Well,today i had a mock test which i flunked badly getting 3 out of 10 .Tomorrow i have the main exam and with the kind of preparation i have i should be in a doleful state.But thanks to the historic win india has manged to pull off ,there’s no limit to my delirium. Its like india has won the world cup 😆 . Ok thats a bit of exaggeration, but i am ecstatic that the invincibility status that australia has been flaunting has finally been torn apart .

What a sight it was to see indians lifting the cup and australians standing red faced in the presentation witnessing their second consecutive common wealth bank series loss . This historic win in Australian soil proved that 20-20 win was no fluke .Right from the series indians had been giving the australian team run for their money and today was no exception.From the word go  indians dominated ,i think 1 st opening partership worked really well for india. Sachin again played when it mattered the most . I am, though disappointed that he lost another century.. It could have been easily his 43 rd to his kitty . 8 times in the last 12 months ,he has been out in the nineties 😦 .Anyways lets talk abt match ,so i was saying that uthappa really did very well by holding on to the crease with sachin . i think yuvaraj’s innings of 38 was short yet powerful .I thought indians let themselves down in the last 10 overs once sachin got out but somehow managed to score 258 . I was quite apprehensive about the target they had given to the australians but then indian bowlers really backed the total which looked quite a moderate one. Praveen kumar once again proved to be an extremely useful bowler when it comes to the first 10 overs.India has been really lucky to get two excellent bowlers (ishant and praveen) in such a short time .Harbhajan did well to control the run flow in the middle overs which really mattered a lot.And i think sreeshant too bowled well apart from the over where he conceded a six off hopes. IT might be a close game but what mattered was that india won 2 matches consecutively.


Right from the start of the series Indians have been humiliated for being a weaker side and have called us cry babies . “Ulta chor kotwaal ko daante” that has been the case through out the series .Racist allegations against harbhajan was a quite absurd and ridiculous . Australian media has been totally unfair to the visiting team and has always been nagging the indians for not showing performing in cricket ground.I wonder what would the newspapers say tomorrow in Australia .

And MR HAYDEN !!! where are you going to hide you face now that we have won two in a row and and your team has lost 3 in a row.Would u kindly take ur statement back when u said indians are crying fro everything just because they are losing every game .

I guess this series should be a eye opener for every australian player fans and especially to the Australian media who have been suffering from acute superiority complex . Its high time that they stop flying and come down to earth as there’s nothing shameful for them than to have an white wash in the finals after giving strong comments about the visiting team . And they have special grudge against harbhajan what ever he does is racist .I mean the media blows out of proportion every single thing that he does .

Poor guy cant even scratch his armpits 😆 .Media makes it a racist act .I have just one line to say to their media “Just Get a life ” more importantly get some better news 😆 .They should stop using harbhajan in their publicity campaign :mrgreen: . It was clearly visible that the local audience were abusing harbhajan but the media has completely shut its ears for whatever australians say .

Our team  manager had told that we would like our performance speak rather than commenting and today they have shown it to the arrogant australians .Well, hope those big mouthed players stop bashing on the rival team and start showing some respect  after all its not that they are the GODs of cricket .




  1. Only this win could have brought the momentum back on your blog and so it has. I can feel your happiness in every line and I’m so happy myself that I can’t explain it. Good thing the Aussies finally got a dose of their own medicine. You should have seen Ponting’s face, it was utter brilliantness lol. Got to give it to Dhoni as well, he’s an excellent captain..might even be the most successful one considering the way our team has been winning ever since he took over. Plus the U-19 World Cup. So we’ve proved ourselves all over the place. I’m so happy now that Sachin is back to becoming the No.1 batsman. And got to give it to Harbhajan for keeping his cool today, if it was me, I guess main to pakka “Monkey Monkey saale bandar ki aulaad” chilla chilla ke aata. 😛

  2. Great great! 🙂 Very happy to read this. Your blog is a one stop news center for all cricket related news. This loss was very imp. for the Australians. Hopefully, they’ll concentrate on their game instead of making lewd remarks!

  3. Take a bowe Indian Cricket Team

    What an answer to Australian fans, media and some of the players…

    This Indian teams not only knows how to fight fire with fire but also knows how to come out of it as champions.

    I heard another good news after this win Sachin Tendulkar is back at No. 1 in icc cricket ratings. And that too at a point where not one but many questioned his place in Indian Squad.

  4. @arvind
    We kicked their a** and hw??? :mrgreen: I mean it was gr8 to c bhajji so happy…,He was finally vindicated for all d harassment that he suffered… 😆 I mean ponting was proved right… he had predicted that v wont need a 3rd final 😆 Bt d only unexpected thing according to him was d reason d 3rd final was not needed :mrgreen: I hope that d aussies will not shut their mouths and concentrate only on d cricket 😆

  5. Victory was never so sweet. To beat the racist aussies on their own soil in front of their racist fans.


  6. I followed a match after a loong time and what a series it was. Mindblowing!!!
    somehow I felt there was a divine intervention. It was as if god wanted the aussies to learn a lesson.
    And whenever I look at Sachin, I tell myself – Now thats a person whom you can idolise(besides SRK ofcourse). 🙂

  7. yep! a great win and good lesson to aussie..

