Beware !!! The guy in the above pic has just escaped the prison of Askaban. The notorious prisoner is believed to be a big calvin and hobbes fan and has pledged to abduct them .He is known for his cute and innocent looks but i would warn you and strictly advice you not to go by his looks as he is highly skilled in black magic and a loyal follower of the “one who should not be named” .

Dementors have already been put up to for a search ,and would be catching him soon . Yet ,if anybody see him roaming around in streets please call the ministry of magic ASAP . 😛 Always Remember the spell Expecto Patronum to avoid the dementors 😉 .

umm …ok.. i think i should stop this crap before u start boycotting this blog for mocking J.k ROWLING’S creation 😛 . I guess most of u must have guessed that the above picture is mine . And what above picture signifies is how jobless and desperate i have been to kill time .Call it insanity or absurdity . All i can do is to accept it both . 😛 . My life has never been so boring and monotonous . LAST couple of months i have been literally doing nothing and that annoying online training of mine is becoming a real pain in my a** . 😦 .There are still no clear indications on my joining date till now apart from the rumors that people start in orkut . 😦 . Infact i end up ranting this in almost every alternate post nowadays .

ITs just because i have nothing better to write i am posting a gibberish post like this one. I had to do something to occupy myself in these long boring days . So i chose photoshop. I have always loved experimenting with Adobe Photoshop. I know people actually find it complex and laborious but i feel that its the best photo editing software and one can do wonders with it if used properly .You can transform a simple pic into something that you cant imagine even in ur wildest dreams .(You can check out the advanced gallery of this site. I am sure u will love it ). But one needs to have a lot of practice and patience for it . Not to forget it can always help u to design a nice header that suites your taste 🙂 .

This pic is about a month old and had been my orkut DP for some time too 🙂 . Well it took me around 4 hours to create what it looks like here and beleive me it took me this much time after reading a tutorial of around 8 pages 😛 . It had these masking techniques which i had never tried earlier.Toughest part was to create a canvas like an old poster . The pic still doesn’t look like what i wanted it to be. But yes ofcourse i got a satisfaction of learning something new .

Why dont u try ur hand in photoshop ?? 😀

Anyways ,Its almost 2:30 AM so i think i should sign off now 🙂 cyaaaaa !!!

and yeah as usual i will leave u with a couple of calvin and hobbes strips .

49 responses to “WANTED !!!

  1. hehehehe….The C&H strip is cool 😀

    Can I say *idle mind is the home of a shaitaan* ??? 😀

    Lage Raho…hope your joining date comes soon but till then keep us entertaining 🙂

  2. Comic strip is cool dude… so is your morphed photo… Can i be assured that you won’t control the dementors? 😛 however, seconding ‘S’, “idle mind is really a devil’s workshop” and in your case, it was “Adobe Photoshop”, except that the devil was not really a devil 😛

  3. LOL:)

    yup i guess thats its you…

    and black magic…
    or u have a collbartion with Al qaida or LTTE? :PPP

  4. Nice work with the picture. Photoshop is a brilliant software and can do much magic once you know how to use it. I prefer Macromedia Fireworks though, not because it’s better than Photoshop but because it’s slightly simpler and me not being a pro finds it easier to use.

    Toh bata fir gabbar, sarkar tum par kitna inaam rakhi hai? 50 rupya? 😛

  5. nice poster! This yellowish old paper look must have taken long to create. I always search for this paper on net whenever I need it. 😛
    Anyways keep experimenting and posting more of photoshop outputs! would be a visual treat for the readers! 🙂

  6. lol be careful she might take u to court 🙂

  7. Ya I agree with you that PhotoShop (PS) can do wonders. Its not just used for editing images but also used in designing themes and much more….I simply love PS…

    And BTW the C&H strips were hilarious… loved the last one.. 😛

  8. I have read the C&H strips before. Ahh photoshop…. i have decided so many times to learn the software but i never seem to get around to do it. My sister is also quite proficient in Photoshop. Good pic. Looking good 🙂

  9. Nice work !!
    Glad to know somebody is jobless just like me…
    Take care!

  10. That is a nice picture and you should use it as your wp avatar instead of the goggles pic you use. which filter did you use?

  11. Wow..nice hands on with photoshop. I didn’t know they were conducting photoshop tutorials in the prison of azkaben 😀

    Dude, believe me and enjoy these days..once you get a job..hmmm..an other life starts…It should be experienced..cant say 🙂

    And I liked the second one in the calvin and hobbes strips…lol..:D

  12. hey man totally agree with u….. last few mnths has really been a drag, especially with the training hanging over our heads 😦 but if u wnt to kill time I suggest u find a way for us to play AOE…. 🙂

  13. Lucky you, you have time to kill. Embark on a project/hobby that you always wanted to do. Mastering Photoshop is also a valuable skill. 🙂

  14. dude,patience is a virtue 😛 u have it,u never know when u run out of it 🙂 so be patient ,d joining date will come soon

    n psp ya 🙂 we need to be patient while learning it !

