YAWN !!!!!!

I will make it short and simple .Life has been terribly boring after my college got over. All i am doing these days is eating sleeping and browsing.Switching on my PC and opening my reader for new posts is the very first thing i do ,even before brushing 😛 . I have never wanted to go to college during my college days and now i just miss my classes badly .Seriously i realized that it was heaven 😦 .

I read books when i get tired of sitting before computer .finished reading Harry potter and the chamber of secrets fourth time yesterday .Not surprising eh ?? well, i know,i know there are many who must have read it million times :D. Though i ought to be studying for my training that i am undergoing from my employer . I am hardly trying it .Its even more boring to study lessons that are online then sitting in a class.

I wonder when i would get my joining date .Sitting and doing nothing is like hell . So for a change , i am leaving to my friends place ( kumbakonam ).Would try to read ur posts as i am able to access net through my mobile . God knows why the browser doesn’t support commenting .So would miss commenting on ur blogs. Sorry in advance 😛 .Would be back after a week i guess to my usual routine .

TIll then CHAO !!!

GOT a mail today .. Cant resist posting .. 😆

26 responses to “YAWN !!!!!!

  1. REading the same book 4 times one day ..o lord! poor guy! …I understand ur situation 😦 ..
    Happy journey !!!!!!
    Have a nice time at Kumbakonam 🙂
    btw i dont understand hindi properly..so no comments about the pics!! :mrgreen:

  2. OMG! I have never read HP’s any book twice except Deathly Hallows. 🙂 Ur post made me nostalgic of my time when we had all gone back to our homes and I missed my friends so much. All news channels suck! Some more some less.

  3. Yieks!!!! 4 times??? I would rather jump off a cliff. 😛
    And believe me, you’ll still crib when you will get work and when you don’t have anything. Its a strange human nature. Enjoy your spare time ans you won’t get much in the life to come. 😀
    And the news piece was great. I am very sure the channels might have been there at night too, taping the bedroom scenes.

  4. Yohooooooo !!

    I like Chamber of Secrets too !! But Goblet of Fire is gotto be the best of all !!

    You’re right when you say you miss college now that youre out. Thats the same case for me. Now I just want to run away from school but when it ends, I’m gonna miss it the most !!

    Btw, Happy Journey !! Have fun !! 😀

  5. Dude!
    I hate Harry Potter. I hate him, I hate him and I freakin’ hate him.
    Freak does dumb magic tricks and gets the girl.
    I hate him.

    Anyway, hope you get something interesting soon……. better than Harry Potter, hopefully.

  6. Enjoy your doing nothing period!! 🙂

  7. India TV, ROFL. That is insane.

  8. LOLLLLLLLL what’s that breaking news !!!!!!!!!!

    Anyways, enjoy your vacation .. you will these days when you start your classes again !!!!

  9. lol dude i do that everyday,i mean switching on my comp…do it before i go to skl 🙂 lol guess i am an addict 🙂

  10. Oh that’s good your going somewhere out. I am in the same condition as you are but the difference is I have to get back to coll and yours is over. My coll starts from 21st and that makes me jobless sitting at home. Its so bugging. College is fun.. 😀 Can’t wait for it to re-open..

    LOL on the India TV. Do they really call that “Breaking News” ? heh!…
    Anyways, Happy Journey… 🙂

  11. k kwel dude…..have a happy jounrney

  12. Its the worst period in one’s life when college gets over and you don’t have a clue about your joining date. People think you have all the time in the world to enjoy but little do they know how bored to death you are… 😛

    BTW… India tv ppl . So jobless?

  13. That makes two of us. I too am bored with lack of any quality work. This is mail is I guess latest viral, it must be lying in everyone’s mailbox by now. But I doubt media will take any que.

    Yester Star TV was conducting a vote of India ka sabse “yogya” bachelor! Nominees were yuvraj, dhoni, rahul gandhi, salman khan!

  14. You should do something more attractive, unusual! 😉

    have a great day!

  15. Short and sweet, it seems!! 😛
    Your post is like 6 scrolls deep!! hehehe…
    Anyway, I know what u mean! Life’s become very boring! have a nice journey, man! 😀

  16. My favorite Harry Potter book is “Prizoner of Azkaban”.
    I’ve read it (not kidding) at least ten times since it has
    come out ! I just bought a new game for my PC
    “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” ! (I love
    it)… Great. That’s all I need, MORE time in front of
    the computer. Sigh… LOL !!!

  17. Detention after education? U made me feel that ur employer is like Dolores Umbridge 😛 have a happy vacation and be sure u r loaded with ideas to spend quality time when you are back.. 🙂

  18. Enjoy this phase of your life as much as possible. Life after getting a job is an other side to the coin. Humans keep complaining, no matter what 🙂

    Well, the India TV headlines are funny. They make movie out of anything. “Hum tum ek baade mein bandh ho”…lol…funny..they fell short of news and eventually some sense.

  19. @ rekha
    i meant that i read it 4 times till now not in a single day. 😉

    @ reema
    oh ..i have not read deathly hallow ..
    news channel suck..specially hindi ones..

    @ amit
    he he .. lol … well , i like first few books of harry potter..i seems new to me every time i read it 😉
    well, i wont be suirprised if they show divorse scenes of animals ..

    @ priya
    i have not read goble to fire 😦
    yes i miss it now … school memories are different…u would enjoy in college the most

  20. @ raghav
    ha ha .. any personal grudges against harry potter ?? 😛

    @ nita
    thanks !!!

    yes it it !! 😀

    @ dinu
    thanks…dont u know hindi … ??

  21. @ joel
    enjoy ur vacations dude.
    😉 i wont be surprised if they call it a breaking news

    @ aravind
    thanks dude

    yes, u are right i toowas thinkning that i could enhjoy the gap before joiing but now its getting worse..
    yeah they are jobless ;P

    @ poonam sharma
    u too plan for a vacation then 😛
    lol..sabse bada bachelor ??? ..

  22. @ smallstar
    what do mean by unusual 😛
    howz are u ???

    lol well ,i had no idea of posting the mail whne i started this post.. so i worte “short and simple ” 😛
    thanks..i am back anyway .. 😉

    @ daniel
    10 times ?? OMG
    u would be well versed with all the lines of the book ..i remember almsot every 70 percent of the lines of first 2 books..
    i have played one harry poter game…it seemed pretty slow and boring left it after that… 😦

    lol…they are not that bad as umbidge 😀
    i am back and still clueless on what to do

    @ manoj
    yess,i am trying to enjoy but alas all in vain 😦

  23. Welcome back, dude!! 😀

  24. Klueless…! thats it… its a superb one man… try searching for Klueless in google (if u haven’t already tried it)
    its a sort of site full of riddles and mysteries… i bet u’ll find something to crack ur head into… 🙂

  25. Lovely Blog and Superb post…

    I wanted to start off my blog with India TV and still the post India TV is residing in the drafts.

    In process of reading your other posts… 🙂

  26. @ nikhil
    thanks 😉

    thanks ..i am going to try it .. 😉

    welcome to my blog..glad that u liked boith my blog and post . 😉
    .DRAFTS ?? ..post it then !!! i think it would be an enjoyable read .. 🙂
    dont forget to leave ur comments on each one 😛 😆

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