The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight

Saw The DARK NIGHT oops KNIGHT recently (2 days back) at the same theater where i saw IRON MAN and if you are one of my regular readers u must be knowing how bizarre my last trip to that theater ( SATYAM multiplex) had turned out to be . So to avoid all the problems i had to face last time i decided to start from my house well before time and ended up reaching there 1 hour before the show time 😦 .

Well ,lets come to the movie. Quite frankly i have always found BATMAN as the most boring of all the superheroes but i think i have to accept that this movie has changed my opinion completely . The movie was just AWESOME!!!. Two and a half hours of spectacle that u would witness would be sure to make such an impact that u cant ignore thoughts creeping in even after the movie gets over.. 150 mintues is long for an Hollywood movie by any standards but the movie has everything in it that would make it an enjoyable and thrilling ride .

I must say that this must be one of the best superhero movies i have ever seen. The movie deviates From the normal conventional and stereotype superhero action movies where you have the super hero fighting his ass off to make the world better. Yes ,the batman does involve in some rescuing acts in this movie but it goes unnoticed before the Heath ledger’s ( joker ) role of a psychopath.




The movie has an unusual importance for the Joker’s character . Joker’s performance has to be the best i have seen from any villian. He plays a role of a psycho.The make up that had been given to accentuate the inner character was superb whihc makes him even more terrifying . He makes an impact from the very first scene he shows up . He is cruel , he is terrifying and yes he is intelligent .Every expression he makes looked natural which brought an unbelievable amount of life to his psychotic character.

ThIs would be one of the very rare movies in which you would enjoy a villain’s charecter more than the heroes .I had to admit that christian bale’s (batman) role was totally overshadowed by heath ledger’s stand out performance.No wonder Talks have been going for an oscars already . He was just amazing every time he was around .

Special effects and stunt sequences are simply superb , a special mention to a car chase involvving police van, joker and the batman would be a must . The scene lasts for a looong time until BATMAN’s car is thrown away by a bazooka. There was a huge roar ,when without warning Batman suddenly pops out form his car in a thing that looked like a bike with MRF tyres fitted and AK 47 on both sides 😀 . What ever that thing was it looked awesome .

Aaron Eckhart who plays the role of Harvey dent was good too .He added Something which made the script even more powerful and interesting . His make up for the later part of the movie was just excellent .Reminds me of the movie MUMMY . Quite scary i would say .

The movie ends as usual with BATMAN fleeing and the government blaming him for some deaths which makes it easy for the director for another sequel .

On the whole the movie was superb ,a huge applause which followed in the hall after the movie got over said it all .I would recommend this movie to every one , including those who stay away from action movies.WATCH IT !!! not to catch up a super hero flick but for the sake of late HEATH LEDGER’s wonderful performance .


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61 responses to “THE DARK KNIGHT

  1. hmmm…i think i might watch it….i dont like super hero movies much though…

  2. Kya re!! u should have put a warning that ur review contains spoilers!! I’m yet to watch it. Heath Ledger..may his soul RIP.

  3. I completely accept when you said…

    “ThIs would be one of the very rare movies in which you would enjoy a villain’s charecter more than the heroes .I had to admit that christian bale’s (batman) role was totally overshadowed by heath ledger’s stand out performance.”

    I tried catching up this movie for second time..this time in an IMAX..but alas! the tickets were sold out 😦

  4. man i miss heath ledger…… 😥 u must c his movie “10 things i hate abt u” itz a romantic comedy n heath is brilliant….if nt psbl toh youtube par c d trailer…u will love d trailer as well…. 😆 shee yaar he shldnt have died…. 😥

  5. Awesome, man! Amazing review! 😀
    Believe it or not, I’m yet to watch this movie… Hehehe… 😀
    I think from all the reviews I’ve been reading, I just can’t resist writing my very first movie review on Dark Knight… 😀

