Before i start the tag , a small story …

This miracle happened recently at pune . A boy (vishal ) & a girl (janavi) loved sincerely.They used 2 chat in mobile for hours.In order to reduce the expenses both got same network sin . The guy went abroad for a month due to his work .

The girl died in an accident . The girl’s last wish was to bury her along with her mobile . They put the mobile along with her and left .

After a month the guy called and told girl’s mom ” Aunty, I will be coming tomorrow, I want this to be a surprise ,so dont tell Jaanu. ” The lady dint know what to say .

The next day the guy came and asked about jaanu . They told she died .

He said ” Dont joke I spoke with her yesterday” .

No body believed .Suddenly the guy’s mobile rang n displayed ” Jaanu calling ..” .He put his mobile in loud speaker mode so that all could hear it. It was clearly janu’s voice.

Then they all realized that the girl was using vodaphone sim.

Wherever u go the network follows .

😀 😀 😀 😀


This was one of the countless Pj’s that ppl never stop sending me . This one just reminded me of nikhil’s vodaphone post . so this PJ is dedicated to him .. 😛 😛 .Ok .so before u guys kill me i will start the tag 😀

I have been reading this tag on various blog and having nothing usefull to write now i thought to try this one 😛 .So here we go

The rules

Two questions in each category answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. (Simple enough right) Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set. “


  • My oldest memory:-

My oldest memory ,if not oldest , surely the best one ,is sitting in my neighbors house and watching my mom asking for a recommendation letter fto join in a nearby school because i had flunked the test . They were not taking me into the first standard 😛 .


Calvin writing test

Calvin writing test


  • What were you doing 10 years ago?

10 years ago i had my first ..umm second…never mind …i had a crush on a girl named natasha 😛 . She was so beautiful 😛 . She was not in my class so was searching her in the school corridors 😉


  • Your first thought today morning:

Morning ?? i must be in my dreams . Woke up by 12 only so it makes it afternoon ,well, all i remember thinking is what am i supposed to do today . Its so boring to spend each day like this doing nothing 😦


calvin bored

calvin 🙂


  • If you built a time capsule today what would it contain?

It would contain my PC , my mobile , complete calvin and hobbes collection, a soft copy of my blog 😉 and ofcourse my pics 😛


  • This year:-

This year is going to be long really long..With IT slowdown i dont feel i am going to get my joining date this year 😦

  • What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

i would be 35 years old and i see myself playing with my kids 😛

Everyone in my blogroll are tagged 😛 .


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28 responses to “PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE – A TAG !!!!!

  1. Sheesshh v bad and crude PJ!
    BTW u stole my post title!! 😛
    U woke at 12?? 😦 I’m jealous! Nice strips of C&H!!

  2. That story was funny….I’d never heard it before 😛


    Calvin in tags!! Super coooool!! I love his theory. I wish we could do the same in tests…life would be much simpler 🙂

    P.S. – Theres IT slow down ?? Really ??? 😮
    Nice….I should think of more options after 12th….hmmm….


  3. HAHAHA! Nice post, dude!
    And that PJ reminded me of this:


  4. playing with kids???????? :mrgreen: lol….somehw cant imagine u doind dat….. 😆

  5. well well that PJ was told to me over an hour 😛 so.. 😛

    LOL 😀 @ the tag 😛

  6. Ha ha..i know this PJ long back 😀
    Good one, though!
    And nice tag! The time capsule! I will throw my best buddies too into the time that I will have them with me in future 🙂
    ” Its so boring to spend each day like this doing nothing “— What are you upto these days?I mean, planning for higher studies or looking for job?

  7. I’m sure you must’ve searched for Natasha on Orkut, too 😀

  8. LOL:)))

    good joke..:D

    and i gyuess everyone 10 years back were njoying there crushes 😛

  9. U still looking for that Natasha girl…:):)

    Give me CnH any day and I won’t bore you with my blabbering.

  10. Poor Joke indeed 😛

    Kids and all?? Aha!!! long term planning indeed 🙂

  11. hahaha…was that vodafone stuff a joke 😐

    btw aftr 14 yrs u will be playing wid ur kids

  12. Liked the Calvin and Hobbes strip !

  13. u still havnt joined ???? Man, it should really be boring, na?

    U had a crush when u were 11 years old??? I dont know if you have seen that particular episode of Friends where Joey keeps searching for a “Hot Girl” in Ross’ building. Your school search reminded me of that 😀

  14. Ha ha ha!! .. Nice one ..

    Crushes to Kids .. Nice transformations we all go thru during our life .. And it’s fun !!

  15. I love the top Calvin cartoon… Where he writes
    “Chumble Spuzz”. I can sooo relate !!! 🙂

  16. Lol…funny!
    They dint let you into school? hahahahaha !

    love the calvin strips!

  17. Lovely calvin strips 🙂 Maza aa gaya 🙂

  18. hey u nvr said abt ur first crush to me?? 😛
    35 years playing with kid(s) ?? how many kids?? 😉

  19. LOL!
    I love those Calvin comics!

  20. the vodafone story was really coool dude…………..

  21. That joke was really very poor alright. I was expecting some sob story end and I get Vodafone. You’ve got to be kidding me! 😛

    Anyway, funny how almost all Natasha’s tend to be hot isn’t it? I had a major crush on one such Natasha last year. I still like her but she’s denied my orkut add request twice. So I get the idea. 😛

  22. Hi, buddy. How are you? I hope well… Lots of hugs!

  23. LOL! good joke about PJ…

  24. Nice articles.Please vist my blog too

  25. You’ve been tagged! 😀

  26. @ all ..
    i will be replying to these comments osoon .
    sorry 😦

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