AMIT AND RIDDHIMA have tagged me again to share 6 random facts. Well ,lucky People are going to get 2 extra from me 😛 .I have already done this TAG before i am just shifting the time cuz i am lazy to jot down 6 another interesting facts abt me .

here starts the original one 😛


This must be a tagging season i guess 🙂 .Anyway Rekha has tagged me this time
so here we go …




  1. I hate going to doctors .May be i have “medicophobia ” or something like that 😛 ..while i was a kid i used to prefer injections rather than gulping down the tablets i always used to feel nauseated after taking those tablets.
  2. Of late i have become a huge fan of Calvin and Hobes comic series. i am spending most of my free time reading those.Here’s an entire collection of calvin and hobes comic series .
  3. Well,strange it may seem but when none of my freinds are online in orkut i love sneaking and peeping into other peoples profiles and albums. so if u do have an account in any of the netwrking sites plz make ur scrapbook and albums private to avoid eavesdroppers like me 😛 .
  4. I am a DIE HARD fan of sachin and frankly speaking sometimes sachin becomes more important for me than the team as a whole.There was a time when i used to be happy when sachin used to get hundred no matter who won the match.
  5. There is only one thing i can cook till date and that is MAGGI . but i wonder why it takes me atleast 10 minutes to cook it properly..if u guys have any idea to cook it in 2 minutes let me know 🙂
  6. I love reading books but only novels .i am not into that much of self improvement and spiritual books.they just dont interest me may be sometime in future i will give it a shot too. Give me any god damned novel and i will finish it off without saying “uff “!!!
  7. I Hate south indian food and i hate saying this being a south indian 🙂 . May be because i stayed most of my life in north i am not accustomed to eat south indian dishes. Well,i saw some people writing they like south indian food believe me there’s lot more in south indain food apart from idly , dosa and rice and you dont want to eat that 😛 . It sucks according to me . Hope my mom doesn’t see this post 😛
  8. I am a total NET freak . All i need to survive is a PC with a net connection.

I dont want to break the chain by not tagging anyone ..almost everyone here has done this tag .So this leaves to Latha . and any reader interested is free to use the tag .

UPDATED : I TAG VIDHYA and BALA now .Almost every body else has done this TAG .SO cant think of any others.

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56 responses to “ONCE AGAIN TAGGED !!!

  1. You don’t like south indian food? 😮 I’m a North Indian and I can survive on traditional south indian food like puliogre, rasam and all those 20,000 kinds of chutneys. Yummmy!

  2. latha vidyaranya

    so u hate southy dishes. it is not only your mom who would feel betrayed, any girl who loves south indian food and who loves you too will have great dilemma choosing between the two!

    be careful while selecting a life mate. let there be no north-south divide :)))

    btw, thanks for tagging. is it same as blogrolling? sorry for my ignorance. pls dont get annoyed 🙂

  3. @Latha, You need to write 8 random facts about you in your blog and tag 5 more people 😉

  4. @ ruhi
    yeah ..its true that i hate south indian food..
    by the way u have a decent knowledge of south indian dishes..
    have you ever tried south indian dishes made for festivels…some of the names are even hard to spell..and they taste “yuck”.
    its a universal truth …we are never satisfied with what we have 😛
    @ latha
    well, i guess i can compromise food for my girl so no problem in that 😛
    tagging is like a game..
    so now its ur turn to write a post on 8 random facts about me..
    and u can in turn pass this tag to somebody else
    @ ruhi ,latha..
    did u just see the 7 th one in my whole post as i had kept a south indian meals pic 😛

  5. @ ruhi
    u are always fast ruhi..i was just replying her..
    u r really swift

  6. @arvind, I have tried most of the traditional south indian stuff, even though i don’t know the names 😦 There’s something that looks like idli but is made on a wooden idli kind of container on the stove…I love that.

    I also love poriyal, pulikachal chutney and all kinds of other stuff. My mouth is watering now. 😦 No one to cook for me here also.

    I read other facts too and I agree with all of them. I had to disagree with this one na, so I pointed it out. Heh.

  7. oh girl … thats what i said we are never satisfied with what we get.. you are yearning for south indian food and i keep longing for something really out of the south kinda thing…like dhaba’s food …with salad….now my mouth is watering too 🙂
    and yeah i have many friends from north who share ur views…

  8. >Of late i have become a huge fan of Calvin and Hobes comic series.
    Me too!
    These days my day begins with the C&H comic series in the Metro Plus

  9. latha vidyaranya

    u have said “its a universal truth …we are never satisfied with what we have ”

    i remembered this:-

    as a rule
    man is a fool

    when it is hot
    he wants it cool

    when it is cool
    he wants it hot

    always wanting what is not!

  10. wow/..good one..where u got this from ??

  11. @ latha
    one more thing ,,…while you commment on other people’s blog do write ur blog address too as thats the only way new people can come to ur blog..

  12. Hehehe this was interesting… and u made it more interesting by putting cartoons in between…

    And trust me. Maggi can NOT be cooked in 2 mins 😛

  13. thanks for that tip. do i write it here now?


    u r all welcome to visit me 🙂

    thanks, arvind.


