Well, its almost 2:30 am now and i am yet to hit my bed. Not that i normally follow “early to rise early to bed makes u healthy wealthy and wise” but yeah i try to close my eyes atleast by 1 but wordpress woudn’t allow me to 😦

If u are one of those rare regular readers of  this blog  u could have observed a change in my blog ‘s look.YES,i have changed my theme from  PRESS ROW to DIGG 3 column and believe me with these many widgets in my sidebar it was an arduous job for me to shift it from a 2column one to 3 column one . QUITE recently wordpress changed its admin bar style and with that they have complicated the themes section totally .Earlier u just need to drag and drop the widgets from one sidebar to other but now its all not so simple .When i changed my theme all the widgets got transferred to my left sidebar and there was nothing in my second sidebar except the default calender and blogroll.I Tried to shift them directly but there was no way to do so.It took me almost one and a half hours to surrender before such a user friendly theme 😡 . THen finally i just used a fresh text box and copied my code from the widget that was in my first side bar  and pasted it.THen added that text box to my secinbd sidebar .Thats bloody long process .I still havn’t figured out a simpler process for it  😦 .Anyways i have decided to leave it like that unless  i find an easy way .

I was tired already and i needed to change my header too as i got bored of my previous header .Well it took another 1 hour for me to make this header which u can see .ust above this post .I thought of adding some calvin and hobbes pics to the header when i came across some really cool animated cartoons of calvin through google 😛 .I left my header unfinished,uploaded it and started reading calvin and hobbes comics .Wonderfull arn’t they. ?? U just dont get bored of it. Beleive me i have read the whole series twice 😀 and still it looks new everytime i open a strip from it .

Here are the few animated ones which i liked very much….

OK guys its already 330 .I am off to sleep now…see ya later …

and yeah if anybody know how to shift the widgets from my left sidebar to right sidebar please let me know after all this post was meant for that 😛 ..

50 responses to “Grrrrrrrr……

  1. Yeah, WordPress 2.5.1 has some probs with widget. It acts weird for me. I cannot drag them + the save button is up overlapping the first widget…(its actual position should be at the bottom.. 😐 ) They need to solve this by their next upgrade… grrr

    And ya Calvin and Hobbes.. 😀 THEY ROCK. I have read the Essentials Calvin and Hobbes… Man they just rock…. and BTW the pic in which calvin is writing a test..(4th pic) that is one my fav.. 😀

  2. hey u r back to ur old template… I like ur new header very much.. keep going… 😛 I want a new header from u for my new blog 😀

  3. Hey , this widget prob is nt a big deal, the very first days of the new version , i used to pull out my hair in rage of these widget now its ok , once u start working on it ,it becomes user friendly 🙂 this is btr than the old one 😛
    n the last one of the animated one is really cool 😉 ..luved it
    n where is ‘ feed the rice’ banner :mrgreen:

    btw , i havent used a 3 colm theme so donno..aftr all the comment was meant for tht 😛

  4. the header is superb!!!! 🙂

  5. Calvin rocks big time.. Am a huge fan of his… Esp his wit.. Loved all de gif cartoons. Nice header too.. But I liked your prev layout better.. 😛
    Poor you stayed up till 330?? Act I feel wordpress is way too userfriendly than blogger and the widget thingy they’ve changed for the better… Like rekha says.. bump around de first time then its a cake walk 🙂

  6. @ joel
    well ,yes when u get a domain for urself these problems does arise..those overlapping problems are limited to those blogs like urs 😛
    essential calvin and hobes ??? does it have limited strips or what???

    @ vidya
    glad that u liked it.. 🙂

    well yeah i know widget problem is not a boig deal but in this case its looking like that i have no way out. .
    Try out the 3 header theme and tell me if u could do something 😦
    and yeah check out below my blogstats..its verymuch there ..i mean the banner 😛 .

