Iphone 3G

Well , Everyones love is finally here . Apple’s Iphone 3g probably has been the most anticipated phone ever . The long wait was finally over yesterday as the people were able to hold something that they wanted the most .

Two versions of iphone have been realeased one with 8 gb memory and the other one 16 gb and they cost around RS 31000 and RS 36000 respectively . Well, that might shock you as the iphone costs in US just around 200 $ which is around 8000 Rupees.

The phone comes either with airtel or vodaphone subscription similar to AT&T in US , which means that once u buy it u cannot change the network . Ofcourse , you can always unlock the phone but be ready to loose your warranty 😛 .

I read an interesting post by Soham yesterday who has written his experiece with iphone till . You can read it full here . HE has mentioned why he loves his iphone so much but the interesting thing which caught my attention was some of the limitations he mentioned like no sms fowrwarding, no camera zoom , cant transfer files from bluetooth 😛 (wonder why they have kept bluetooth then ) etc .

Most importantly ,the word 3g itself is quite meaningless in india as there are no 3g networks available here in india . And i dont see it coming any soon 😛 . So personally i dont feel ITs right time to buy iphone .

I have always wanted to buy an iphone ever since it was launched in US but then i guess the price is a big hurdle for me ,perhaps it would be for almost every middle class inidan . I am just waiting for all the craze to get over . I am sure the price would drop below 20k mark soon then i can lay my hands on it 😀 . People who are seriously interested in buying iphone at a cheaper price can either wait like me or can settle with this for now 😆 .

iphone vs Sex 😆

39 responses to “iPHONE IN INDIA , FINALLY !!!!!

  1. U too mad about iphone like me 😛 But its too costly yaar… When will our companies call us and we gonna get this iphone from our earning??!!
    Heard vodaphone going to give iphone in emi so they are going sell more iphones than airtel..

  2. I am disappointed

  3. I really dont get this gadget craze and buying it when price is high!! for me a phone should be as simple with some basic functions. such high tech phones seem jack of all king of none.

  4. ho yeah the phone is simply too sexy!! 😉

  5. Hey I have seen this cartoon before. I am a regular subscriber of Joy of Tech, their cartoon is awesomely tech witty. Anyways, iPhone’s price in India is a huge rip off. I would advice anyone buying it to wait for the dust to settle.

  6. iPhone’s launch was perhaps the most innovative ever – a midnight launch! 😀
    I liked that part… Everything else is one big sob story – No java compatibility, flash games can’t be loaded, security issues prevent bluetooth to be used for file transfer, memory cannot be increased, the list goes on and on… And when someone is prepared to pay 31k for a phone, they might as well go a bit overboard and pay 36k for the larger memory card phone! Pricing is again a bit dicey!
    I don’t want an iPhone… I want a phone for calling and messaging and I’m happy! 😀

  7. mera b’day hai in nov…gift karna iPhone….i ill wait.. :mrgreen:

  8. it s sure a dream phone.. bt pt is.. it s called iphone 3g.. bt where s 3g in india? n price is jst “too high”.. 3ly, this arrangement tht i cant change the service provider really sucks.. i d rather get- say htc touch for sme 13 smething K.. !

  9. 🙂 lol 😛 lets see in 6 months it surely will be cheaper?

  10. The iphone is a toy currently goodfor the rich and the moneyed

    i have written abt it here
    Apple Iphone Officially launches in India today! http://techntrek.wordpress.com/2008/08/21/apple-iphone-officially-launches-in-india-today/

    on the clones i think u can get one at manish mkt mumbai

  11. Its too too too too costly.

  12. Every 7 secs! i thought it was every 3 secs!
    But the price is horrible 😦 & a big -ve 😦

  13. You planning to buy iPhone?? Rich person 🙂

    That cartoon was good 😀

  14. dude… iPhone is irresistible… but the disadvantages are a turn off…. my most favorite part, however, is the amazing sensitivity of the screen. had a hands on experience with iPhone 1… its too good… but the good time ends here… 😛

  15. I too wanted it but the price is for sure keeping me at bay 😦

    But know what there are quite a many basic features that are missing. Like u can’t forward a message, you can not a send a group mssg etc etc

  16. Spending that many bucks for a *restricted* device is not a deal worth chancing. I guess, in few days the craze will be gone with wind 😕

  17. @ttweety
    we willbe called next year..
    and till then the prices will be down 🙂

    me too 😦

    he he ..yeah .. i have to accept that 😀

    aww!!! i just want to be like u ..
    but cant 😦 ..

