Indias first gold

India's first gold

Abhinav Bindra won India’s first individual Olympic gold medal today in the men’s 10m air rifle. yes ,that is the first ever gold medal an individual has won . My knowledge about olympics being almost nil i was pretty shocked when i heard that it was the first ever individual gold .

A friend of mine had changed his caption in orkut which said “India won the first ever individual gold medal” . I scrapped him saying ” look dude you got it wrong .Perhaps you should remove that ever , we have won some gold before . He replied me back saying thanks i will look into that . After an hour he scrapped me again and gave me the exact news article . I was shocked to know that no one had won a gold medal for India before , it was indeed the first ever individual gold medal . I replied him saying “sorry for the trouble dude.

Sheeessh ..What an embarrassment ??? 😦

Moral of the story

Never try to be oversmart when u dont know much 😀

While my face was becoming red green and violet due to embarrassment i tried searching for some information regarding medals tally . Well ,what i found out was nothing great for a country like ours .

India had won just 17 medals till date (todays gold makes it 18 ) 😦 . Those 17 medals include eight gold medals in Hockey, six of them successively, three silver medals ( 2 in athletics and 1 in Hockey) and four Bronze medals .

Isn’t it quite strange that ever since the olympics started in 1896 at athens we have won just 18 medals .For viewing india’s record in olympics u can visit this and for a complete description of each medal we have won you can visit this .

AS an Indian i feel quite ashamed . In a country of about a billion we have just 57 contingents to the Beijing olympics .Worse we dint even qualify for hockey in which we have won 8 gold medals 🙂 .

I was talking with one of my freind. He said “wahaan ek 24 saal ka india ke liye olympics jeet raha hai aur hum yaha baith ke jhakk maar rahe hai “( line modified , i dont want to use foul language here 😛 ) , but I must say he had truth in his voice and i had no answer for him.

Well , i guess all i can do now is to cheer for india and also , i have decided to follow the olympics closely so that i dont create any more blunders like today 😛 . I just hope we get many medals as possible 🙂 .


  1. Abhinav looked so emotionless when he won. V composed. No jumping or tears of joy. As if he expected this. The Korean however looks pissed off!! 🙂
    Coming back to the topic, its about time Govt paid more attention towards developing other sportsmen other than cricket (in which btw we lost to Sri Lanka as usual) and Its a shame even a movie in the face like Chak de India couldnt make any difference for our national game.

  2. Even I am shocked..Coz even I didnt know this till now..that he is the first ever individual….Letz cheer for India 🙂 Sports are not much encouraged in our country. Actually we have too many problems to focus on. 😦

  3. you guys must be interested in reading what abhinav has written:

    I hope we get more medals. Btw, Abhinav is said to be 23-year old and he has been playing for last 10 years.

  4. We won we won :)))


    this is my 4 th trial to post comment on ur space… each time I face the same error 😦

  5. dude, i am beyond happy that we got that Gold..n im not expecting too many others to follow!

  6. It indeed if first ever in Individual category but not otherwise. We have won many in Hockey before and the last we won in Hockey was in 1980 so technically we got old after 28 Yrs and in Individual category, first time ever.

  7. A proud moment! hai na! 🙂

    and you are added to my blog roll! another proud moment 😛 😛

  8. yay!!! we won!!
    congrats to Bindra for his achievement! 😀
    It’s quite astonishing to learn that this was the first individual gold ever! Kinda makes one wonder why there’re not many more sportspersons who can achieve the same…

  9. even i feel ashamed of this system………….but we should feel happy for abhinav and for our country…………atleast by now the govt will realise and five more funds for the sports field……………………

  10. Chak De India !!!!!!!!

  11. I read abhinav’s blog. Thanks poonam for providing the link.
    Arvind, I don’t think it’s surprising that India has so few medals. Our athletes don’t get support from the government on anything. Whatever Abhinav has achieved is due entirely to himself. As he said, his life did not go beyond the 10 m range. You need a lot to do that on your own, without any outside help.