    @ aparna
    well, yeah i know calvin and hobbes just rock together 🙂
    glad that u liked the header. and abt this new theme well,i was terribly bored with the last one… more than 3-4 months i guess thoguht of changing it 🙂 .
    wordpresss is user friendlier than blogspot ..
    but i somehow have the feeling that they forgot to keep something in the widgets area after they changed the style 😛

  7. Hmm i think u could paste all the codes in a notepad doc. and select the number of text boxes u will be needing. Copy paste from the doc in each of them in the sequence u want and save

    Nice header!! how does one make headers?? which software?.

  8. and hey.. couple of spelling errors in this post.. goes on to show u were half sleepy at 330 😀
    hope u got some decent sleep 😛

  9. @ reeema
    well,yeah that was a method i too thought but i was too tired to copy paste and all..actually before it was easier i dont understand why wordpress made something so complicated whihc was indeed simpler.
    but i guess what u said is the one and only option.. 😛

    and u can get readymade headers ..but i make my headers in photoshop 😛

    @ aparna
    :D..thanks for pointing out.. 😛
    well i need to take bath ,eat lunch and then have my share of sleep 😀

  10. @ joel
    hey thanks..
    i have never read that book…reading now..looks awesome..
    thanks a lot..

  11. Oh !! and you are back the old theme !! 🙂

    My friend and room mate ( of not anymore he left for hyd last week ) told me after reading your blog that you have good language and writing style… 🙂

  12. it was Oh! not any more and not “of” 😦

  13. @ joel
    i have read those..those are taken from the actual comic strips 😦
    anywyas i will give u the link

    complete edition of calvin and hobbes..

  14. @ dinu
    yeah..back…but honestly i hate these themes..i need something new.. 😛

    wow..i am flattered..
    who were those kind souls..
    which post did they read 😛 ..

    welcome to my blog after a long time 😛

  15. Your blog has been listed in Pathivuspot

  16. He was my roomie and a great friend .. don’t remember what post it was, but the comment was about the kind of language u use 😉

    hmm I can’t find your feed on my reader 😦 adding it now.. lets see, I won’t miss any of your future psots 😉

  17. @ pspot
    thanks !!!

    @ dinu
    Oh ,,..may be by language he means the way i express and the way i write my posts 😛 ..
    by the way how did ur roommate got into my blog.. :O

    anyways.. thanks for adding …;)

  18. well, drag n drop feature was much better…. copy paste in notepad is only solution i think…. u have to cpy paste the code and remove the widget in main side bar, then select right or second sidebar…. add it again… 😛
    I loved that calvin dining animation…

  19. WooT… Thanks for that link…. 😀

  20. Ok.. I think that book now goes into my wishlist… 😀

  21. @ teky
    thats a long procedure .aint it ??? 😦
    anyway willdo sometime when i am free

    @ joel
    🙂 downlaod that series..its wonderfull
    and that book looks too costly.. 😦

  22. Nice, I really like the new header! Personally I’m not a big fan of this theme but I can’t deny that you made it look fairly good.

    WordPress did complicated the widgets, I also think. I lost my entire sidebar when I applied that CSS upgrade and it took me a month to make it all back because my blogroll and all is text box based. So best option is to save all the text in your text boxes, put in new text boxes and paste the code wherever required. Because doesn’t allow you to save your text boxes anymore. Whenever you remove one, the code goes. Abhi woh text1, text2 waala hisaab nahi raha. They changed all that.

    Calvin and Hobbes are brilliant! That six year old kid is my God. He’s actually the God of logic. Through such a simple kid, Bill Watterson has expressed so many things, as you’ll see when you read more of the series. I’ve managed to sit in classes and imagine my teachers as monsters and myself as as superhero spiff just like Calvin does, it’s brilliant.

    P.S. – 3:30 isn’t late. I never sleep before that nowadays. But it’s a different thing that I don’t get up before 10. 😛

  23. Hahaha! At least the header and the template both look very nice and Calvin is never a mistake. He’s expressive – and impressive.
    You can sleep well tonight 🙂

  24. Gosh, so many people are preferring this theme! I don’t know why wordpress doesn’t come out with more themes which support a custom header and two columns. Perhaps they want us to go for an upgrade!!