  18. @dinesh
    yes the price is too much …i am goin to wait too…

    yes very innovative indeed..
    what phone are u using now 😛 ???

    stupid accecture mein job tera laga hai mera nhai..
    aur tu kyun nahi gift karti mujhe iphone ..[:p]

    yup ..htc would be wise choice …:)

  19. @vishesh
    yes 🙂 ..u can take it to ur college 😛

    it surely is a product for the rich ppl now ..
    they are not going to sell many pieces here i india if the price is around 30 k ..

    yes … very costly ..i cant even dream of buying it now

    yes ..price is horrible
    what about the 7 sec..?? i dint get u 😦

  20. @manasa
    lol..i can only think about buying it if comes below 20 k 😛
    it shoes i am not rich 😀

    i have seen a hacked version of iphone..it was quite cool ..
    touch screen as u say is awesome..i loved the way we can slide the pics 🙂 i was playing with the touch screen for about 15 minutes.. 😀

    yes thats disappointing 😦 ..i am happy the forwording option being not there..nver liked forwd messeges..

    restricted is quite an apt word for iphone in india
    no 3g ,no bluetooth file transfer ,no forwarding ..
    it will take another model to take over iphone;s craze ..

  21. I got a new sony ericsson W580i on the day iphone released here. 😀
    I’m happy with my walkman phone.

  22. i dont want iphone… too many limitations for 31k! as nikhil mentions i am happy with incoming and outgoing call and smses!! 🙂

  23. I started saving my pocket money when i saw the price…………..and i was really exited that it is going to be relased in India………….but after a while i realised that India is far backward in mobile technology and i can’t use many facilities in that phone…………..now i switched to motorkr……….it may not match iphone but it is coool…….

  24. LOL

    iphone… its more of hype then anything 😀

    nokia N93 is far more better then this 😛

  25. I dnt rember its N93 or some other model… let me chk…

  26. @priya
    wow. u mean that shake it baby phone 😛

    lol ..then 1100 would be suffcient … pretty neat set..i guess they have stopped it..i used it for 2 years 🙂

    rokr is cool … and yes iphone is waste till 3G comes and its price comes down

    yes it is hyped because other phone looks like it and it is special among allteh touch screen phones..but yea the price is just to high ..
    i dont thnk N93 is touch screen ..

  27. A college friend of mine bought the iPhone 3G. Well, he has two of them, one unlocked and one this. Let’s just say he’s, er, rich. And he broke his iPhone’s screen today. And he didn’t even make a face. If it was me, I would’ve cried my ass off.

  28. wow i got enough info about iphone w/o searching google. thank you

  29. its simply a great phone, but like someone mentioned, its disadvantages are a big turn off. Its like getting into a network trap and then getting singled out from the rest of the world. I guess u cant get files transferred from a pc either, the downloading has to take place thru the phone itself (im not sure, pls correct me if otherwise) and no bluetooth, thts not even a fone !!!

    Btw, Im sure I saw iphone in one of those mobile chain shops called Wavetel here in chennai last year itself. My ex roomie was in need of a fone and we stumbled on it. But the shopkeeper himself said that if there is any repair, you wud have to go to singapore to get it done !!! I dont remember how much it costed it but.

  30. orkut smiley’s ka over effects hai tujhpar :mrgreen: thode time orkut se door reh…theek ho jayega :lol

  31. heard that vodafone and airtel r going to arrange u loans to get iPhone. . that means, it will cost you around 40k LOL

  32. I finally bought an Iphone for me. I got a 16GB one which is 300 bucks here in US. And yes, lack of zoom for camera came as a big disapointment. I am yet to see how applications like Shazaam work if downloaded. 3G is good for US. But I FRANKLY feel that it is not worth a 37000 bucks in India!! 😦

  33. Hey thanks for linking me ..

    I got my iPhone for $400 .. now it is sold at $300 .. so iPhone price in India too will come down soon !!

  34. @ish
    oh ,my god ..2 phones..
    broke it and dint cry ..
    i would have fled or else my dad would have killed me 😀

    my pleasure sharing it 😀

    ha ha ..yes …thats because that shp had hacked phone..so no warranty 😀
    and the price is too high considering the disadvantages of it

    tu dor rehne hi nahi deti 😛

  35. @manoj
    hmm..yeah… i too felt ..the price is too much ..
    300 $ is ok and even 3 g works
    here its worthless

    he he
    sold it to whom ??
    if its in india then he has hit a jackpot 😀

  36. I meant the price of iPhone is now $300 in USA .. When I bought it, it was $400 .. So in around 3 months, it came doen $100 and that’s a hell of an amount as per the US standard ..

    I did not sell it to anyone .. Ijust love it .. I cant.. LOL

  37. Apple will soon realize that India is about volume game and prices have to be slashed if they want their product to be hit in India.
    Indian consumers are price sensitive and this is what is strongly coming out from this debate also….

  38. a total disappointment esp with d price tag so high

    i didnt even know i doesnt even support something as basic and important as forwarding sms ! duh !

    phones must first strive to excel at basic functions ,aint it ?

  39. Hi all

    So, finally comapny understood mindset and problem of common man of not want to spend such a big amount of Rs. 31000/36000 to buy an iphone and made it available through EMI with tying up with few banks. I saw this info on iphone section of airtel site (http://www.airtel.in/iphone3g)


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