  15. n i see u r reading chromosome which is not a bad book 🙂

  16. tu khud ki tareef kitni karega yaar?????? :mrgreen: thodi toh sharam kar…agar mein khud ki tareef karu toh understandable hai..i deserve it bt tu????????? 😆 sudhar jaa n meri tareef kar 😉

  17. It ain’t insanity or absurdity, it’s plain narcissism which is absolutely fine and perfect. :):)

  18. LOL .. you need some treatment .. 😛

  19. hey great work man and C& H strips as usual are cool….

    Photoshop according to me is the best morphing tool available. I have a couple of them, but donno how to publish it all here. The best ones are already in my orkut album…should i or shouldnt I post a link here????…hmmm……and becuz of my photoshop works, people found it hard to believe that I actually stood with ARR for a snap !!!!

  20. Gabbar pe koi inaam nahi tha. 50 rupye se start kiya aur har sal ek ek zero badakar 50,000 tak pahunch gaya 😀

    Why ur nose in the photo is in the air BTW? 😛

    Kill time by planning what to do when u will get joining, complete training and put on-bench. It will be worse than you think. Chicks around you will start feeling sheepish, coffee tasteless and life hounded by forward mails.
    Well, all this is assuming you are talking about s/w industry, otherwise ignore, I don’t have any idea about other industries. 😀

  21. Nice pic, buddy! I like it! 😉 I like also Wanted’s short story!! 😛 😀

    *happy smiles*

  22. @s
    thanks 🙂 ..yeah i will try to entertain you till u stop getting entertained .. 😛 .. lol …
    shaitan ??? abhi utni khaarab stithi nahi aayi hai 😛

    lol ..dementors…well i have lot of bad memories and some good memories too …dementors would feast on me..i cant control them 😛

    😛 .. do u want me behind the bars.. aint one askaban enough for me ??

    thanks … well i think i have never used macromedia fireworks 😦 .. well i will give it a try soon ..thanks for the info …
    aur gabar pe itna inaam hai ki all of u would become greedy adn turn against me ..so its better to be unknown ..
    50 rs se do jyaada hi hoga 😛

  23. @withering willow
    thanks..yes the yellowish old looking paper was the 90 percent of the work ..took around 3 hours roughly . 😀 yeah sure i willt ry nto post some … 😛
    thanks for the visit keep visiting …

    yeah 🙂 thanks .. lol

    thanks … c & h is evergreen .,,, 🙂

    thanks for the compliment about pic 🙂
    about photoshop …well try from some tutorial first …basic things.. things which might interest u …so that u can continue without getting bored..

  24. @wasshapening
    thanks 🙂 … nice to know fellow jobless people 😛

    thanks …i think u gave me a good idea i will change my avatar in wordpress as well as the gravtar in couple of days.
    filter .. I thinkclouds option from the filter.. for creating stains ..
    i can give u the link of the tutorial if u want

    he he …i just learned it through lockhart’s quick photshop techniques lol …
    how to enjoy ..how long to enjoy ..i am sick of enjoying 😛 ..

    dude..reinstall ur system i will be ready to play AOE ..ur sP3 is making hell lot of trouble..
    and yeah forget about the training ..good for nothing… i know and u know we aint doing it seriously 😛

  25. @poonam
    i have enough time that it kills me 😛 . yeah i am doing somthings that are silly..lets see how long i continue 😛

    patience is a virtue
    yes ,but its getting difficult..i hear joining for IT companies are going to in 2009
    thats insane .. what am i going to do ?? :O 😦
    and well about the book “Chromosome” that side bar has not been updated since a month/..
    read it long back ..was wonderfull…
    READing critical now…finding difficult to complete… boring! 😦

    arre meine kab tareef kari ..ab toh tu hi apni tareef kar rahi hai ..
    stupid …post ko chod ke sab pe comment likkh kar .. yes sab meri scrapbook mein likha kar ..yahaan kuch acha comment kiya kar

    lol .. 😆 :mrgreen:

  26. @ dinu
    treatment is getting a joiing date soon 😛

    thanks.. u are right..u can do everything with it..
    you can post the links here .. 😛
    and dont worry i beleive ur meeting with ARR .

    lol.. .
    inaam secret hai .., 😛
    my nose seems to be at the right place .. 😦 ..
    dont know ..may be soem kind of illusion 😀
    well,i have heard about those benches too
    but atleast they will pay me for getting bored.. 😛

    thanks … 🙂
    everything all right now ???
    keep smiling !! 🙂

  27. @arvind: I am a lot better now. I think things are improving. 🙂 and yeah. I keep smiling, especially when I think to you! 🙂 😀 THANKS, BUDDY!


