Dancing calvin
Dancing calvin

I guess its the right time to flaunt my blogs most recent and the only achievement ever 😆 . I am glad to announce that yesterday my blogstats just crossed  2 lakh mark 😀 . OH BOY!! oh boy!! AM i excited 😀 ??? . I wonder why I/we are so much obsessed with stats . I have always loved following stats in cricket too. I have once mentioned it already that i used to pray that sachin gets to that hundred mark just to add one more to his hundred’s tally never bothering so much even if india loses that game 😛 . Silly me :mrgreen: .. CANT help it really !!! 😦

Well, anyways  i have been waiting for this from the last 3 days   😆 . NO matter how much i say  no of visitors are secondary , I still keep peeping into my blogstas almost every day shamelessly 😛 . I love this feature . Who wouldn’t be happy, knowing that someone actually lands to ur blog from no where . Special credits to google and to other numerous search engines for showing the way to numerous information hungry souls .I am sure that most of them would have been disappointed after landing here lol . 😛 .

OK ..So HERE’s the quick stats for u guys …

Blog Stats
Total views:  200,849

Busiest day: 1,994 — Saturday, July 21, 2007 HARRY POTTER MANIA ;P

Views today: 294 till now

Posts: 171 including this one

Comments: 2,290 excluding my comments.

Akismet has protected your site from 11,214 spam comments. 😆
spammers paradise i guess

Cant get a better chance to show off my blog stats  !!!! 😛 

Following the stats has its own share of enjoyment .There have been a no of instances when i had got visitors through hilarious searches like – no 2 , what ur name is , sexy hacker 😛  , funny trauma …CAN you believe it ???  ROFL… Have u ever checked ur spam section . Those are just impossible :d Some  are like

I can find the prayer I want. I thank God for this website  .

Divers thanks for the advice specified on a locality. With questions I shall oration to the administrator on a soap. (now what does the commenter wants??? :O

ORKUT,hacking ,Funny pictures ,Age of empires , harry potter  has brought me most of the hits 🙂 . And yeah CRICKET too which once upon a time used to be my favourite thing to post.now I am refraining myself till india does something great in srilanka ,chances of which are pretty thin 😦 .

i had started blogging last year mid june. Memories are still fresh like it happened just yesterday . I saw a link on my seniors orkut profile and something told me that i should click it ..I opened it and found an interesting piece of write up , creative and engrossing  . I wanted to try my hand on it the very next minute. I had no idea what was blogging .Infact his blog was  the first one i ever read. I knew i suck at writing . MY school English marks were proof  of that so  I doubted if anyone would ever read the gibberish posts i might end up posting.Not influenced by my apprehensions i got a free blog for myself . All i needed that was to kill time. 😉 during those days .

One year later now i realise that this has been one of the best decisions i have made in my life  and quickest one too 😛 . I have really enjoyed this one year in wordpress.(Only thing i hate about wordpress is that the themes are not that great  and are very few 😦 ) . Blogging has become a part of my life now and i am glad to say that it has much more importance than what i gave once to orkut 😛 . The meaning of the term blogging has changed for me with time after seeing many bloggers . I am glad that i am getting some regular readers nowadyas which is best part of this .A big thanks to all my regular readers and to all the unknown readers too… ;P . There’s no way i can express my gratitude here . Perhaps u can tell me if i can !! 😛

umm…by the way any suggestions for improving my blog are heartly welcome …any changes u would like ….anything from header image to content .Anything that can be better for this blog would be appreciated .



makes any sense !!! ;P
makes any sense ?? ;P

63 responses to “CELEBRATING 200000 VISITORS..!!!

  1. Congrats!!! Well I find ur blog very good and requiring no changes. And the search terms!!! In my blog they range from “dump my bengali husband” to “how can indian men become fair”!!

  2. Aha, congratulations jawaan!

    You did it faster than I did, so tu aaj se officially blogging ki duniya ka betaaj badshah ban gaya hai. Bhagwaan Calvin tujh par hamesha apna aashirwaad banaye rakhein aur hum umeed karenge ke bahut jald aap 3 lakh ka mark bhi cross lenge.

    Waise, how many hits do you get these days on an average? Mere toh 500 nahi taape kab se.

  3. @ reema
    thanks … lol ..those things are funnier than mine …

    @ ish
    arre yaar sharminda na kar ..tussi yahaan ke bettaj baadshah aur rahoge./…..
    thanks yaar…aapki kripa se sab theek hi chalta rehaa

    waise i get around 650-750 sometimes more than that..
    yaar image dekhta na ..daala toh hai

  4. lol man 1 year 200000 nice 🙂 congrats man 🙂 i am more obsessed with my stats keep checking it everyday….they have started rising ever since i moved to wp….

