Well, this post has been due since a month i guess but better late than never the post is finally here. Got hold of the hard copy (autpographed one) of this book more than a month back 🙂 .IT was very kind of him indeed to send his book all the way from his place 🙂 .

Well, the book has 25 stories in all and each story has been well written with a unique storyline.In other words ,Each story diverges into a totally different scenario which is what makes this book even more special .Most of the stories emphasize various human emotions such as love ,anger , revenge which are well intertwined with suspense humor and drama. some stories deals with the philosophical thoughts that a human mind generates.I feel this must be hardest part from an authors point of few.But i guess nikhil has done exceptionally well to express what he really wanted to express 🙂 .

The book starts with the story titled ASCENT which i felt was rightly kept as the first one and gives a brief idea of what we can expect from the rest of the book .It just oozes out emotions as the story progresses with each line.

I really enjoyed reading some stories in the middle like RUSTIC HILL , THE BARGAIN , EVENING SHOWERS AND SIMPLE CRIME .Well, not because the others stories weren’t good , Its just the fact that these stories were more of fiction (my area of interest 🙂 ) which created suspense and intrigue engrossing my mind , but i am sure serious readers would really appreciate the other stories much more than the ones i have mentioned .

There are two stories that i cant forget to mention here. REMOTE WAR and THE INNER WORKINGS OF A FEMALE BRAIN .The common thing in both the stories is humor . The former basically deals with the a very important day to day activity in a every middle class family “remote wars” 😛 .Each line has a its own share of humor and the way nikhil has written the story with a different perspective makes it all togethor even more funny 😆 . The latter one titled THE INNER WORKINGS OF A FEMALE BRAIN would surely be one of the best picks from the book not because of the content (which i feel is 99 percent true ) but because the way nikhil has crafted it . The story deals with most enigamatic creatures of the universe WOMEN 😉 .

The female brain has quickly analysed the greatest weakness that the Y-chromosome accords to us.It is that ,While the man has to spend his time,money and efforts to woo a girl ,she on the other hand just has to smile , and the guy’s hers!

These are few lines from it.Probably every guy reading this must be coming up with the same phrase how true !!! 😛 and most girls would certainly disagree 😉 .

Another story worth mentioning it is TRANSIENCE Which was adjudged as one of the best stories in a contest organized by a TIMES OF INDIA. A simple story yet something that grasps ur attention.For me all other stories too looked equally well .May be because i am not into voracious reading and have a limited range of books that i read.

And a final appreciation to AKHIL C.R whose did a wonderful job by clicking some realistic and apt pictures for each story .

Well , guess what ?? You can get hold of the soft copies of the first five stories of this book at nikhil’s blog . Yes he is on web 🙂 . YOU can catch him here .

30 responses to “BOOK review – UNTITLED by NIKHIL KUMAR

  1. WOW…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks man!!! I’m blushing!! 😀
    This is an awesome review!! thanks so much! It was worth the wait…! 😀
    Whenever we meet, Leela Palace dinner for you! 😀

  2. Very nice review!!

  3. Nice Review. I’ll definitely read the book. Then I can tell people that I know a writer. Hehehehe. 🙂

  4. @Nikhil we deserve autographed hard copies!!!!

  5. Nice review!!
    I’ve read all the stories that he’s put up on his blog.

    //Probably every guy reading this must be coming up with the same phrase ‘how true’ !!! and most girls would certainly disagree.

    This is not true. I do agree with what he’s said 😀 !!

    I too love the way he brings out human emotions in a humorous way ! 😀

    Way to go Nikhil ! I’m going to buy your next book for sure ! 😉

  6. lol i want the book…i hate e-books,but will read it slowly 🙂

  7. Gotta read this stuff……..

  8. @ nikhil
    welcome 🙂 i just wrote what i felt ..
    and when is that dinner at leela palace 😛

    @ reema
    thanks… 🙂

    @ amit
    yes..u should read the book.. 🙂 check out those soft copies at noikhils blog ..

    @ vishesh and raghav
    🙂 …

  9. Wow.. thats a kinda of review which now tempts me to read the book. 😉

    Thats a good review. 🙂

  10. @ priya
    i missed ur comment earlier… 🙂
    glad that u liked the review..
    well,i am surprised u agree with it…most girls do tend to disagree with that ppoint… 😉

    @ joel
    glad that my review tempted u …nikhil would be beaming to see this and i am sure he would offer me a treat soon .. 😛
    thanks for visiting..

  11. Ill have to go out and find a copy of this since you speak so highly of it!

    Have a greta day!

  12. @ canopenner
    thanks for ur visit…
    u too have a great day

  13. Nice review, book sounds nice. I’ll download the 5 stories that are available.

  14. Oh wow! Words fail me! Thanks everyone for such wonderful comments! 😀
    Leela Palace dinner for everyone! 😀

  15. iamnot even reading the post…im just stuck at that animated calvin on your rt column.. its reallllly cool

  16. @ ish
    do it ASAP ..

    @ nikhil
    when ??? 😀

    @ churningthewordmill
    thanks… 😉
    but read the review too

  17. Well-written review, Arvind 🙂 Like others have said, I too want to read the book after reading your post 🙂

  18. @ aparna..
    thanks…this was my first book review.. 😛
    and nikhil’s first book 😀

  19. chalo toh indirectly even i know nikhil now… 😉 so leele ka dinner 4 me as well na… :mrgreen: bt m still angry 8 u okie… 😡

    i stay in mumbai so i will manage with d taj :mrgreen: time n day bolna…n i will b there :mrgreen:

  20. @ riddhima
    angry for what…?? 😛
    because of me u are getting a leela palace dinner.. 😆

  21. @arvind
    stupid 4 dissappearing 4m gtak n orkut achanak se… 😥

  22. @ riddhima
    stupid tu hi toh bye bol kar gayi thi..when did i do the disappearing act 😆

  23. @arvind
    hmmmmmmmmpppppppppphhhhhhhhh.. 😡

  24. thanks for the review,i will definitely try reading his works n nikhil u rock dude!!
    “The story deals with most enigamatic creatures of the universe WOMEN 😉 .”..hmmm 😀

  25. @ rekha
    i thought u would never comment .. 😛
    and yeah women remains enigma for us (guys) ofcourse after indian cricket team .. 😀

  26. @Arvind
    u r thinking too much
    n im nt tht heartless 😛

  27. Well, I have planned to read Nikhil’s book. BUt I downloaded and forgot to read it. YOur post has again reminded me.

  28. @ poonam

    do it now ..??? buy a book and read too..the best ones are in the middle .. whihc u cant download.. 😛

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