Well, i have been busy browsing net through my Sony W810i free of charge for last 3 days  . Yes,t hat’s true , No need to pay 20 rupees per day for free internet usage .

You dont believe me right ?? well,even i dint beleive when my freind told me abt this So i thought of giving it a try . All u need is an airtel connection and airtel live subscription which is of course free . Most of you must be using opera till now but there’s a new browser out here called TEASHARK .

You can download this browser from here .

Thats it  , you are ready to browse . Yes u heard me right there is no need of any extra settings.Remember that this is not hacking its just that the browser works free for airtel users I am clueless on how it works .


  • It brings the real web pages into ur mobile .I mean it appears the same way as it appears in ur PC.
  • You can shift between 2 tabs and  view the thumbnail images of the previously visited images.
  • Has a considerably good speed
  • Best of all  NO charge for the usage 😀

Now coming to the negative points of this browser…

  • It doesn’t have inbuilt downloading capability so when u download ur mobile browser may start downloading the thing and u would get charged.
  • I was not able to post a comment on any of the blogs 😦 .

In case of any problems you can try this.

Happy browsing ..



  1. Umm, I don’t know. That looks a little fishy. It sure can’t be legal. And moreover, main phone pe internet nahi use karta, bahut choti screen hai. Can you connect it to the computer and use it on the computer somehow?

  2. well,whats fishy about it…there ‘s probably some loophole in airtel network..they would sure fix it in sometime ..till then we can use..
    nope …when u have broadband why do you need 100 kbps speed connection on ur PC..
    but in phone it works fine..i use orkut through it…the page that appears is quite big..u can scroll easily through the pointer without a hitch..
    i mean what u get is a zoomed screen so no matter how smmall ur screen is..
    and one more thing u can view in landscape mode too

  3. I used to browse airtel live and mobile screen is just not cool enough 🙂 Right now I dont know whats the problem with Sony ericsson …its quite difficult to use GPRS on it.

  4. @ reema
    try this browser …it screen is smal too but the browser shows zoomed pages in it

  5. I am thinking about activating GPRS on my mobile. But I have no idea about how internet works on mobile. I mean how feasible it is…

  6. Happy Tuesday!! 😀


  7. Oh thanks man…………
    I’m going to Implement this right away
    Now i can open orkut evn when my class is going on………..yippie

  8. I tried browsing the net on my cell a couple of times and that was probably the last time i ever did it. Its so clumsy and had a hell of a time moving between tabs.

  9. Hmmm… interesting… I haven’t yet reached the point in life when I browse wit mobiles… i prefer the old fashioned way with PCs… but, the day I do, I will definitely use teashark! 😀

  10. Oh .. and you posted it ? 🙂 cool .. sent link to few friends to see if that works for them.. me on Vodafone

  11. I will advise you to not use it. Last time there was a method [back when Airtel GPRS was 5Rs.] to evade the daily charges… after a few months Airtel fixed it and then billed the people using it for all that usage in one huge cut. 😐

    Plus the potential for this TeaShark browser logging your passwords etc. is too high. You could lose quite a lot by trying to evade a few. Be careful. 🙂

  12. Oh! Airtel.. its usual. My friend had got free internet for 3 months, without even spending a penny… This also may be something similar to it… and it is nothing illegal. Its a mistake from airtel side… They’ll get it solved soon…till then happy FREE surfing… 😛

  13. they deserve it…i mean airtel,hope they don’t find it lol 🙂

  14. why would I want to use the internet on my phone? I dont understand? Is there some advantage to tiny screens and tinier buttons? Maybe Im just an ape who cant adapt but I like my full sized keyboard and my 21 inch monitor…

    I dont understand what Im missing?

  15. Hi. How are you? 🙂


  16. @ smalstar
    hugs and kisses to u too :
    i am are u ?

    @ amit
    it works better than just dial up connection..may be wehn 3 g is injtroduced…it might be effective

    welcome dude..

