Well , somebody do something before my blog turns entirely into a sports blog 😛 .That was not what i had in my mind while starting this blog 😉 Anyhow cricket is at its best now , not exactly the same old gentelemen’s game but then who cares ?? 🙂 until the game is interesting and has a lot of hot firangi chicks cheering for the game 😆 .

The fact that cricket is not ruhi ‘s cup of tea and she wouldn’t be commenting again makes me sad 😦 she has got this new domain of hers has a pretty decent and neat theme.She has been complaining that i am writng just cricket cricket and cricket : P .Well i really cant help posting abt cricket. Now coming back to the actual content of the post 😛 the match between the knight riders and chennai super kings . The game for which i was eagerly waiting for, perhaps ,many others too . YES ,the battle of the titans . I couldn’t see the the first half of the match live because i had placement and scholarship distribution function in my college 😦 . but yes i did see the highlights part of it and i must say the match turned out to be one sided one .

None of my fellow bloggers are having a good IPL experieance . Ridhimma seems to be in deppression atleast thats what she is saying . All because of her home team could not register even one win till now 😉 . Nothings going right for mumbai team sachin is injured ,jayasurya is not doing anything great and adding to the injury harbhajan has started his usual controversy now in india by slapping sreeshant (the same guy who stares at batsman even when he is hit for a six , was seen to be crying uncontrollably ).Anyways , i have asked ridhimma to support my home team for her good. 😛

Poor ISH . He would have been pretty disappointed after his team lost so miserably 😛 . i know it wouldn’t have affected his AIEEE paper but still lets hope he writes it well 🙂 . Kolkata riders supposedly better team due to its bowling line up looked lame from the very first ball . I must say 147 odd runs were quite less compared to the standard of batting this tournament has generated .Thanks to the three wicket haul by jacob oram. Other wise he had a very ordinary tournament till now .I had a lot of expectations from him when chennai bought him. Anyways better late than never atleast he performed 🙂 . With the likes of dhoni hayden and hussey defending this target was never going to be easy but i never thought the chennai kings will win this comfortably . Hayden looked in ominous touch which seemed pretty clearly when he had hit six of ishant’s good length delivery .it was hayden’s second consecutive 50 that helped chennai super kings to register their 3rd consecutive victory thus making them the only unbeatable side 🙂 .Dhoni joined the party too with 43 of just 27 balls with 2 huge hits .Which ofcourse marked dhoni’s usual way of getting the victory runs by hitting a six .

Well ,ain’t i happy to see chennai kings roaring their way up to the points table ??? Though the team doesnt look as formidable as other teams like deccan challenger look i still feel the balance is very much present in chennai team and i wouldn’t be surprised to see my team right there in the finals of the very first IPL tournomanet and i hope kolkata knight riders reach the finals too because thats the only other team i am suporting and also because i want to see chennai super kings kick knight riders a** once again 😀


  1. 😡 m nt in depression..thoda hai bt nt jyada.. 😆 hey bhagwan…mumbai ka kya hoga??????? 😥 phoothe karam…. 😥 kuch karo mumbai ka…

  2. I don’t know which team I should root for. Whichever team I decide to like loses! 🙂

  3. @^$#@^$#^@$@
    Don’t forget that every dog has its day. 😀
    I was actually waiting for this post. Hahaha. Good one. You know what I was doing when this match was going on? Watching Tashan. 😐
    And why don’t you participate in that contest on Ish’s blog. It would be fun. 🙂

  4. So sweet of you to mention Riddhima, Ish and me 😛 I did read your post; though I have nothing to add. I read about Bhajji slapping Sreesanth. Can I watch it on Youtube or something? Bhajji should be suspended. Sorry, not really related to your post.