  6. Yes, it was a brilliant movie, especially Heath Ledger. He’s getting a posthumous oscar pakka.

  7. Let me search for the DVD 😀 😀 😀

  8. Your review makes me want to watch the movie 😛

  9. Ditto… I found him boring, actually I find all super-heroes boring… But I am tired of listening to friend’s blabbers that it’s nice n awesome n go once then decide whether its bad n all n now u.. pheeww… M I gonna watch? Million Dollar Question…

  10. in the words of the joker.. “lets put a smile on that face” *does the pressing of lips together in the eerie fashion thing*

    the joker is the BEST super villain of our time. real pity that the man behind the makeup had to die. his death is our loss. may his soul rest in peace.

    we love you heath ledger and we loved the joker even more. you shall live on in our hearts forever!

  11. Luck you that you’ve watched it… Wish I had some time to watch this movie 😦

    And btw nice review…

  12. This movie completely blew me away !! .. I really love ‘The Joker’ .. He was scary, he was terrifying, he was intelligent and yet he was funny sometimes ..

    By the way, thanks for the comment on my blog .. Actually i was not aware about ur blog until I saw you getting Mr. Entertainment blogger’ award on reema;s blog .. I think u surely deserve it .. I had fun reading few of ur posts .. will be back to ur blog in the weekend .. office work keeping me busy in the weekdays..

    Happy Friendship day to u too..

  13. Everyone who saw it said it was really good !!
    I’m going to watch it for sure !!

    I’m going to watch it for HEATH LEDGER !!

  14. Good that you watched it finally. 🙂 Its great!!!

  15. “There was a huge roar ,when without warning Batman suddenly pops out form his car in a thing that looked like a bike with MRF tyres fitted and AK 47 on both sides 😀 . What ever that thing was it looked awesome .”

    It’s called the ‘bat pod’, i think….and yeah…it’s amazing!!!

    lol!! Btw….u’ve divulged some important details…. 🙂

    Aaron Eckhart’s pretty good, but nobody can beat Heath Ledger….the female is really annoying, though…dunno her name… 🙂

    The opening sequence is brilliant….and then batman jumping off that building is just awesome!!!!!

    Everybody who hasn’t seen it MUST watch it!!!

  16. btw…awsome pic!! where did u get it from?

  17. @vishesh
    watch it !! AS i said not for super hero bit for heath ledger

    yaar ,,,, i dint put any spoiler …did i .. 😛
    anyways watch it ..i have not spoiled anything… main thing in the movie is heath leadgers can anyone spoil it .. 😛

    i might go for it again ….. 😉
    i dont go normally to see the movies again but this one was something diffrent

    hmm..everyone would miss him after seeinghis performance..such a loss to the world..
    i will see the trailer ….thanks 😉

  18. @nikhil
    thanks …oh so u should see it soon ..
    I am waiting for ur review on this movie.

    yeah i too feel the same ..i think he will be only the second man in the world to get posthumous oscar …

    i dont think DVD’s are out.. i mean the original ones.. i would advice u to go to the theater. u might miss some scenes and apart from that these type of movies deserve tio be seen in theaters.. u can see second time in a pirated Cd 😆

    @ aparna
    what are u waiting for ??
    book the ticket now 😛

  19. @oxy
    😛 all superheroes boring ??? :O ..i guess last 2 have been wonderfull IRON MAN AND THE DARK KNIGHT /… u shoud see these …i dont know abt hankock though..,

    Yes .. I have never enjoyed a negetive character this much ..
    Awesome . . .. i just loved joker..

    U dont have 3 hours :O !! ..
    try to create some time ..i am sure u wouldn’t repent .

    yeah i forgot to mention he was a funnier too …
    remember the scene when that cop got a promotion news and all were celebrating and a loud clap sound came …it was joker there .. 😉 quite a scene ..

