This guy Rocks .. HE used MS paint to create Mona lisa again . Just look at this video . IT took more than 2 hours to create it . IT has been compressed to 5 minute video so plzzz dont miss this one…

30 responses to “MONALISA using MS PAINT – SIMPLY AMAZING

  1. looks cool man .. I have seen this before .. 🙂

  2. I hope you’ll have a very happy and great week!! ❤ ❤ *KISS*

  3. its ver nice. The music is from Matrix movie right ?

  4. yeah ..this ones really cool! i have also added this one to my videos! 😀

  5. will have to check it out from home… i cant open it right now!! 😦

  6. Simply awesome!!

  7. Whoa ! Too good ! Thanks fr sharing! 🙂

  8. this is on WP HOMEPAGE right now!!!

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  10. Fucking Mindboggling!!

    2 hours 30 minutes ?? 😮

    Shit, MS.paint was alws a kids tool for me ..
    UNTIL NOW……….!!!!!!!

  11. Holy fuckin shit!!! 😀
    This is awesome! Where did that guy get the patience to do that??? 😀

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  13. Videos blocked at work. Can not watch it 😦

  14. @ Poonam on your mobile please 🙂 ( if you have unlimited data plan )

  15. rajendra Parmanik

    Really very good i would try it

  16. Lol… Mona Lisa must be turning into her graves by now..

  17. Woah, brilliant. It was amazing to see things come into being from nothing. Just tells us how powerful MS Paint is and that all the Photoshops and Fireworks were developed with that as a base.

    Btw, can you suggest me some reasonably good IDE for C Language? IDE+Compiler. And Vista compatible.

  18. tht was a gr8 watch!

  19. Woow.. This is amazing!!! 😀

    Probably even we should try out something like this..

  20. OMG! The guys really is an genius! WOW!

  21. cool…though 5 minutes was also long for me !

  22. WOW. now thats is SOMETHING!

  23. wow! this is simply amazing. 2.5 hours is still not bad for such intricate painting. thanks for sharing!

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