  5. i like how you’ve left balls in and censored “ass”.
    the weird world of contexts 😀

  6. @ riddhima
    mumbai ka kuch nahi ho saktha ab..
    ek hi rasta hai chennai ko support kar ..
    gilchrist ne chakke chudadiye tere team ke.. 😛

    @ nita
    pretty obvious ..all teams are good its hard to support a single team..
    and yeah dont decide to support chennai super kings 😉

    @ amit
    😆 chennai mein ho..chennai ko support toh karo 🙂 oh.then i should have linked u too in my post …
    yaar i dint see that contest…was buys so missed it …shit man … is there any direct entry now 😀

    @ ruhi …
    anytime ruhi 🙂 ,,..and yeah that video is not available in any site as that was not covered i guess. 😦
    and do u support harbhajan that much ??? 😛

    @ aniche
    welcome to my blog. ..keep visiting…

  7. i watched my first IPL yesterday.
    surprisingly the cheer leaders were no even 1% as erotic as the media had portrayed it to be.

    also since i do not watch cricket this IPL has just too many players for me to keep track of. overall i agree that it is a good experiment, but a bit too fast for me

  8. @arvind
    😥 😥 i will support mumbai till my akhri saans… :mrgreen: bt actually i have also started supporting rajasthan…dat watson guy is pretty cute…nt 2 4get smith 2… :mrgreen:

  9. @ riddhima:

    what abt chennai then..dhoni nahi chahiye kya 😛

    @ ankur
    hmm..if u dont want cricket then it might seem a bit diffcult for u to understand whats happening there 😉 ..
    but its really interesting when players of such players pay togethor

  10. Oh man! My roomies gave me a really tough time… They all tamilians 😦

  11. @arvind
    chahiye na dhoni bhi 😥 yaar dis IPL is 2 much 2 handle…kis ko dekhoon…. 😥

  12. Dhoni’s Chennai looks the most consistent and Warnie’s Rajasthan is the most unpredictable team. But with Hayden, Hussey going back, it would be interesting to see how Chennai would cope.

    Btw, Hyd will also be losing Symonds ;( Anyway, Gibbs is there to replace him. Hope he can be a handful for the opposition.

  13. @ riddhima
    he he 😆

    @ liju

    yes ,even i am thinking what would happen once hayden and hussey goes..
    i guess one replacement is fleming but still he isn’t that reliable for 20-20 ..
    would be a hard to get back the same strengh in the batting

    and yeah gibbs can be devastating … cant even think of gibbs hitting chennai bowlers all around the world

  14. Theek hai yaar chalta hai, Kolkata can’t keep winning always. Waise ab thoda zyada ho raha hai kyunki last dono matches haar gaye but ab kya karenge. But I guess worst toh abhi baaki hai. I have no clue what they’ll do without McCullum. Ricky Ponting ne toh kuch score hi nahi kiya isliye uska koi farak nahi padhta. Dada ko kuch karna padega apna jaldi.

    And Mumbai ki team bhi surprising hai. Sachin is fit now, mereko lag raha hai ki woh wait kar raha tha ki ek match toh jeet jayen. 😛

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  16. Now I am completely loosing clue of whats going to happen. Its becoming quite unpredictable. 😦

  17. I’m not interested in IPL at all, so I am commenting on your bookshelf:

    You read AWESOME books!
    and great blog, thanks to all those widgets and well written posts.

  18. @ amit
    yeha even i am clueless. the tpournament is opeing up ..picking up fire.. 🙂

    @ ish
    yaar teri team bhi paani mein hai …achamnak kya ho gay..sharik ki team ko 😛

    quickly quickly do it… 😀

  20. @ yaake:

    yeah…i will do it..not yet comleted book..sem exams going na …
    sorry for the delay…

  21. Cricket has now turned into a fully fledged Reality TV show !! Whoaa !!
    I feel CHENNAI KINGS are going to win the finals anyway.

  22. helllooooooo i thought your exams were over??

  23. I am supporting KKR!!! Hope they do some magic again 😦

  24. wingardiumleviosa

    CSK are doing too well. Just feeling a littile bad about Bangalore :(….

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