  12. well well…he did his job 🙂 but when will we Indians ever take up sports as careers?

  13. @reema
    yes he looks so pissed off. 😀 ..i dint notice that 😛
    i was about to say that cricket gets more attention than any other game .. dont know y ??
    even i am a die hard cricket fan ..
    i think govt should do something to make other games popular

    Too many problems to foucs. LOL 🙂 thats true,,,

    thanks for the link 🙂
    practicing from 10 years … :O thats great…

    yes we got a medal finally 😉
    and about the error i have no clue still y u face it 😦 ..

  14. @churningthewordmill
    well, yes we are beyind happy because we never expected anything 😛
    but lets keep the hope now …may we get some more 😀

    proud moments… yes ..
    and thanks for adding me .. will do the same 😀

    yes …thats why i was shocked…first ever… 😦

    no monitory benefits to sports persons..
    not much facilities..
    these might be some reasons 😦

  15. @aravind
    yeah funds are important ..
    but till the games become more popular i dont think funds will come in

    chak de !! 😀

    well said …he must have have worked real hard to reach where he is now ..
    and yes i agree govt takes no steps to improve the condition of the sports other than cricket.. 😦

    well ..i guess i cant answer that question 😦

  16. At last India has won something..! Thanks to Abhinav Bindra for his brilliant performance… 🙂

  17. If I were you, I’d be more happy than ashamed because even though we haven’t won many medals, the situation is improving. We started with a bronze, went on to silver and now gold. Things improve slowly, maybe in some years we will start winning 10 medals or so, and then more. All Abhinav Bindra said after his win was that he hopes this improves the sports system in India. Once that improves, like it has in the other countries, you never know where we’ll be.

  18. @ joel
    yeah 😀

    yes i am happy that he won but
    lets not shy away from the truth .. you can never say the word improving.. our country which had stonghold in hockey is not strong even to qualify now..
    and yes i agree things improve slowly ./..
    i guess from 100 years we are just waiting for things to improve..
    until the government does something i dont find any improvement happening …
    I saw a news some months back where ex player of indian hockey team was working in a tea shop..perhaps owned it..
    this is the read condition..
    another example for u ..
    a girl from chennai who won world chess championship under 15 or some category is so poor that she cant go to school. .she was promised monetory help but she dint get.

  19. Hehehe embarassing or expecting something better from Indian sportsmen…hehehe

    Am proud of Bindra but am not expecting anything more 🙂

  20. Yea…wen a frnd msgd saying “after 28 yrs, india won its very first gold in Olympics”
    i was shocked, thrilled, disgusted, happy and god-knows-what-all…

    proud moment indeed…

    and another proud moment…this post of yours featured on WP homepage! yey!!! i hav a screenshot too 😉

    proud moment indeed…

  21. India has been going down in all sports to the expense of Cricket. India does not recognise any other sports except Cricket.

    In fact India, apart from Hockey, was the best nation in Asia at football till the 70s, but everyone has forgotten that.

    India seem to be good at lazy sports – we joked that India won a medal at Film shooting due to bollywood.

  22. Its time that the government give more emphasis on other sports than just cricket. Hockey, Soccer and many other sports India was good at. But looks like all those are forgotten sports now. Not sure why cannot our government keep some funds aside for sports. I just do not like to hear that we have no money. We do have a lot of money but its all in the corrupt places. Its high time… some one has to bring a revolution. If we at least start investing from now, may be we can get some medals in the next Olympics

  23. India Rocks! 😀

  24. Abhinav won gold inspite of the khel mantralaya and the babus
    and finally like Olympics, shooting is so competitive that it was anyone medal and that day was his day
    dont intend to debase his accomplishment or something but the kind of effort he had put for the last decade – this was a fruit of his toils

    have u read his blog?
    he is an amazing level headed person
    he should be khel mantri too

  25. Its a happy moment for all of us. we got gold.

    Its sad that our hockey team did not win the prelims…. I think our country is going ga-ga over cricket and the rest of the deserving athletes are not getting the financial support.