  14. Arvind,

    I liked the 5 the fact. Thts is sooo interesting i am researching on it. Let u know if i found a way.

  15. @ seena
    let me know if u get any good inferences .
    @ nova
    i am glad u liked it … 🙂

  16. @ latha
    no need to write after u have entered once 🙂

  17. u hate south indian food? dude… if u have live north all ur life and love the dishes, u can just say u love n indian food… n not that u hate s indian food…

  18. @ shuz
    yeah i could say..but the fact is everybody at that time here everybody was going ga ga over south inidan food..
    i had to disagree with them/.
    hence spoke abt south inidan food

  19. oh……….ok… cool:)

  20. @arvind
    I have been a fan of calvin n hobbes for as long as i can remember 😆 hey do u think hobbes really is alive or just calvin’s imagination??? i still dont know 4 sure. 🙄 Even i love sneeking in2 ppl’s profile and get very angry wen i find it locked…idiots…. 😡 N i dont think there is ne1 including u who is a bigger sachin fan then me. 😆 I m terrified thinking of d day when he’ll retire and feel like murdering those jerks who ask him 2 retire 😡 ANd yes even i have thought abt maggi being a 2 minute noodle 🙄 And yes i hate s.indian food as well inspite of being a mallu :mrgreen: i cant stand it. Although mom says ki “s.indian food is d most hygienic in d world” i find it d most bland 😆 and although i hate 2 admit it….m a net freak 😥

  21. #1: I have dentist-ophobia. When I had to get braces, I wouldn’t go to the doctor and hence it took me 3 years to get my teeth back on track. It takes 1 year otherwise.

    #2: Calvin and Hobbes are gods. I wish the CBSE people would substitute the moral science books with Calvin and Hobbes. They can teach you better things than any moral science book on the planet can.

    #3: Been there, done that. Surfing albums is fun, but it gets annoying when you have to see a picture of Rajiv Khandelwal, Dhoni types in every girls’ profile. 😛

    #4: Same here. But I’ve always liked to see India winning when he scores a century. The team is more important than one guy, that’s what he himself says.

    #5: It depends on how much curry you intend on having in your Maggi. There will be a lot of water left in 2 minutes. And their 2 minute counting starts from when you’ve added the Maggi into the water. If you’re adding vegetables and shit, obviously it’ll take close to 10 minutes.

    #7: I’m a north Indian and I love the northy food. I wonder how I’ll survive if I have to go to some Southy university.

    #8: Aren’t we all?

  22. Good to know abt ya.
    Do read ma latest post n comment in!

  23. hope u r spending hard time to blog these facts with related picks… wow gr8..
    BTW me too die hard fan of sachin, but think not as much of u (happy even though india lost match) 😉

  24. hooooo..thanks..Eevn if u took almost 2 months to post this… 🙂
    I do always doubt ..y they always say its 2 minute noodles….

  25. @ ridhimma
    yes hobbes is just an imagination..,. 😛 …
    waise i find calvin very CUTE …DONT u? ?? 😆
    I cant argue and win over you..lets take it as u said …u are the biggest FAN .. 🙄
    and u too sneak ..buri baath … sharam nahi aathi doosron ki album mein ghuste hue.. 😆

    @ ish

    yeah calvin and hobbes are gods,,
    they should seriously include it .. for a comics it has a very high standard of vocabulary .. fun with knowledge..
    rightly said..i too get annoyed seeing Rajiv Khandelwal ‘s pics …with caption .. My hero ..my perfect man..
    girls are just impossible…

    curry :O …it takes me 10 miniutes to cook maggi without any vegitables.. :O
    Y do u want to come to a southy university .. 😛 DOnt opt for VIT plz ..

    @ teky
    tahts what i said..there was a time when i used to be like that..
    i did it long ago..
    i have just edited the time stamp..it came to front 🙂
    you are 2 months late 😆

  26. Why? VIT is crap? I’m actually trying my ass off to get in there somehow! 😕

    Meanwhile, here’s something that’ll make you laugh:-

    Ricky Ponting Says to His Mother

    *Main kabhi batlaata nahi ,*

    *Par HARBHAJJAN se darta hoon main MAA*

    *Yun to main, dikhlata nahi,*

    *Par ISHANT se ghabrata hoon main MAA*

    *Aapko sab hai pata,hai na MAA*

    *Aapko sab hai pata, meri MAA*

    *FIELD mein yun na chhoro mujhe,*

    *EK RUN bhi Bana na paun MAA*

    *Kitni Deta hoon Main Galiya milke team ke sang,*

    *Par Unhe Mai Jara bhi Dara Na paun MAA,*

    Sachin toh Out Hota Nahi,

    Achchha hai jo Saurabh Team Me Nahi,

    *CRICKET KA BAAP HAI India main Man Gaya MAA,*


  27. @ ish:

    lol …
    u should have posted it ..[:p]
    VIT is good..join it if u want to shed off ur fathers money [:D] ..
    check out communy..
    VIT ‘s
    u will better know..

