ITs been a quite a while since I posted something  here. Had an exam yesterday for which i had been trying to prepare all these days.Note the word trying 😛 .Alas!! i couldn’t. I might just pass but not sure .Anyways I am as exhilarated and excited now as one could be so least bothered about result as of now . I just found a new way of browsing  internet though mobile absolutely free of cost 😉 .Well, would tell u about this in my next post 😛 .ITs time for the TAGS now .. 🙂

Matangi has tagged to me write down 5 cadres of people whom i love to hate or i would rather say who irritate me the most .

  • Back Biters – These people would certainly top the list . People who speak with us wearing a big smile on their faces and when we are gone they speak as bad about us  as possible.
  • Second category of people are those who just cant see others rise . Jealousy being their main characteristic . You could these people fuming with smoke coming through their ears when they see someone better .
  • Selfish people .There are loads of people around us who are too self centered.All they care is abt themselves . They would come to u in need of a help and when we are in need of their help they would turn their faces instead of reciprocating .
  • These type of people are the ones whom i got acquainted after starting this blog.Visitors (who are not blogger’s ) who don’t care to read the post fully and jump into conclusions just by reading the title.I hate them to the core. I have loads of visitors like that who just dont  have enough brain to read what i am trying to say.
  • Last category belongs to the bunch of girls and guys both who have no job other than sending silly forwards that too perpetually .I just cant stand them.ONCE in a while is Ok but sending it 5-10 times a day is quite unbearable .I find these people quite exasperating.

I tag this to Nikhil , Aravind , Vishesh , Nita , Aprana s / and who ever is willing to take this tag can do it 😉

Vishesh has tagged me to write 10 things abt me .I had already written 8 things abt me in some tag earlier so i am just copying it and adding 2 more to  the list.

  • I am an electronics and communication engineer but i hate electronics ..Strange …isnt it ???
  • I was  the topper of my  department till the last sem 😛 not anymore though thanks to my bad performance in my last sem . Even more strange huh?? 😛

I always felt like “andhon mein kaana raja ” in my college  😆

  • I hate going to doctors .May be i have “medicophobia ” or something like that 😛 ..while i was a kid i used to prefer injections rather than gulping down the tablets i always used to feel nauseated after taking those tablets.


  • Of late i have become a huge fan of Calvin and Hobes comic series. i am spending most of my free time reading those.Here’s an entire collection of calvin and hobes comic series .
  • Well,strange it may seem but when none of my friends are online in orkut i love sneaking and peeping into other peoples profiles and albums. so if u do have an account in any of the networking sites plz make ur scrapbook and albums private to avoid eavesdroppers like me 😛 .
  • I am a DIE HARD fan of sachin and frankly speaking sometimes sachin becomes more important for me than the team as a whole.There was a time when i used to be happy when sachin used to get hundred no matter who won the match.
  • There is only one thing i can cook till date and that is MAGGI . but i wonder why it takes me atleast 10 minutes to cook it properly..if u guys have any idea to cook it in 2 minutes let me know 🙂
  • I love reading books but only novels .i am not into that much of self improvement and spiritual books.they just dont interest me may be sometime in future i will give it a shot too. Give me any god damned novel and i will finish it off without saying “uff “!!!

  • I Hate south indian food and i hate saying this being a south indian 🙂 . May be because i stayed most of my life in north i am not accustomed to eat south indian dishes. Well,i saw some people writing they like south indian food believe me there’s lot more in south indain food apart from idly , dosa and rice and you dont want to eat that 😛 . It sucks according to me . Hope my mom doesn’t see this post 😛
  • I am a total NET freak . All i need to survive is a PC with a net connection.

Well,Well its 2:15 am now so i guess i should sleep now ..cyaa !!!

40 responses to “PEOPLE I LOVE TO HATE

  1. Hey man, first of all, thanks for the Calvin and Hobbes link!! You have no idea how big a fan I am! You’ve made my day! 🙂
    And the tag looks very interesting… Will do soon! Thanks… 🙂

  2. Interesting tag. For sure I will do it!
    btw, I know quite a few south indians who don’t like south indian food. I am maharashtrian and I love s indian food and not just idly dosa!
    About Maggi, well that 2 minute thing is a big lie. It takes more time! 🙂

  3. Cool post dude……………….some of the pics above are from your previous posts i suppose……………..but they are really coool

  4. Btw tnx for the tag yar

  5. hey.. interesting tag.. will take it up soon…
    i concur with u on ” i hate” category. i cannot stand back biting, jealous and selfish blokes. :X

    nice cartoons.. Calvin… Love him the most.. 🙂

  6. Lol, I have medicophobia too. I hate doctors. Dentists even more. I’m not comfortable with the idea of someone probing into my mouth with instruments. And then the smell in there, I hate that big time.

