What appeared to be an event that drew even more attention than world cup atleast here in india finally had its inauguration ceremony yesterday .Thanks to all the franchises and BCCI for publicizing the event on a scale that is even hard to comprehend .The show was kicked off by a stunning ,flamboyant and spectacular grand opening ceremony . It all started well before the actual match was scheduled to start and i was really starting to wonder if it was cricket that was to take place . Glittering fireworks , gymnasts from rope ,singers and of course hot babes was all that anyone would not wish to miss .The dazzling ceremony eyed upon by millions across the world marked the launch of  IPL which can be rightly termed as “Cricket’s next level.”44 days, 123 Indian players , 73 overseas players and 59 matches in eight different places.World is set to witness the biggest and most lucrative cricket tournament ever which might even take over the world cup.

It was not only the grand opening launch that took fan’s breath away , the opening match at the chinnaswamy stadium ,bangalore prooved why T-20 is called people’s game.IT was an absolute stunner. Winning the toss and electing to bowl on a pitch with a green top  was the best decision any captian could take. That was the only thing that went right for the royal chalengers. It all started for Mc cullum in the second over with a 4,6 and 4 and what subsequently came out was the most explosive batting i have ever witnessed. Scoring an unbeaten 150 in a 20 over match is no joke . it was raining 6s and 4s there . Who could have expected a team with ganguly, ponting who could have ever expected an innings like that from him.Showing no mercy to any bower he scurried past his hunred in 53 balls and then 150 in just 70 balls.

Chasing 222 runs was never going to be easy and with jaffer and dravid opening who are not best known for their hitting,  it seems literally impossible . I cant understand of jaffer’s inclusion in T20 side. I mean ,he is not a 20-20 player . Asking a player to score 10 runs an over who cant even score 3 runs an over is too harsh 😛  . I guess i am being too harsh on him thats the way it is he was struggling even to touch the ball. Mr.malya you did a big mistake by picking him and yeah could canyone throw light ,why the hell is sunil joshi in the side when he has left international cricket years ago .Its absurd ,really ridiculous .Nothing’s shamefull then to lose in front of a home crowd that too with a margin as big as the one they had yesterday.

Looks like shahruk khan is riding the luck as for now he looked totally exstatic and why not ?? his team had jsut won the very first match of the so called “cricket ka karmayudh”.

18 responses to “IPL KICKS OFF !!!!

  1. arrey chalta hai…..bad luck…i hope b’lore bounces back although nt against mumbai 😆 Bt u r right their team is quite boring with no explosive batsman 8 all.. 😥 i think b’lore and jaipur has d most bakwas team followed by mumbai/delhi 😥 hai na????? n yeah i wanna c hw dese teams perform after d aussie players leave after 4 matches….i wnt 2 c whether they r able 2 sustain d same momentum without them as well… 🙂 BTW is Dwyne Bravo a good player?????? Mumbai Indians signed him yaar!!! 😯

  2. hyderabad is the best team…afridi,gilchrist,symonds,gibbs.
    any one clicks and the oppnent bowling would be torn apart .. 😀
    bravo is a good player but havn’t seen much of his 20 20 abilities. .. 😛

  3. Okay, I don’t know what to comment. I don’t watch cricket anymore and off late, all your post have been on cricket. 😦

  4. I loved the first match!!! And it happened right here in B’lore…!! but, i couldn’t get tickets unfortunately… they got sold out two days before the match…
    but hats off to the whole organization… its lived up to the hype!! 😀

  5. @arvind
    chalo then i support h’bad after Mumbai…. 😆 waise bhi since m a south indian i support all d southie teams after Mumbai :mrgreen: Bt i really dont want Kolkate 2 win coz uss SRK ko bahut jyada ghamand aa gaya hai n i really want some1 to kick their butt n so i have high hopes 4m Chennai and H’bad 😆

  6. @ ruhi
    yeha i know uy aren’t intrested in thic cricket thing but u see i have been as busy as never before ..the only thing thats driving me to wordpress is this cricket ..thats the only reason i write cricket post..
    once my college gets over..i would be free and would be back with usual useless stuff on my blog 😛
    and thanks a lot for commenting for a formality 🙂

    @ yaake
    hmm..yeah it did. ..actually me ISh and some others had a big argument abt this IPL thing when it was announced right here on wordpress.
    i dint expect it to be such big thing actually,,
    anyways the IPL is turning out to be good..the first match and the next one too were really awesome ..

    yeah..thats better…once mumbai gets out u suppport for chennai kings ok…
    till mumbai is in i will suppot for mumbaoi after chennai kings 🙂 .. deal .. ???

  7. See, maine pehle hi kaha tha ki this is gonna happen. Twenty20 is a different kind of a game altogether aur seniors ko adjust karne mein thodi bahut problem toh hogi hi. If they can manage, they can do wonders nahi toh kuch nahi ho sakta.

    And about Hybd being the strongest team, go watch the tv and watch SRK ki KKR annihilating them. 😀

  8. Heh. No need to thank me. I come to your blog everyday and wonder which post I should comment on. So I thought of letting you know that I do visit, but don’t know what to comment. 😛 And I can totally understand the busy-ness. That’s how it’s been for me. Cricket is doing your blog a lot of good. Lots and lots of cricket crazy readers!! 🙂

  9. @arvind
    deal okie dokie…. :mrgreen:

    they r definately nt annihilating h’bad. close match tha…h’bad would have kicked Kolkata’a a** barabar se bt thoda bad luck…. 😥

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  11. Arre yaar when I left that comment, they were annihilating them really bad. Then the monkey Symonds came on and they reached a respectable total. The Deccan Chargers is a very strong team.

  12. @ ish
    thats was i was saying deccan team is good …and yeah i love knight riders too …
    u forgot the same symonds came and gave 25 runs in a over which turned the game towards shahruk team . 😛

    @ ruhi
    🙂 thats sweet of you … i would be soon wrting something in whhc u can comment 😛

    @ ridhimma
    okies 🙂 aur tumhari mumbaio ki team toh haar gayi 🙂

    @ rakesh
    thanks for the visit

  13. I am quite clueless about this. Missed the ceramony, but I saw the match in which SRK’s team won. It was good. I am also cheering SRK’s team with Ish. 🙂

  14. It’s a good thing that almost all the bloggers like the Knight Riders. Maybe we can go to one of their matches and have a poster something like “Blogger community supports SRK” and then maybe he’ll come and talk to us. That’d be like so cool. 😀

  15. Ya, thats a good idea. But he must be having a website or something na?? We can put the poster there and the links to all our websites?? Then he might come and comment on our sites. Imagine!!!!!
    He might put something like – Heeyyyyyyy*in true SRK style* !!! I like your dedication towards the team and your sites are cool. Why don’t you come to Mannat and we would have a looong chat over dinner. 😆

  16. Haha yea right, talk about wishful thinking. 😛

  17. @ ish
    i like chennai kings more though 😛
    what a match it would be knight riders vs chennai kings..
    cant wait to blog on that
    @ amit
    looks like as usual ish has started his off topic comments.. 😛
    but till chennai is out i wouldn’t support knight riders openly 😀

  18. The historical match is on 26 april. Lets see who wins. 🙂

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