• Many of u must be knowing that i was undergoing online training for the past 6 months or so 😦  . I finally got independence from that shit . Ofcourse i dint learn anything much..It was same like our boring classes in college . Only theory nothing much in practical .I have had a hard time finishing them. IT finally got over by 14th 🙂 .SO i had double reasons  for celebrating independence day 😀 . But yeah i have 2or 3 tests remaining 😦  so wish me luck .


  • .I have found a new love in the name of  counter strike  .  These days i play this game till 3am skipping my sleep . The game is quite addcitive .The most interesting aspect is that i am able to play online with users all over the world  . Infact the game shows error when i start playing agaisnt computer . dont know y ?? 😛 silly game , may be because i am using a pirated version . Another anoying thing is that many online servers kick me out just because i have a high ping and i dont have some sxe file …god knows what it is  😦  . Anyway i finally found a way to kill my time so i think wont be ranting anymore in my posts about getting bored ;P .

    Counter strike


  • Lately the number of visitors on my blog has been incresing. Normally i used to get about 700 visitors daily but nowadays ,  last 2 weeks to be precise , i am getting 900 -1200 visitors 😛 . Thanks to my post on The dark knight.It has become most viewed post according to the current stats . This sudden rise in the visitors count has  started just after i celebrated my 2 lakh hits 😛  Sone pe suhaga , nai ??. 😛  most searched keywords have been joker and the dark knight 😛 . I love google and ofcourse all other search engines .




  •  I  have been reading sydney sheldon’s widmills of the god from the last one and  a half month. NOt that book is boring . I am just occupied with my Pc than the books. the book looks quit interesting  . got to complete it this month or my library guy would kick me next time i ask for any book 😛 .  last time i took this much time for a book was when i started reading stranger in the mirror 😛 . IT almost took 6 months to finsih half ..Then after some days i forgot that too so left reading it..ITs still incomplete 😛 .


  • Next two days i am goin to be alone as my parents are going to banglore for my cousins marriage . so  i have decided to cook myself for the frist time . No , heck i am not going to cook maggi which is the only i have cooked so far . My mom told me how to cook rice , daal and potato so i am going to try it 🙂 . ofcourse , I will tell u in my next post how far it works out  😀 .  

35 responses to “RANDOM RAMBLINGS

  1. hehehe!! online training for what, dude? 😀

    And home alone!! Yay!! Ok people! Let’s all assemble in Arvind’s place tonight! There’s gonna be party, booze, hunky men and pretty women!!! 😀

  2. Wait for your next post – on your cooking adventure 🙂

  3. Online training bhi koi karta hai kya? Now reveal what exactly u did in the name of training.. Lol…

    Home alone n u want to cook… aah!!! call frenz, order food n play ur counter strike game….

  4. Interesting. I too wrote about the dark knight and joker but am getting barely 2-3 views a day!! There’s some mystery about it surely! 🙂 Perhaps there is another secret to this search engine thing. Tell me if you know.

  5. congrats 🙂 your blog is growing 😉 best of luck

  6. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    online studies…
    waht are u studyingi m interested in taht :PPP

    love love.. 😀

    sidney sheldon…some new book in store kya?

  7. “so i have decided to cook myself for the frist time”

    OMG how are you going to cook yourself ?Who will stir and add the stuff?And who will eat a human? 😛

  8. Hi. How are you?? 🙂

    *HUGS* & *KISSES*

  9. my parents are also going away for a week. But they have gone few times before too and I have cooked myself a decent meal!! Hey 900 views!!!! thats like my dream!!! 😀 Congrats!

  10. 900-1200 hits? Wow! Mine have fallen sharply. I don’t get more than 100 nowadays. I guess I really should start posting more. But yeh saala college, time hi nahi milta.

    I’ve played Counter Strike, it was nice. But I didn’t get addicted. I don’t get addicted easily anyway. The last thing I got addicted to was KFC. Well, I’m still addicted to it. It’s been more than 2 years.

    Chalo, good luck with cooking yourself. And LOL @ Vishesh

  11. Cooking khud se???

    Hope u r alive 😀

  12. @Nita : Even I wrote a review but I am not getting any hits for it. Hmmm…some mystery. 🙂
    @Arvind : Congrats for all the hits. 🙂 I have not played counter strike yet but I have heard a lot about this game.
    Good luck for cooking!!!!

  13. Oh thats great ur online training is ovr at last… Home alone cooking urself super… All the best for ur tests..
    getting these many hit is not new for u.. u have always been getting them i hope.. Waiting for ur next post on ur cooking 😀

  14. I think it’s possible that because he calls his blog the “entertainment” blog that has something to do with it? Or maybe the hits aren’t coming from google. sometimes so site gives a link to some post and they start sending you traffic. that might have happened to arvind’s dark knight post.