    That something, somewhere went wrong waala picture was my wallpaper sometime back. 😛

    I loove North Indian food, btw. South Indian mein mostly dosa. Aur kuch kabhi try nahi kiya.

  7. Being a Maggi expert (certified by my hostel roomies and my family) the 2 min maggi is not edible at all!! Good maggi cooking takes atleast 10 mins.

    We have same choice of books 🙂

    Cant hate hostel lifeline life saver affordable south indian food. 🙂

    As for doctors my elder sister is its ok but I fear injections 🙂

  8. @nikhil
    anytime dude.. even i am a die hard fan of calvin and hobbes ..

    i love north indian food..that too dhaba food rocks 😛
    i dont know why but i find most of the south indian dishes totally yuckeeeee !1
    and that maggie thing yes, i have always felt so

    @ aravind
    welcome dude.. this would be ur first tag 😛

    @ aparna
    🙂 good to know that u too loath them. yeah calvin s so adorable 🙂 ..

    he he … never thought abt a dentist but yeah doctors are like devils to me… i hate the feeling of entering into a hospital or clinic 😦
    . i would never advice u for any other south Indian dish/… 😛 u could ask nita perhaps ,she like it 😀 ..i am missing dhaba food 😦

    not edible .. ??? he he yeah i could imagine a 2 min noodles.. 😀
    u are reading freakonomics ..isn’t it ???
    what is it about ?? 😀 i would love to read it now that we share common interests in books
    everybody likes south indian food here except me 😦
    u fear injections ? :O .i would love to have them instead of tablets 😀

  9. lol that was nice post 🙂 i read it fully 😀 so the human hater gets a tag on how i hate humans? lol you are making it tough for me… 😀

  10. man this tag is killing me, i just wrote about 4 points! and it is becoming very intense!

  11. @ vishesh
    thanks for reading it fully:P
    human hater,.. !! :O i would laike to know y .,.

    and abiout the tag..
    more intense much better 😛

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  13. Once you start your job, there is another category which you will start hating – The Leeches. People who don’t do anything and take away all the credit by being in the good books of the seniors. 😀
    And thanks for the CH collection. 😀

  14. Heya! Thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂 *HUGS*

  15. I have added you in my links! 🙂

  16. Tags! OMG!!!
    I’ve got the one you gave me up my er…… to-do list.

    I’ll be doing it soon though, sorry.

    Great post, and the pics just make it better. Guess I should start using those things in my posts too

  17. I hate forwards too! Ugh I yell at everyone who sends me one.

  18. Ok, this ones also an interesting one. I thing I may take this up. And now this makes the 4th tag for me to post. PHEW!….

  19. //I Hate south indian food // are u a vegetarian? If not then u shud try syrian fish dishes from kottayam. it tastes too good. Specifically those fishes caught from the backwaters.

  20. very interesting tag..and loved the da vinci cartoon!! Even I can’t stand self preachy books…eeyyyyuukkk!!

    I love Sachin too if he is playing then I can watch a match or else it doesn’t interests me..and I hate it when people yell out for him to retire…its so cheap of them……….he has brought so many laurels to india…………

  21. hey even i love 2 sneak onto ppl’s profile..altough i have been told a zillion times itz a bad habit 😥 bt frankly who cares…. :mrgreen: n i like doc’s yaar..they r good provided they r cute…i dont like old docs…they r kinda preachy n boring 😥 u know wat…i had gone 2 a eye doc once n OMG he was super cute….. 😆 i have nvr seen a more cuter doc… mom’s been having some prb with her eyesight nowadays n i have been begging her 2 go have her eyes checked….. 😆 nw b4 u think itz only bcoz of d doc n dat i dont care abt my mom…let me tell u i do care a lot abt my mom…itz just dat d doc is an added advantage…. :mrgreen:

  22. wasshappening

    Where ever i am going i just see exams these days…Uff…
    Nice Tag though…Even i cant cook Maggi in 2 Min…Wonder Why?…Those Forwards about Friendship and Love are soo Lame…Most of them dont mean what they are sending…
    You used to be a Topper..WOW…
    You prefer Injections and not Tablets!!??(i understand They taste like poison and spoil Taste buds..Yak1)

  23. Heyy Arvind…nice to meet u here in this platform…good posts…iam new to this blog thing..infact came 2 ur blog thru nikhil’s…check out ma blog ven u get time and do drop in ur comments too…cia:)