  5. Congratulations!!!! Now you can’t even give me a party because I am not in Chennai anymore. 😦

  6. Image dekha maine, tabhi pucha. I thought ho sakta hai thoda puraana image ho

  7. Wow! Godspeed arvind. Your blog is wonderful.

  8. Great flaunting of your blog 🙂 Congratulations! 2 lakh hits in an year is just awesome 🙂 Rock on!

  9. congrats! you’re rocking dude….. and I can suggest that u can make ur widgets arrangement in a nice way than present 🙂

  10. Congratulations dude! Keep up the good work!

  11. Congrats man.. Wow.. This is awesome.. Rock on !! 🙂
    Ok a small suggestion… I feel your left right panes are a bit too overcrowded. How bout moving them all to a separate page??

  12. Congratulations!!
    I love your blog. Its got colours, entertainment and CALVIN !!
    Hurray! Way to go! WP rocks for sure! 🙂

  13. Awwwww congratulations!! I’m really happy happy happy for youuuuu… 😀


  15. I am always eager to read the admin pages of a blog, so thanks for sharing Arvind. About stats, I think one should thank WP too because I think they send us traffic too.
    About your blog, it’s very attractive and very well done Arvind. Congratulations. I can’t think of any improvement either,except that don’t disappear like you had done earlier!

  16. I remember when my blog was popular. now no one knows me again! Kinda frustrating but very liberating at the same time.

    Hope youre having a great day!

  17. Wow… I won’t live long enough to get that many hits…
    Except on my head, from “Emperor Joshua.”
    One suggestion for your continued success, however;
    Don’t take advise from anybody who claims to be a “Geek Wrestler.” Anyone that crazy is bound to have issues… LOL!

    Well done!


  18. congrats yaar!!!
    feeling sad…….kabhi mere blog pe bhi aajaaya karo koi…..*winks* 😉 😉 😉

  19. Congratso dude! And wow, most bloggers really love Calvin don’t they? You’re the 8th or 9th one I’ve met who loves Cal. lol. 😀

  20. @ vishesh
    thanks dude..i guess most ppl are obssesed with stats.. 🙂

    thanks .. 😀 bad why dont u sift again to chennai

    nahi bilkul recent image hai usi din screenshot liya fresh bilkul

    thanks dude..

  21. @ manoj
    thanks 😛

    thanks… 🙂 i will try to change the widgets section.,..

    thanks buddy 😉

    overcrowded ??? 😦 yes i know /..will remove those meebo and others ..

  22. @ priya
    thanks priya..i am glad u like m blog 🙂

    happy weekend 🙂

    thanks nita… yeha wordpress brings us lots of hits from news section..
    well,,,i will try to be as regular as possible 🙂 thanks again for ur support

    thanks for visiting..u too have a great day ..

  23. @renaissanceronin
    thanks for the visit dude….
    🙂 lol ….i guess there seems to be tough competion between u and him ..
    EMPRor josua vs geek wresler. 🙂
    i will take ur advice seriosuly 😛

    @ sanchit
    dude thanks ,,..
    u will get hits.,.
    just start wrting about cricket and other commercial stuff too . 🙂

    thanks dude..well,i love calvin ,the whole world loves him…

  24. @ arvind: Yeah, it’s pretty bad when you get your butt kicked by a 9 month old kid… Geek Wrestler will learn! (Or Emperor Joshua will keep taking his electricity away…)
    I can’t imagine how much hard work you must have put in, to get 200k hits… I haven’t even broken 1k yet!
    Maybe YOU’RE the real Emperor…?
    I think that other guy is just a poser… LOL!

  25. Wow, Simply Mind-Boggling.. Just over a year and freaking 2 lacs visitors.. U deserve ovation!!! Applauses, Red carpet, Champagne.. .

  26. Congrats dude… though i AM jealous, ur blog taught me things that i could never learn it all by myself… after all, thats what we shud do… learn things… And 2e5 hits in 365 days is light-speed… i wish u surpassed the blog with highest traffic… some Cuban woman… i dont know her blog iD either…but, hold your breath, she gets more than a million hits PER MONTH…! :O

  27. Hey dude……i’m the first one who congratulated you………you must give me a party…………

  28. CongraTTTTTSssssssss 🙂

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  29. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Finally I m able to post comments on ur space 🙂

    Wow wow…congrats for 2 lkahs…next target 4 lakhs? 😀

    Party chaiye 😛

    hmmmm… I guess everyone once or twice gets addicted to orkut 😀 even I was but nt now 🙂

  30. Congrats, dude!
    I’m jealous too! 😀
    I am catching up! Just crossed 20k in 5 months! I will catch u soon! 😀

  31. Congratulations!!!!!!!! WOW! I wish I too had kept track of my stats!!! Gosh you are on a roll..

  32. Wow!! congrats!
    And yea, no changes required at all…any blog that has calvin in it deserves to become a celebrity! 🙂 Hehe…no no, am not takin the credit away from you

    and i perfectly agree with you on orkut…ever since i started on wordpress, i hardly go to orkut 😀

    three cheers! keep bloggin!