    The govt is not supporting the athletes, I guess many are not even sponsored by the state govts.

    But if they win, they get free a.c coach travel from lalu, 10 lakhs from state govts etc etc. I think they can put this money to some fund to help the athletes in their training.

  26. 🙂

    but Abhinav was expressionless each tim ena…..

  27. haan haan jeete par baaki sab nikal gaye game k baahar 😡 woh rich hai isliye usne kar diya par baakiyon ka kya??????? he’s a crorepati…so he did it…he shld’nt dedicate d medal 2 ne1 bt his own family….i hope dis changes something yaar… kuch jyada ho gaya hai :mrgreen:

  28. Congrats to Abhinab Bindra.

    But still can’t figure out his expressionless face ………it almost seemed that he just got 25 out of 100 in his trigonometry Exams!!

  29. I am really sure that INDIA shall get many many medals! 🙂 you know… I am beginning to love seriously INDIA… It is very cool!! 😉 eheh I WOULD WANT BE AN INDIAN GIRL!!

  30. Pingback: Thinking about Abhinav Bindra, not just India’s gold medal « A wide angle view of India

  31. yay to abhinav 🙂

  32. Leander Peas and Bhupathi quater finals today! That too against Switzerland !! I’m soo not on Federers side this time !! He looked pretty exhausted after playing against Blake.
    Lets hope we make it!

  33. @ smitha
    Lol .i was embarrassed for something else..
    and yeahi was not expecting anything 🙂

    yeah it was a proud moment.
    and u took a screen shot of that .. LOL
    i used to take bofore too but now it comes too often so left

    @ maclal
    rightly said i feel the same way..
    all the fund goes to cricket..
    nothing is left for other sports .
    and the fact that india was good in foodbal to is a news to me 🙂

    yes l i feel the government doesn’t try to improve the infrastructure at the ground we suffer a lot when it comes to biger comptitions

  34. @prax
    yes i read his blog ..he sounds very modest..
    and i can understand the amount of hardwork he must have put to come this far..
    and i would back ur idea of making him kkhel mantri:P

    india rocks !! 😛

    yes,the money goes to cricket..
    the sportsperson are deprived of basic infrastrucutre..
    that should be change to improve our show in next Olympics

    yeah !! 😛

  35. @riddhima
    hmm cricket kuch jayada ho gaya
    arre tujhe abhinav ccute nahi laga kya ?? 😛

    25 out of 100 .. 😆

    then i would love to be ur boy freind 😛

    second comment !!
    😛 lol !!

  36. @ priya
    i too hope they win 😛

  37. see,the opportunities may not be on par with those in other countries ..China has started enrolling kids from as young as 6-7 to begin training for various sports ,which works for em,so we can neither enforce nor provide state of the art facilities !

    btw has prakash padukone participated in the olympics ?or did olympics not have Badminton back then as one of their events,…hmm im curious now

  38. Awww I would love it, too!! ❤ ❤

    if this could be possible… 😉

  39. Heard Bindra was self-sponsored n from a high-affluent family. Though, he bagged a gold medal 😀

  40. Dude, I don’t know whether to be extremely happy that we won our first ever individual gold medal or to be unbelievably sad that we are didn’t even qualify in our national game Hockey this time. Why is only cricket given more importance than other sports? i am speechless. This is also one of the reasons why I hate cricket.

    Nice to hear that you want to be an Indian. I am feeling very proud to be an Indian. 🙂

  41. @Anniyan: yeah I WANNA BE INDIAN! I’m appreciating everything of INDIA! Indian culture, Indian habits and, first of all, Indian people!

  42. nice post 🙂
    I too hope we will get more medals in this olympics… We have our 3 boxers in quarter finals… Hopes are high 😛

  43. hahahahaahaha……..

    1 billion people and 1 gold………indians are pathetic….

    either always dreaming of being superior, finding excuses for inferiority……………

  44. @ chris
    fuck off !!!!

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