  20. @priya
    😉 yeah ..tell me ur views after watching it 😛

    yeah saw it finally … man no body could see quicker than u do .. 😉

    well ,yeah i got to know about its name (batpod) ..I tried searching in google got the name ..thanks 😉
    yeah i thoght to mention that the lady was annoying and not so pretty than left it …the movie had mots of good things to discuss than to point out something that i dint like .. 😛

    well u mean the second Pic right ,jokers.?? stole from some copyrighted site ..??
    a secret just between u and me… 😛

  21. oh boy,your warning that anyone who doesnt like action movies will also like it has convinced me 🙂 i shall go watch it asap

  22. dekha kya trailer…. 🙂 ya as alwaz sirf bola aur kuch actual mein kiya nahi?????????? 😆

  23. ???? maine abhi tak dekhi hi nahi……
    should i shoot myself or not???? 😉

  24. totally agree with u man…. gr8 story..with batman acceptin all the blame in the end…dat was an awesome end or rather a beautiful begining to new franchise….i hope 🙂

  25. Great!
    I’m watching it then!

  26. Hey,

    I fully agree with you. It was after ages that I was watching an english movie and trust me I didn’t regret the decision.

    The joker was fantastic, no two doubts on that. My fav scene was when batman was chasing the joker and the later said “looks like the batman missed it” and boom!!! goes him 😀

    PS am adding u to my blog roll hope its ok with you 🙂

  27. lol!! no, I meant the first pic, but neways, I’m flicking it from here…thanx!! 😀 8)

  28. btw…have added u 2 my blogroll…u ok with that?

  29. @ meghna
    feels good that i convinced someone 😉 tell me ur views too after watching it 🙂

    @ riddhima
    arre nahi dekha 😦 …abhi dekihta hoon ..acha yaad dilaya .

    Man !!! i read on gayathri’s blog that one should jump off the cliff if not watched..u should try that 😛

    yeah chetta … a new beginning to an old end ..
    batman returns ! howz that ?? 😛

  30. @ raghav
    fast !! 😛

    @ S
    LOL .,,,a girl being so excited after watching an action movie speaks volumes…
    will add u too

    @ kaddu
    oh ..,even that is stolen .. 😛 welcome . 🙂
    and yeah i am glad u liked my blog ..
    added u !!!! 😀

  31. yeah even i heard that the movie was gr8…………………i had chance to go to that movie yestaerday but i opted for mummy instead which i thought would be more intrestin but it turned to be a boring one…………..

  32. Oh, yes… i too found Batman normally very boring.. and man, this movie was awesome…. will write about it tomorrow… the movie had the entire audience at the edge of their seat and gasping, clapping with the actors…. wowww!!

  33. aravind
    hmm so mummy is not good … 😦
    i will still twatch it .. atleast graphics will be good..

    yeah clapping ,raors
    every guy in the theater was active…
    waiting for ur post 🙂

  34. So you thought the movie was awesome huh. Well, what about the other batman movies? Have you seen them? They are also good! Except for Heath Ledger. This man was brilliant!

  35. dekha ya nahi trailer?????????? 😡 chances hai ki tu ne nahi dekha ab tak…. 😡

  36. ekdum jhakaas picture hai bhidu. watched it in IMAX and the experience was double jhakaas.

  37. This seems a very nice movie…

    P.s. How are ya? Lots of hugs and kisses

  38. 🙂

    quite same review of what I thot 🙂

  39. good review for an equally good movie. Like you, even I found Batman quite boring, mostly because he comes out only in the night (of course, bat comes out only in the night). But this movie sure did surpirse me. again, I feel its becuz of Heath’s performance rather than the presence of Batman. and also I feel that the transformation of Harvey Dent was not written well.

    My all time fav Superhero is Spiderman, I watched SP 2 in Telugu (cuz that was the only option I had at the time of the release) and watched SP 3 four times in five days !!!

  40. I keep meaning to torrent this movie.

    Maybe Ill do that tonight since I have read your review!

  41. @ nita
    I have seen old movies… i dint like them .nothing was spectacular abt themm…they were just ok …

    @ riddhima
    arre dekh liya comment karte wazt yaad aaya ..toh dekha 😛 ..thanks. .achi movie lagti hai.. downlaod karoonga agar seeds hue toh .. 😀

    @ liju
    wow …thats great ..
    welcome again …

    i am fine dear…how are u ???