    But I feel little bit for Gilchrist who is the great man in aussie with genuineness. So sad that he is retiring by scoring poor runs and in a lossy match.

    Anyway a gr8 unforgettable win to India..

  8. @ ISh
    you are right :lol:.i wouldn’t have blogged if india had lost 😛 .. and yeah i am as elated a su are for sachin becoming the no 1 again..was thinking to wrte a post on that but i dont want this blog to become a sports blog.. :mrgreen:

    and u remember when i said earlier clarke is as arrogant as ponting.. u swa the match clarke dint even apologize for bashing sachin … perfect aussie attitude

    yeah even i was wondering that my blog has been transformed into a ssports blog 😛 well i will write something diffrent now that series is over 😦

    @ anirudh
    yes ,well said ,india played fire with fire..and this will carry them a long way

  9. @ riddhima
    yeah we did kick their a** 😆 and that too neatly :mrgreen:
    bajji’s dance was the highlight at the end 😛
    i wonder what will happen to u..
    now that no more maha cuties for sometime

    no more brett lee 😦

    @liju philip
    yes it was sweet with no calories 😆

    @ amith
    yeah ofcourse devine intervention
    sachin is god ..
    he messed up the whole austrlian plan 🙂
    SRK ????
    not here too 😛

    hmm..yeah gilly is genuine and nice but you can score a century in the farewell game always…
    some farewells are like this..indians sure ruined aussie party :p

  10. @arvind
    u r right…. 😥 god i didnt think of dat…. 😥 nw wat will i do…..i can just pray ki aussie’s pakistan tour gets cancelled and they come 2 india 4 d IPL…then i can drool on so many cuties… :mrgreen: hai soch k mere dil mein ghanti baj rahi hai :mrgreen:

  11. @ riddhima:

    haha .. what abt south african series..dont u find anybody cute in south african team… 😛

  12. @arvind
    Yeah graham smith is very cute :mrgreen: but not neone else….i used to like mark boucher as well….bt then distance took a toll on our “relationship” and i dont like him nemore 😆 but BTW i have a new crush…..praveen kumar…. i find his smile very innocent :mrgreen: and d fact dat he’s not comfortable in english makes him even cuter :mrgreen: and now my top 10 cute list is dominated by indians with a small amt of aussie 😆

  13. @arvind
    hey i tagged u……okie???? :mrgreen:

  14. ha ha ..yeah i thought of giving his name..but i knew anywa u will come out with his name 😛 ..boucher yes, what abt neil mckenzi i guess he looks good too 😛

    abt ur tag thing
    as i said to amith i have done it earlier i will just shift the time line to now so that it comes in front i will link u up there :mrgreen:

  15. @arvind
    okie boss 😆 i dont remember hw mckenzie looks yaar 😥 is he cute???? :mrgreen: jaldi bol… i have to revise my list again then hehehe…. 😆

  16. ya well dun arvind and well done india man we jus f***** the a** out of dem man.
    o man the poor aussies ponting is jus gonna get hammered by aussie media n x players.its time 4 him 2 go.
    imagine it cud hv been worse if india wud hv won the sydney test match as well(though they won it morally)
    good shot india

  17. Oh!! We can bitch about SRK. Ish is busy in his exams, he won’t be here for 2-3 days. 👿

  18. @arvind
    Haila…man he’s sooooooooooooooo cute :mrgreen: y didnt i observe???? 😆 Thanx so much…..nw mujhe phir sharam aa rahi hai 😳

    hey if u r going to b anti SRK then i’ll join 2… 😆

  19. @ Amit:

    @ amit
    yeah we can sure bitch him ..:P
    phir sharam ..itna mat sharmaoo ….fake lag raha hai 😀

  20. @arvind
    stupid mujhe genuine 100% sharam aa rahi thi 😡 bt dont worry ab mera sharam wala phase gaya…ab nahi aayegi :mrgreen:

  21. Was somebody talking about me being away and bitching about SRK? ❗

  22. See, we missed the chance. He is BACK!!!!
    SRK is my fav actor. I don’t want to say anything bad about him. 🙂

  23. Yep, you missed the chance obviously. You guys need to be more planned. Here’s a tip, download the CBSE Class XII board date-sheet and plan the day before my examination day because I won’t be here then. You’ve not got many days now, ’cause all the tough ones except Maths are gone.

  24. @ ridhimma
    acha ..accepted that ur sharam was genuine

    @ amit
    no probs..
    anyways we cant move away from SRK ..

    @ ISH
    GOOD IDEA ..
    but i am lazy..how abt u sending it us… ?? scan it and send us we would plan 😛

  25. @arvind
    Thanx 😡 mister…

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