Finally i am back on posting something that used to be the hot topic when i started blogging – ” ORKUT” . I guess its been more than 7-8 months since i posted something about orkut. Orkut has officially launched 7 new themes – ORKUT BLUE , BEACH, WINTER, AUTUMN, SPRING TIME ,COUNTRY SIDE AND JR-FREINDLY GAINT . It took 1 week more for these themes to get activated on my account. My freinds had got it earlier than me so u might get the theme a bit late too . HOW to change the theme –

  1. Go to profile-> edit
  2. Along side the tabs like personal ,professional and other tabs there would be one named theme .
  3. Select the theme and click on update.

This is how my orkut account looks like after changing the theme


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57 responses to “CHANGE ORKUT THEMES !!!!

  1. I am not able to see your changed theme in orkut re… don’t know why? Also i tried to change my theme but there is no tab named theme in the edit profile 😦

  2. wow.. that looks awesome.. sadly though.. the “theme” tab doesn’t appear for me.. 😦 i think they are rolling it out in phases maybe..

  3. hey wait.. is that some sort of prank or what?

  4. thats a really cooooool thing..i thought we need to install something to get the themes activated 🙂

  5. I want to change my orkut theme

  6. @ vidya
    they are activating it one by one in groups..u will have urs in short time…wait..

    yup they are rolling it out in prank what so ever.i am good in photoshop but not this much good .. ;P

    @ Rekha
    u can install greesemonkey scripts too but then it will wokr in ur system only and for u only…
    wait for sometime orkut will activate ur themes too 😉

    wait for some time

  7. oh and btw hope you can make it to the blogger’s meet on sunday.

  8. @aparna
    i dont think i would be attending it..

  9. This post of yours had done very well, it’s on wordpress news.

  10. yup..when ever i write something like this on orkut or hacking it goes to news corner..
    but not like urs..
    i find every post of urs there 😉

  11. In my profile also this option is available

    Type in search bar vijay@itscricket to see my profile

  12. i wanna new theme…
    other then these 7..
    how can i do tat????

  13. Oh!!! Finally something I always wanted in Orkut. 🙂 Thanks for the info.

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  15. hey……..i m not finding “theme” tab in my orkut account in the edit options[:(]…… me

  16. i m not getting orkut theme

  17. Why are they turning orkut into myspace/facebook ?
    First the external apps and now this 😐

  18. Well i dont need to wait anymore, i got it the day i read about this 😉
    And as priya said orkut is losing its unique style n looking more like facebook or……

  19. hello,
    i tried to change the orkut theme but there is no such theme option in my profile…what shall i do?


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  21. cool..!! I have an account on orkut that i don’t often use… now at last, i have a reason to log in to orkut again!

    and where is my book review!????????????? 😀

  22. thanks 🙂 will check that out

  23. hi,
    i tried to change the orkut theme but there is no such theme option in my profile…what shall i do?


  24. hey thank yaar… I got my theme 🙂

  25. i tried to change the orkut theme but there is not that option in my profile ,what can i do?? Maria..

  26. Even I am not getting any theme option… 😦

  27. Ditto as Vidhyas 😦 No theme option!

  28. @ to all
    because all are having the same question i will asnwer all of them in one ….
    wait wait…u will get it in couple of days…

    @ priya @ alirekha
    yeah ..u are right ??
    copying facebook is a bad idea… 😛

    @ nikhil
    your book review is on the way 🙂

  29. It was a very helpful tip dear friend..

  30. how this theme will be look to others
    i hav changed my theme
    but it is not lookable to others why ?
    ccan it will be seen to others
    what isat >>>>>…………….

  31. tick tock… tick tock… I’m waiting… 😛

  32. some days before after reading your post only i came to know about this stuff… thanks dude….

  33. well contact me at for themes … also see mah orkut theme in my album..!!

  34. How do we add music to our orkut profile , tried but vain.

  35. lol.. where is my book review!??? 😀

  36. I got it!!! I got it!!!

  37. Note: Skins are disabled on the low bandwidth mode.

    Disable themes. (Only the default Orkut theme will be visible throughout the site, including on other Orkut users’ profiles) can i change my theme now

  38. hey.. i ve tagged u..! pl. c my blog for details!

  39. I got back to Orkut very recently! Saw those themes scraps somewhere..I think they look hideous and that I’ll soon turn blind (as if I’m not already blind 😐 )

  40. @ nikhil ..
    i am thinking what to write… never reviewed a book before 😉

    @ amit

    @ ruhi..
    those scraps are spam they dont work..these are the original ones

  41. Just go to orkut homepage.
    On the upper tab, hit “change theme”

    Much simpler, no?

  42. I think the Orkut Themes are obnoxious, heavy.. and no GOOD! 😛

  43. @ raghav.
    yeah..thats simpler 😉
    i noticed that..just dint mention …dint strike at that time..

    @ amyth
    they are too kiddish…though the one i am using is a bit better…not that childish..
    and yeah its heavy..i would get back to normal form once i get bored of this 🙂

  44. wasshappening

    I see everybody with jatang themes on orkut these days…Appreciate a very few…don like the actors on them…Yours is nice!I dont think will change mine tho many of my friends are insisting me to.
    About the theme being uploaded and shown after 1 Week!!!…My Profile photo once got activated after 24 hours of me uploading it!!!…
    This was when Orkut was newly introduced…No cribbing…i still love orkut! 🙂

  45. @ wasshappening
    welcome to my blog..
    those themes actors are fake …
    i gues si will get bored too and eventually remove the theme unless they get something more exciting..
    orkut is changing everyday..u can upload 1000 pics..add applications like in face book and now themes..god knows whats next.. 😛

    and yeah drop in ur web address while commenting..

  46. But none of those themes look nice.Dont u feel so? I mean, the classic orkut looked much better.Also, the page takes its own sweet time to open, doesnt it?

  47. @ vimal
    yes..orkut’s default one is the ultimate one…but i had got bored of tried this..weill get back to normal one soon 🙂
    and yeah they dont look that nice..the only one i found ok was the one i am using it

  48. Awesome….thank god you wrote that it is in pipeline….I thought you’re also oe of those irritating people who are stupid enough to click on such fake scraps which in turn scraps all other friends!!
    So do you have any idea about the dateline for the theme launch…….? And the theme idea will be the only exception with Orkut-otherwise its blindly copying Facebook.

  49. well,i i have got my theme a long time back…u will get urs too..
    and yes those fake scraps are irritatting..
    i have to delete minimmum of 3-4 such scraps from my scrapbook daily..
    insane …people are insane..
    worse , i get same scraps from same people again and agian.. 😆

  50. to change the low bandwidth option. goto setting – general- low bandwith-show normal orkut settings

  51. thnks buddy!

  52. hi,,,,i m shital,but one of my frnd call me cool..& bcoz of orkut i got number of frnd….

  53. bored of these themes
    we need new themes of ipl and any other sports

  54. good information… hoping lot more themes in few days…

    sagar rai

  55. i want to change my orkut theme

  56. i want to change my theme but how i change my theme different from other themes

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