  28. i have told u ..ur always wanted forever in the hell .. oops sorry heaven 😛

    well i donno anything about photoshop editing 😥 , wish to learn but no time , busy schedule !!!

  29. u cant help it man,the rumours keep floating around for ages 😦 so try n learn a new language,join a sport club ,do anything to keep urself occupied…it will just take ur mind off the whole waiting period 🙂

    i am a huge robin cook fan 🙂 the last i read was “marker” 😦

  30. @ smallstar
    thanks ..i am glad i am able to bring a smile on ur face .. 🙂
    good to know things are better 🙂

    @ hodekin

    @ rekha
    he he .. may be i am wanted in hell ..: 😦
    busy studying … ??? 😛

    @ meghna
    yeah ..but its in the newspapers… 😦
    nw language..well i started german….but then got bored 😛 left it …
    robin cook is good.. i have not read marker…
    just now got a book from a nearby library ..
    invasion .. have u read it ???

  31. @arvind: you are really A D O R A B L E!!! 🙂

    ❤ ❤


  32. @ smallstar
    thanks …
    well ,is ur real name smallstar…

  33. @arvind: my real name is Roberta! 😆 and… Is ‘arvind’ your real one? I like it!

  34. hehe.. Askaban?? HP addiction 😉

    Nice processing… I have hell lot of photos to post process…

  35. People don’t realize what u said generally and we can easily complain about being on bench 😀
    So try not saying it again in front of people whom u will be complaining about boring bench period 😛 Got my point?? Experience man!!! 🙂

  36. Great work …. Indian Sirius Black is looking good 🙂

  37. @smallstar.
    oh roberta…nice name..
    i like ur name too 😀

    @ manasa
    yes hp addcition 😛
    u mean u need to post or process /?
    am confused

    so u are one year senior to me ..
    so u have confirmed me a seat in bench 😛
    😦 😀

    @ Rahul.
    Am i ??? thanks 😉 😀

  38. @arvind: honored to hear that, but… You haven’t still answered to my question! 😐

  39. Photoshop really rocks !! Agreed !! And thats the best way to spend time if you are terribly bored.

    Calvin again !! Yayyy !! ♥

    That photoshop site is so cool…i really hadnt seen that before !!

  40. LOL.. liked the effects done to your photograph! 🙂

  41. Hehehehe! I like the cute stuff you do in your free time! This wanted pic is just amazing… I think I’ll do something like that too! 😀
    Blogging at 2.30 am? Hmmm… Go get some sleep man! 😛

  42. Hi ,

    I was reading ur blog posts and found some of them to be wow.. u write well.. Why don’t you popularize it more.. ur posts on ur blog ‘Arvind’s blog’ took my particular attention as some of them are interesting topics of mine too;

    BTW I help out some ex-IIMA guys who with another batch mate run http://www.rambhai.com where you can post links to your most loved blog-posts. Rambhai was the chaiwala at IIMA and it is a site where users can themselves share links to blog posts etc and other can find and vote on them. The best make it to the homepage!

    This way you can reach out to rambhai readers some of whom could become your ardent fans.. who knows.. 🙂


  43. u kno what buddy, u jus inspired me to write a post.rather than pasting my orkut link here, posting an article on all the photoshop works done so far will b gud, right? u kno with the before and after captions..hmm…thanks buddy, and of course, i will be mentioning your name too to avoid plagiarism charges 😀

  44. @smallstar
    yes my name is arvind 😀

    yeah its an amazing site .. lots of photoshop pros are available there 😉

    thanks 😛

    thanks…yeah and dont forget to post it 😀
    its now 3:30 am 😦

    thanks i will into that site. 🙂

    wow…u got inspired by me..
    i am honored 😀
    oh …thanks .even if u dont link me up … its ok for me 😀
    i would not sue u fro plagiarism :p

  45. I think you in sunglasses look cool. 🙂

  46. I meant processing the photos in Adobe.

  47. @arvind: I like it ever more… 🙂 😉

  48. At Last!!! I am commenting on your blog! 🙂 Nowadays I am spending much time in reading other peoples’ blogs to expand my thinking horizons. Amazing blog you have here. You have a regular visitor here. 😀 Might even write a review on your blog in a week or two.

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