  33. congrats congrats congrats 😀

  34. Congrats Arvind! 🙂 Am sure you must be very surprised to see a comment from me 😛

  35. renaissanceronin,
    lol ..
    so u are taking poor emperors electricity away. .
    🙂 .. well i am not an empreror.. 🙂
    but would love to be one.. 😆
    thanks again 😉

    thanks … red carpet is too much for me..there are lot of pros among us 😉 they deserve it

    thanks dude..
    my blog taught u something :O
    i would be glad to know that

    thanks dude..
    yup sure..

  36. @ rahul
    thanks dude…

    thanks ..congratz to u too well done. 🙂

    @ chakoli
    phew… !!
    i am releived more than u are 🙂
    thanks ..my hits will keep going if ppl like u keep coming back… 🙂
    party ?? haan haan kyun nahi 😀

    welcome 🙂
    thanks .. keep visiting

  37. scorpria
    thanks.. 🙂
    thanks for adding me in ur blogroll too. will do same…
    i am glad that u like my blog the way it is now..
    as for orkut i still use it.. but i dont love it anymore

    thanks thanks thanks 😀

    welcome welcome… 🙂
    yeah i ma surprised..
    what suddenly ?? :O
    vetti ??? 😛
    thanks a lot by the way ..

  38. congrats !
    Guess i have to dig into your posts :p

  39. Congratulations and Thanks for visiting my blog.

  40. Its little difficult to read that number 200000!!!! Congrats!!!

    I know I know, I am late as usual…….. but party hasn’t yet started….is it?

  41. Just people like me ?? 😉

    And haan han kyun nahi??

    venue and menue…??

  42. heyyyy congrats.. thas awesome….
    cheers !

  43. Congrats ! I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy !!! 🙂
    I love your blog ! May you have 200,000 more !

  44. Hey congrtz dude…cheers!!! 🙂

  45. T
    thanks 🙂

    dinesh babu
    welcome to my blog,,
    and thanks 🙂

    thanks 🙂
    no the party hasn’t started

    venue and menu of ur choice 😉

    thanks 🙂

    you are worthy !! you are worthy ..I love ur reviews 🙂
    thanks 🙂

    thanks 🙂

  46. Congrats 🙂

    Loved the C& H strips 😀

  47. @ s
    glad that u liked it ..
    welcome to my blog .. 😛

  48. wow, Im like persona non grata or something.

    niether you nor reema replies to me.

    I am going to go cry now.

  49. Wow!
    That’s great!
    Started last year and you’ve just skyrocketed!

    I think you’ve got good writing skills.
    And a great sense with placing calvin and hobbes comics!

  50. @ hodkien
    dude i did reply u..
    just misspelt ur name instead of h i used n ..

    so dont cry ..be happy ..
    @ raghav
    thanks … 🙂

  51. wasshappening

    Wow!Congratulations and celebrations!

  52. congratulations!


    psst.. you use too many smileys!

  53. @ wasshapening
    thanks 🙂

    @ gayathri badran
    thanks ..
    treat /?? sure 🙂

    yeah i love smilies.. lol

  54. Wow! congrats!!!!!!
    btw u get more than 700 hits a day!!!

    hope Im nt the last to congratulate 😀 *grin*

  55. @ allrekha
    thnaks rekha. .i thought u forgot my blog ..u were commenting everywhere else .. 😛
    u are the last 😦
    and yeah i dont know what happened from the last 2 days i am getting just 400 hits
    😦 😦 😥

  56. Goodness….

    Congrats dude!!! Keep blogging….

    Yea one really feels happy to check the blog stats… 🙂

  57. congratulations !

    bless me,hope i get this many visitors too 😀

    but i like ur blog,crisp writin,keep it up man

  58. How can I forget one of my oldest buddies’ blog 🙂

    400 hits a day ! dat itself is so cool! well dont worry ,I think next HP part will ur hits back! 😀

  59. sharad
    thanks …

    thanks .. u will get it soon.. start writing more abt the topics ppl like…. 😛
    am glad that u like my blog

    he he ..
    u did forget …. 😦
    HAppy friendship day to u too !!!
    hey ,i started getting hits of about 700 again from today …now its around 400 ..it iwll reach 700 till night… 😛

  60. congrats buddy. Even I find the whole blogging thingy much more interesting than orkut these days. Keep blogging and keep entertaining us.

  61. Congratulations!! That’s an achievement! 🙂

  62. Congrats Arvind! 🙂 Sorry for not being around when you wrote this post. Seen your blog grow in this past one year. You really need to be proud of it.

  63. @ vimal
    thanks 🙂

    @ jnarin
    thanks 🙂

    @ ruhi
    thanks …yup i proud..
    i think it all because of u and ish..
    i would never have cceom this far if u ppl hadn’t commented and motivated me 🙂

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