  15. Congrats on the number of posts going past 1k daily. Increase the tags and you will get the hits.

  16. cool.
    One tip if you cooking for the first time, keep a bucket of water ready, you can use it if something catches fire, else to clean the mess !! 😀

  17. @nikhil
    😛 that online training ..well i need to ask it from the company whihc recruited me 😆
    lol ,… times up..no body came..so no party 😦

    weclome to the entertainment blog 🙂

    koi nahi karta yaar..
    and i dint nothing..just asked my father to put unlimited usage braodband in the name of this training and playing counterstrike online day and night 😛

    secret ..ah nothing much..
    i guess i should write a post on how to increase blog hits 😛
    but actually u should be worried about hits u have more than a million hits 😛

  18. @dinu
    yeah i guess too …thanks 🙂

    onlne training ..well i dint study any thing to be honest.,..some subjects like rdbms ,c,c++ ..company want us to be trained before joiing 😦 ..thats what they say

    LOL … 😛
    may be u could come..u hate humans anyway 😉

    i am fine ..how are u ????

  19. @reema
    getting hits is not that difficult . I will write a post on it soon ..hope it can increase ur hits 🙂

    just 100 … 😦 thats sad .. u had lots once upon a time whin i used to get 200-300 hits 😦
    anyways u are popular around here,..,
    so u should n’t worry about it.. 🙂

    he he he… lol
    i am alive..

    man ..even i have no idea why i am getting this much hots..actually one weird fact is that i get 300 joker keyword serches but dark knight post gets only around 100 views..
    how is that possible 😦
    anyway thanks 🙂

  20. @tweety
    yes i uysed to get hits but that was around 500-600 but now i get more than 800 🙂
    its not over actually i have got project to do and ttests to attend

    well .. the entertainment wont make any difference on the key word ..actually i have written lot of reviws but none eceived so many hits…
    and as i told to amit ..
    strange think is that keyword searches for joker are 3 times more than what dark knight received ..

    yes tags helps ofcourse but i have heard more than 13 tags should not be used as wordpress doesnt allow it..

    well yes.. i think thats a good idea infact everything was messy after i cooked it..

  21. gr88…congrats on ur hits. The funny thing is google also owns blogspot and i hardly get 30 hits daily…hmmmm….and you are home alone , yet you are interested in cooking; How old ARE you 😀 ??

  22. @ vimal
    thanks.. that depends on the content we write..

    i am just 21 years old 😛

  23. 900 to 1200 hits … Cool! You know like lot of people I wrote about Dark Knight too, but not many hits for that Post.

  24. Eager to know your cooking adventure … I’ve blogrolled you.

  25. nahin re….i use a lot of tags and wordpress hasnt stopped me. actually blogspot doesnt let you put more than 13 tags. that’s one of the reason why i wanted to put up a parallel blog in blogspot to try monetising it but abandoned the attempt.

  26. even i like cooking maggi…………….staying alone in house is really a gr8 chance to experiment on different hidden talents…………..all the best for ur cookin…………

  27. hehhehehhe
    i knw these trng….

    they are timeconsuming… as people just learn on job 😀

  28. hmm…not you…you are in the endangered list…so you have to live 😛

  29. Nice one 🙂 Come to think of it, my post on joker isnt getting so many hits 😦

  30. Ha!!!! home alone!!!! ..dats really cooooool ! 🙂 n cooking all alone 🙄 ..ru ok now dude 😛
    awaiting for the cookery post 😉 …

    n 1200 hits a day! OMG *faints*
    n directing to arvind’s blog on searching for Joker !! 😆

    n yeah all the best for the other two tests ! 😀

  31. @dinesh
    I have no idea why i am getting these many hits..

    actually i was not aware..
    our mutual blog freind akhil wrote it..
    actually u will be able to post it..
    but what happens is the post never appears in the wordpress tags page.. u can try it..akhil has tried it
    and i was not aware of blogspot doing this too 😉

    i dont like cooking ..wanted to try it thats it .. 😛

    yeah ..time consuming and money consuming too 😛

  32. @vishesh
    LOl …endangered speices 😛
    that means i am special … 😀

    cookery turned out to be a mockery 😛
    *sprinkling water*
    wake up !! 😛
    lol .. 😛
    thanks for ur wishes 🙂

    hmm .. 😦 looks like search engines are sending all the traffic to my blog 😛

  33. So.. Did you cook anything or relied on the near by hotel 😀

    If you’ve cooked something, then post the pics of the dishes along with the detailed recipes 😉

  34. @ manasa
    yup i did cook..
    what i did..how i did comes in my next post 😛

  35. LOL !!! My review for “The Dark Knight” was my most
    popular post as well ! I hope they hurry up and do a
    sequel ! I want to see chart action like that ALL the
    time !!! 🙂 (September starts the slow season for
    movies, I’m doomed) ! Ha Ha !

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