  28. @arvind
    Yes calvind is extremely cute 😆 i adore him and his antics…bt i love suzie 2…she’s a swthrt :mrgreen: And mujhe kyun sharam aayegi??? tu bhi toh snoop on other’s profile’s na???? 😳

  29. @ riddhima:

    yeah ..but susie is not calvin’s type…. may be they should introduce some other girl…
    aur muje kyun sharam ayegi ..meri baat aur hai…:P

  30. My dad is more than willing to shed off his money, so I don’t have any issues with that really. As far as I can get a decent job somewhere, a computer and an internet connection, I think I’ll survive.

    Na, I don’t post those things on my blog. It wasn’t that brilliant after all. Moreover, I would have wasted a lot of time talking about the other things in my post so I thought I should forget it.

  31. 0k then thank u again for updating..so that i noticed it( accidentally) 😛
    n that 5 th fact..its nt 2 minute to cook noodles , its 2 minute to EAT noodles 😛

  32. @arvind
    oh ho..!!!! tu kare toh chalega n if i do toh its bad 😡 double standards 😡 aaj ki naari woh har kaam kar sakti hai jo ek mard karta hai..hehehe… :mrgreen:

  33. @ ish:

    getting a job isnt that difficult these days.. 😀
    why i said its not wise to join that college is you pay nearly 2 lakhs per year and what u get is job in TCS …that too with same package that other normal collge guys get..

  34. @ rekha
    u are welcome..

    @ ridhimma
    hmmm ..har kaam .. 🙄 ?

  35. @arvind
    wat do u mean mister????? 😡 kyun nahi kar sakti kya?????????? 😡

  36. @ riddhima:

    yaar….tum ab gusse mein achi nahi lagthi..
    be a good girl aur sharmana shuru karo … 😆
    i was just kidding 🙂

  37. Hey even i hate docs,like calvin and novels…coincidence 🙂 .. anyway a great post…

  38. Arvind, don’t you think that South Indian food is prepared much better in north Indian restaurants?? Atleast that is what I feel.

  39. @arvind
    wat do u mean “sharmana shuru karo???” 😡 meri marzi…mujhe nahi sharmana…i told u na my sharmana phase is over….. :mrgreen:

  40. @Arvind: I dunno yaar, waise bhi VIT ka entrance dene ke liye PCM mein boards mein aggregate 60% chahiye joh mere kya, mere bhoot ke bhi nahi aa sakte.

    @Amit: I used to think that the South Indian food we get here isn’t South Indian at all. It has the North Indian touch to it, ghee, masaale and all that. Same with chinese stuff, for example, Chilli Chicken in Punjab is a really Indianised version of the original one.

  41. @ ish:

    @ amit
    in what sense hygine or taste.. ??
    may be hygine wise they may be beter in north india..
    bbecause its a special dish for the north indians..

    @ ridhimma
    acha ji

    @ ISh
    dont worry dude..
    u will get more than 60 percent..
    and are u sure you want to do engineering ….

  42. @arvind
    yes…. 😡 maine vachan liya hai ki aaj se i wont ever do sharmane ka kaam since all of u make fun of it 😥

  43. @ riddhima:

    i wasn’t making fun 😦 //ladkiyaan sharmate hue achi lagthi hian :)..toh i said like that 😥
    no offense 😦

  44. I don’t know what I wanna do, right now I just wanna give the boards and get over with them, that’s it.

  45. @ ish:

    fine dude..
    good luck ..

  46. @arvind
    arrey i didnt mind yaar 😆 m cool with everything 😆 since u r a fan of my sharmana…i think dat maybe i’ll start again :mrgreen:

  47. @Arvind : I don’t know….its a little difficult to explain. See in north, its looked upon as a special dish, just like Chinese or Mexican, so the preperation is much better. Here, its the common man’s food so somehow they don’t give much importance to how it is been cooked. Believe me, if you come to my office in Chennai, I can make you taste the worst dosa and idli of your life. 🙂

  48. @ Amit:

    i will tell u why it sucks in ur office …they make it for 1000 people at once…so they dont care how it turns up…
    but if u go to some good restaurant ,u will get a real nice dosa..with lots of varieties..
    but yes i agree that they do take a little more care in north while preparing south indian dishes.and they charge u more too [:p]

    @ ridhimma
    fan 🙄 who ???? 😆

  49. @arvind
    hmmmmmpppppphhhhhhhh……!!!!!! 😡

  50. @ riddhima:

    acha …i am a fan of ur sharmana…..happ now

  51. @arvind
    good….dat makes me very happy :mrgreen:

  52. @Arvind : Yes, I have tried dosa at “Sangeetha” and it was good. Actually, after eating the dosa at my office, my taste buds have gone numb. I have started liking everything. 🙂

  53. @ riddhima
    then even i am happy 🙂

    @ amit
    yeah , and sangeetha is a fairly good place…
    try some restaurants in the ECR road 🙂 they would be good but costly

  54. @arvind
    good :mrgreen: m proud of u 😆

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