    @ chakoli
    thats great 😀 ..

    @ vimal
    thanks …heath ledger made this movie special ..
    i guess i am yet to watch spiderman 3 😦 😦

  42. @ hodekin
    u dint see this movie ??? :O
    man u gotto see it in hall ..atleast once..
    its worth ..
    u can torrent it again. . 😀

  43. I am well, thanks. However, about your question on my blog, I have some problems, so everything is NOT fine. But thank you for asking.


  44. I remember commenting somewhere on your blog!! Where where….. Ohh I got lost in comments 😀

    I got a few seconds scary dream yesterday which made hair on my neck stand………… and now I realized who was the villain in the dream….. the joker……. really, I will write about it afterwards, thanks for reminding indirectly 🙂

  45. thanx 4 ur meherbaani… :mrgreen: i m honoured,,, 😆

  46. saw it today,n loved joker but i think bale looks impeccably handsome ! i cant stop swooning over him !

    “There was a huge roar ,when without warning Batman suddenly pops out form his car in a thing that looked like a bike with MRF tyres fitted and AK 47 on both sides 😀 . What ever that thing was it looked awesome .”

    yes yes yes! it looked phenomenal !

  47. I been waiting to watch this movie for sometime now. I MUST see it this weekend….
    I am sure I am gonna love it. although I love superman much much better than all the superheroes… but then yeah Batman is a human, while superman is from another planet.


  48. @smallstar
    oh ..i hope everything comes back to normal soon..

    @ meghna
    hmm. .. well yes bale looked good..specially with that exceptional physique 😉 …
    Did people cheer for him when he popped out in that batpod ,, 🙂

    @ sudha
    you posted a comment on my 200000 hits posts ,,,
    lol …
    would love to read about ur dream 😉

    @ riddhima
    😆 😛

    @ xylene
    watch it without fail ..i love spider man more..superman movies have more stories less heroic things thats what i feel 😛

  49. @arvind: I hope the same thing, but… I have the impression that everything is really getting worse! 😦


  50. The only thing is missed in the part 2 is the BACK UP, rest of the movie as you said is superb.

  51. @ smallstar
    hmm.. it would be better 🙂
    thanks for the kiss 😛

    yeah 🙂 movie was superb..

  52. @arvind: yeah I think it, too! 🙂

  53. This movie is one of the best out there…and it’s worth a watch for a lot of reasons, Heath Ledger being one of them. “Why So Serious”?? 😀

  54. Why so serious.???
    never thought this line would become this ffamous 🙂
    yeha its an awesome movie


  56. I went ans saw this movie the day it came out – July 14, 17 – I cant remember the day but I left the movie theater in tears. Not because the movie was horrible, it was absolutely fantastic, but because the world had lost such a wonderful actor, a wonderful person. Mind you I had never met Heath but you could just look at him and see that there was just so much good inside him, that there was this quiet strength that almost made him angelic. The DVD came out Dec. 19, I went and bought it. To be honest I have every movie Ledger ever played in. Its almost been a year since his death – god it doesnt seem like it and the oscars are coming soon. I say if he doesn’t win it there may be riots in the streets.

  57. The dark night is a fantastic film and surely film of the year and i would put a large part of that down to heath ledger performance as the joker. I am a very big movie fan and for me the role of the joker is the best performance and character i have seen any actor/actress play ever in the films ive seen. Overall a fantastic peice of work the batman films are a different hero movie they are quite mature films despite the whole hero villain thing but great work. A final point, it really is a shame to lose such a talented actor he performed to the best and he flourished well done Sir Heath may god be with you 🙂 R.I.P x

  58. i loveeee himmmmmm!!!!!

  59. i love you jokerrr beautiful foto mucukssssssssssss

  60. Hey buddy tht was a nice Job.I felt like watching it though fiction is not my favourites.u hav paid a tribute to Heath Ledger thru ur review.Cheers!!!

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