  24. good one. is that supposed to be the Mona Lisa in that pic? coz she looks malnourished 😀
    and coming to food, i love maggi the way i do it. i love anything which can tickle my tongue and make it dance or the ones which can cause fire in the mouth or which make my lazy nose move and crave for the smell etc. (at home) favorite would be any among the 20-something rice varieties that my mom makes and as for junk-munching outside, steaming hot hyderabadi dum biryani with lemon/pepper chicken and finishing off with a salt lime soda. BURRP! 😀

  25. @ vishesh

    i would keep that category in mind 😛
    and its my pleasure sharing Cand H collection link 😀

    welcome !! 🙂 thanks a lot for adding .. 😉

    long time no see..
    and no hurry abt those at ur own convenience 😛

    if i start yelling i have to yell daily at around 20-30 persons 😦

    welcome to my blog.. 🙂
    I am a vegitarian..but yeah i have tried chicken ..(dont say this to my MOM )


    yeah i hate those who hate sachin :P.
    self improvement books are too boring….

    4 tags ..:O thats too much 😀

    i know about u…tujhe toh aur kuch kaam bhi nahi hota..,.
    aur woh super cute doctor married toh nahi hai na..
    how do u find cuteness in everybody …ha ha.. lol

    welcome 🙂 well, not sem exams..i am undergoing training so they keep exams oince in a while..
    yes i used to be a i said not anymore though. .i had alwyas a guilty feeling about it 😛
    i used to vomit earlier when ever i used to swallow tablets 😀 ..kinda used now ..

    welcome here..nice to meet u too..:)

  26. @ harshasrisri
    welcome !! 😛
    and well,,even i love maggi…
    and ur comment made me hungry.. 😛
    i dont know y ur second comment dint appear..i just approved it 😦
    another bug i suppose

  27. wondering why the pingback didn’t arrive. have you disabled that function?

  28. Arvind, that “Something somewhere went terribly wrong” poster is quite funny! 😀

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  30. 🙂

  31. Hey hieee.. nice post !!
    Well , I too hate all those people who come under those 5 categories… I dont exactly HATE the ppl in da last one, they just annoy me , Hate wud be a strong word.
    There’s one more category of ppl dat i hate, they wud be Fake people, who pretend to be someone they are not… not exactly back biters but people who cant be themselves or just put up a nice behaviour in front of others and smile plastic smiles..

    “Andhon mein kaana rajaa” .. dat was really funny.. 😀 weneva i top my sems, my dad says sumthin lik dat .. “Vaasraat Langdi gaay shaani” … its a similar phrase in marathi which means a lame cow is smart amongst a herd of calves.. sumthin of d sorts ..

    And yea, I too love going into people’s profiles, reading their scraps.. and checking out the replies as well.. too bad they’ve added privacy features now !! 😦

    Keep smilin byeee

  32. @nita
    it did arrive eventually but a bit late 😀


    @ smallstar

    welcome to my blog !!
    yes hate is kinda string word..thats y i mentioned the word irritate earlier 😉
    >>>“Vaasraat Langdi gaay shaani”
    well i will remember that… 😀
    yeah i too felt that privacy setting are taking all the fun 😦
    keep visiting 😉

  33. stupid unfortunately d doc i think is married…bt ki farak painda hai?????? :mrgreen: mujhe kahan usse shaadi karni hai??????? 😆 bt still haan usse cute doc shayad hi kahin hoga….he’s like so sexy…. :mrgreen:

  34. ho god1 ur posting the same facts about you for the 3 rd time now..pls no more 😛
    thank god!u dont hate ppl who comment when they post 😉

    //was the topper of my department till the last sem :P//
    Really!!!!!!!!! … :O yeah n the ppl who send the same silly forwards again n again really make me angry!!!!!!!..when will these creatures learn

  35. @ ridhimma
    ,married…toh fir kyun peeche padi hai uske…

    @ rekha
    he he he..u are the only one to point out that..
    😛 would reveal someother ffacts next time
    yeha i was the topper 😛
    those peole sending forwords would never change 😛

  36. We have similarities.

    I have been die-hard Sachin fan, always kept count of his centuries. Was more dejected when he got out in 90’s. I fiercely defend him when people expect him to play God.

    I love Calvin and Hobbes

    Hate reading spiritual and self-help books.

    These type of people are the ones whom i got acquainted after starting this blog.Visitors (who are not blogger’s ) who don’t care to read the post fully and jump into conclusions just by reading the title.I hate them to the core. I have loads of visitors like that who just dont have enough brain to read what i am trying to say.

    I agree word by word. 🙂

  37. like i said shaadi thodi karni hai….sirf dekhna hai usko 😉

  38. @poonam
    good to know that we have similarities 🙂


    dekhke kya karegi..

  39. i completely agree with u on 4 and 5!

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