpretated as ” cry babies” where else wat they do i.e especially Mr.Ricky Ponting going n complaining to d umpire even 4 wat 19 year ols Ishant Sharma says is “holding the game in d highest standard” 😆 so they best thing India can do is just kick their a** in the finals (sorry 4 d language bt m really pissed off at those idiot Aussie players) :mrgreen: I mean they just cant handle d fact that someon1 is retaliating in d same way 2 them n especially a young Indian team. It hurts their hollow egos. 😆 But they just have 2 wait n c d reception they get at d IPL and also when they tour India next….. :mrgreen:

  6. I have not seen Micheal Clark being arrogant as of yet. He’s a great sportsman, he virtually is the reason for Australia’s superb fielding. He actually holds it all together in his region where Punter, Hayden, him and Symonds field. And if you look at it, they almost never miss a catch or misfield. If he is also like Punter, then that’s sad.

    Gilly is the only reason I keep watching all of Australia’s matches. He’s God, almost.

  7. @ish
    i really,really respect Gilly yaar…I mean he’s like Sachin…..playing 4 so many years bt still so “gentlemanly” 😆 and also Brett Lee yaar…..he’s also a very decent cricketer :mrgreen:

  8. @ ish
    well , thats y i told u both in performance and behaviour..
    clarke is a great player .a future captain.. but when the current captain is a rude and arrogant guy… it ought to inspire others too..and when a fame goes into ur head ppl do beome arrogant..

    @ riddhimma
    well said riddimma , and i dont mind if u use that language until u use agaist me 😛 .. seriously ,they should realise that they are not the kings of the game and we are not obligated to listen all the crap that they say in the field… their as*** start burning as soon as some player respond to their provocation ..

    and by the way ridhimma.. when bret lee ‘s point came i thought u would say .. “” my god !! he is so cute. “”
    looks like u are too serious in discussing the sledging issue 😀

  9. @arvind
    hey good observation 😆 he is maha cute yaar….. :mrgreen: He is d perfect combination of cuteness and sportsman spirit. CA is also full of idiots…They dont know hw 2 keep their cricketers under control…..Indirectly letting them get away with crap like dat x-) I really, really, really hope v kick their butt on sunday. That wld b d perfect answer 2 d loud mouths….. 😆

  10. @everyone
    visit this site to c wat d aussie newspapers write abt this issue…… http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,23287271-5001505,00.html

  11. Aah!!they have always been prejudiced ..
    let them write and feel happy…
    who cares..
    the world knows that australians are the worst behaving side in the world.. ..

  12. @ riddhimma..
    maha cute 😆

  13. Sorry guys, but I don’t find Bret Lee cute. He have this Dracula-ish looks 😐 which I find quite scary. Its true that Australia has been a very aggressive team from the beginning…The big bad boys. But they should do what they are meant to do on the field..and that is PLAY. Period.
    @Riddhima : You should not call all these Phirang guys cute when we have so many cute Indian cricketers. Indian players kya mar gaye hain??? 🙂

  14. @amit and arvind
    Mister Brett Lee is stupendously cute…. 😆 ab mujhe sharam aa rahi hai 😳 n hw cld u call him a dracula 😡 …..u r just jealous…. :mrgreen: His hair is d most awesome hair i have seen 😆 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……n i told u na my no.1 choice is dhoni…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh….. :mrgreen: n i find irfan, rp singh, robin uthappa etc also maha cute… so m nt in2 firangs yaar…..my love is shared equally among desis and videsis 😆

  15. @ riddhima:

    thanks for listing the maha cutes in ur mind..

  16. @arvind
    ur welcome mister… 😆 i will keep on updating d list as n when i get some more cuties in my head :mrgreen:

  17. @ riddhimma
    yeah . i am sure,,, daily u come across hundreds of cuties in ur life ..

  18. Now that Australians are responding on even a small incident on the field its evident that they are getting frustrated… till now they thought sledging was there birth right…. but here is a Young team who fights fire with fire..

    Nice post buddy!

  19. @arvind
    kitna exaggeration 😡 hundreds of cuties??? kaash aisa hota bt no such luck… 😆 bt ek do toh hai…hehehe :mrgreen:

  20. The way of your writing is really interesting. Keep it up!

  21. Hi
    Do read my latest post and comment in!

  22. At all the blogs nowadays, we are discussing something “cute”. 😐
    Ok, on Arvind’s request, I have given an application of rebirth here. Soon, will be joining you earthlings, but it will take me some years to start blogging. Is it ok? 🙂

  23. @amit
    😡 😡 😡 was dat “cute: thing a taunt 4 me???? if it was then…..u r an idiot 😡 n u sit up there…no need 2 come dwn…u cant even do nething 4 d tigers 😡 hmmmmppppppphhhhhhhhhhhhh….. 😡

  24. cool aravind good stuff man i appreciate that…………….can u give me suggestions regarding this blogging……………….how to get page rank, back links etc…………..hope u’ll help me

  25. You’ve been tagged!

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