  25. cool pics arvind……they r really funny
    I just reading reading their comics…..they r really wonderful

  26. @Arvind: Its pain sitting and reading an ebook. 😦 I know its costly but will ask some of ma frnds… 😉

  27. The new heaader’s great! 🙂

    And the comics are great.
    Ever read Garfield, although it is quite different from Calvin and Hobbes?

  28. mujhe nahi samjha kuch 😥

  29. I enjoyed this post so much. Have a great weekend!! xx

  30. The new look is FANTASTIC !!!

  31. @ ish
    wow..a long comment for u at last.. 😛
    thanks…well i liked this theme a lot but u see there are no better 3 column themes in wordpress..and with the no of widgets i use i always prefer 3 column one.
    calvin as u say is a god when it comes to humor and wit.bill did a fantasitc job in creating a charecter like calvin..hes just so adorable…

    @ me
    welcome to my bloog.
    i guess i would sleep 😛

    @ nita
    yes this theme is perfect for bloggers..thats what i feel but yeah i want a change…a different better one..there are so many themes avaialble for other users why dont they give some of them to free users too 😛 😦

    and u can read it again and again and again…


    well,yeha i have read a little bit of garfeild too..its humourous too…but that appears more like a comics..and calvin and hobbes is more like information,vacabolary and witty answers combined together in a humorous way.. 😛

    ooh…u have rich friends 😛

    kya samaj nahi aaya tujhe .. 😛

    glad that u liked it..

    @Daniel’s Critical Corner,
    thanks… 🙂

  32. Hahaha!!! Funny.. I’ve faced some problems too … I dunno if they’re gonna solve these issues…
    I’m sorry for neglecting the blogosphere… Been crazy busy! 😀

  33. lol,i like this theme 😀 btw ur tagged 😀

  34. yeah, so wordpress got a little complex..but i still like it btr than blogspot!
    and calvin rocks!!!!totallllllllllllly!!

  35. @ nikhil

    lol…they would solve this only if they thing this is a problem 😛
    i know now why u ahave been neglecting blogosphere..
    all due to that miss charming … 😛

    @ Churningthewindmill
    well ,yes there is no way blogspot can come near wordpress in this regard…
    may be blogspot is ahead in 2 things one is custom design and next is ad sense …other than that there is no way blogspot can beat wordpress

    see if u could get anything helpful from der 😛
    dat really helped me to fix my prob

  37. @ rekha
    i had posted my query that night itself..
    no answers till now….
    no body knows i guess 😛

  38. That’s very nice…

  39. Nice theme! I love the whole sidebars on two sides idea!

    Awesome header!

    Calvins the BEST! 😀
    2+7=…..I love this one! Calvin rocks! 😛

  40. @ mp3 istek
    thanks ..

    @ priya
    thanks …
    well , i also feel 2 sidebar themes are best…but there are very few oif them 😦

  41. The neon welcome sign is much better

  42. I think you have to copy paste all the previous widgets in a notepad and then put them in your new theme. I did it that way. It might be a little tiring…but I don’t know if there is any other way…
    I liked the header. 😀

  43. @ reema
    yeah ..actually my previous image was not working so i had to change this…looks like new one came good 😛

    @ amit
    yeah ,i too think the same..but its laborious job.. 😦
    damn these wordpress ppl..why they changed the admin bar scheme

  44. editting the html is so where its at!


  45. yes, it must have been trouble transferring so many widgets. But why do you keep so many widgets in the first place. Doesn’t that clutter your sidebar too much?

    I too like Calvin and Hobbes. I once worked really hard (considering my slow wireless solution) to download the entire collection.

  46. @ canopener
    can u be clear ..cant get u 😦
    actually in wordpress we cant edit the codes for the templates 😦

    @ poonam
    well ,i dont know but i like many widgets on my sidebar..kinda looks good..
    even i have the whole collection.its awesome ..ain’t it ??

  47. i loooooove calvin n hobbes 🙂

  48. @ megha
    welcome to my blog .. 🙂
    good to see so ,many calvin and hobbes lovers 🙂

  49. Nice to meet yet another calvin fan…

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