    @liju phillip
    hmm u are right but its always better to know these things uy never know when they might be useful for u 😛


    so did it work for them 😀

    airtel live for 5 rupess that was in 1947 i suppose..after that many hack tricks have come and people have used it..even i have used…well ,prepaid users may not worry.because last time too for me they dint charge anything..
    and for the dangers about security..well i say all browsers are same..particularly mobile browsers..teashark too encrypts the id and password before sending nothing to worry about that 🙂

    yeah may be it could be the same u said we gotto use till they charge it … 😀

    they would have dound it..must be tryign to do something i am sure ..:P

    well,this is just for emergency…while travelling when u cant carry ur keyboard along with u .. 😛

  17. I’m well, thank you very much! 😀 😀 BTW you are very nice, man! ^.^

  18. mmm..these kind of loop holes save lots of money. For the money these mobile subscribers “loot” from people, they deserve this! 😀 BTW, now that we are discussing mobiles here, I am all excited to possess the all new IPhone 2.0. Itz getting released on July 11th here in US. It has GPS too. Should weigh the cons though before buying one. Please let me know if anyone of you are aware. There was an article in CNN-IBN website few days back, but I think no one is sure until the big thing gets released 🙂

  19. I am not really familiar with mobile surfing. It is cumbersome for me. But free of charge, maybe I can read blogs while I travel. But as you say, would not be able to comment. 😦

  20. @ smallstar
    thanks and u are a fine girl too 🙂

    @ manoj
    wow ..iphone2.0
    man u are lucky!!i have seen smuggled peice (i suppose) of iphone’s previous version and i fell in love with it
    well,write a review abt ur phone once u own it

    hmm ,yes its cumbersome…but as u said for travel and other emergency purposes its fine..
    i wonder why i was not able to comment..
    the browser shows no page exists..
    i am still trying to find a way //will tell ya 😛

  21. Thank youuu! I adore you so much! 🙂 😛


  22. no one will tell them…and the ppl working there must be dumb…for they have no sense when someone has surrendered their line or if even a user exists 🙂

  23. Have a great Saturday!! 🙂


  24. Interesting… yep, i’ve been using Opera and must say its damn cool.. esp when am away, on the train or car, i can chk mails… and it looks just as good as it does on laptop~~ 🙂

  25. dude… Are you sure about that browser of yours which works with Airtel for free? Coz, i wanna buy a new sim for the purpose… and does it work on SE W810i? plz… lemme know asap… i’ll be saving out a lot if it happens… 😛

  26. @ vishesh
    😛 lol

    @ aarthi
    opera is by far the best browser .. 🙂
    but it costs me i prefer this one ..

    @ harsha
    U bet !!!
    i own a SE W810 i ..IT works like charm ….
    it should be prepaid t…i dont know about postpaid …because they might charge u later…..
    do one thing try it with ur freinds sim..if u get any problems let me know i would tell u the settings of my will wrk then…

    and i even had a trick for downloading the contents from airtel live for free..but now airtel have blocked the gateway which used to be free 😦
    before airtel blocks this browser use it as much as u can

  27. thanx dude… i’ll try it asap… 🙂

  28. Pravesh sharma

    Hey buddy…teashark its nt wrkng on my set… nokia 6233.its nt even getng initialised.its saying….’failed.try again later.’….m using airtel live settings wid access point…are there any other settings or proxies dat u r using…plz let me know..thanks..

  29. I have recently purchased a new Nokia GPRS mobile. I use an Airtel sym card. I never connected to Internet in my mobile phone. But yesterday a strange thing happened. I was just doing some experiments. After that I found that internet is connected in my mobile. I don’t know how it happened. I can just guess that something related to Airtel Live might happened.
    Now I fear whether I will have to pay the extra internet charge reasonlessly.

  30. Here the new trick for free unlimited internet .You can download by this trick.

  31. Hey Dude

    TEshark and UCWEB are a waste


    Tricks are 100% sure working

    IF u want call me at 9990842553


    Hello to all,

    I created a Login ID (in when I got into Airtel post-paid subscription and was in the CUG network of my previous employer. Until last month, I was happily using the same Login ID in their site and also have the same login ID in many websites.

    Now, as I have moved to my current company, I requested Airtel to put me in the CUG of present employer, they also put me in the current employer’s network but they have now blocked my comfortable login ID (user id) without informing me.

    Although the billing account number only has been changed to my mobile number, how come airtel can block my user-id and asking me to create a new login ID when I spoke to them (121) reg this. Airtel people say simply that they cannot? What is the logic in it.

    So whenever I go for new employment and get into the CUG of new company, I should keep on creating login IDs in their website ( They can simply map their billing account number to my login ID. I don’t know why they provide this kind of solutions…Why should I not use the same login ID as it is comfortable to me for logging in.

    How many login IDs should I create in the same



  33. I can not use it on nokia 3110 using airtel service provider,please help me?????????

  34. I am having airtel prepaid.If my balance becomes negative cam airtel force me to pay that amt.

  35. hi i am using motorola A810 .i download teashark’s jar file but i couldnt surf .i hav airtel prepaid card also.
    can u help me how can i surf free ?

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