Ladies and gentlemen  , i hereby announce that this is very much the real me and not my ghost . Yes , i am alive . I have been doing the disappearing act for the last 2 weeks .Well,had been a little busy so couldn’t read ur blogs and couldn’t even reply to ur comments for my last post  😦 . Anyway it took my last 2 hours to read all the unread posts in my reader . PHEW !!!!  Having so many good blogs that u cant stop reading isn’t easy !!!  🙂

Now , coming back to the post , before u make any conclusions let me tell u this post has nothing to do with the novel One night at the call center or with its author Chetan bhagat 😛 .The only reason that made to keep this title was to make u guys a little  curious 😛 .

Well ,most of u know that i have been ranting here in my blog about not getting my joining date 😦  .  I have been trying to find some alternatives but considering that  IT industry  is in deep shit ,its very unlikely that i would be able to find a new job . So for the mean time me and my friends thought of  geting into some BPO/callcenter till our respective recruiters gives us joining date  .

Yesterday as planned we( 5 of us) decided to go to a reputed BPO here in chennai where they have walk in’s daily .Along with another guy, i  reached the place at about 11 and were surprised to see more than 100 students already there waiting ,apparently many for them were like us , fresh ,bright and useless engineers 😛 .

Almost all of them were carrying big files which were supposedly containing their certificates .WE had none .We were just carrying our resumes in hand. Once my other friends came we decided to give our resume in the reception .AFter an hour or so we were called and had some kind of registration . Then we were asked to wait again. We were happy to get some unoccupied seats 🙂 .  30 minutes later we had initial screening . WE were asked to sit in a group of  about 10 ppl  .The HR gave a brief overview about the company and after which she asked each one of us to  tell us about our favorite fruit . Funny eh ?? they supposedly wanted to know how good we speak  .After last guy spoke she wrote something in each one of our resumes and gave to us.  Then their was a panel round where we were bombarded with questions by 2 HR’s .  We were then separated in voice and non voice groups .Apparently those who spoke well were allotted  voice and others non voice .

ME and one of my friend were got voice and other 3 got  non voice . One guy left without completing the interview further because he dint want non voice .OTher two guys were about to leave too but we convinced them to stay . Me and the guy who was selected for voice were asked to go to another center 20 km away for having an interview with some manager .Meanwhile the nonvoice candidates were given a peice of paper and asked to write about some topic 😛

WE started at about 530 and reached the main office at 7 . We waited there till 9 30  and observed how ppl were working there . It was kinda boring and we were becoming restless .IT was quite an odd time to have an interview isn’t it .When i couldn’t stand more  i went and said that i am not interested anymore , I will leave ..But the guy insisted that within 10 minutes u will have ur interview .. after 10 minutes the guy came and started the interview and guess what the same old questions ..Tell me abt urslelf  blah blah.  We finished it off and started to move out .The HR asked us to come for an apti round tomorrow  ( i.e. today ) which was supposed to be just an eyewash .

Other 2 friends who were giving their last round got rejected  cuz one of them got so pissed off that he spoke arrogantly to the HRs  😛 . SO me and other guy too dropped the idea of joining as we had lost the interest. After reaching home we had a group chat and we decided to go to some other BPO to try our luck   😛 .

Its almost 1:30 and my eyes are burning ..sorry if the post has some errors not rechecking it now…. gonna hit the bed  .

CHAO !!!

45 responses to “ONE DAY AT THE CALL CENTER

  1. Call centres are boring to work and I wouldnt suggest you to take it up, because once you are in, you are stuck !!!

  2. All the best for getting a job. But I second Vimal’s suggestion.

  3. I have no idea about call centers but they seemed pretty boring places in the chetan bhagat book of the same title as ur post….
    best of luck if u wanna get into one though…

  4. coool post dude…………these call center guys really try to test our patience………

  5. What is apti round? aptitude round? Would it not be convenient to take it on first day itself. Usually thats the first test BPO HRs take along with written test.

  6. vimal
    yeah ,they are indeed boring…even i dont want to work there ..
    Its just for 2 months or so because they dont have bond and i dont have anything to keep myself occupied 😦

    thanks .. refer my reply to vimal 😛

    i have not read that book … 🙂 and yeah thanks ..IT ins’t diffciult to get into a call center /BPO

    thanks dude …
    yeah , aptitude round. .yes ,it would be convineint ..but no once can understand the recruitment process ..
    ans i said last round is not that seriosu one ..all they need is communcation skill ..

  7. As Reema and vimal said, I wouldn’t suggest you join a BPO. Are you willing to waste all that you studied in 4 valuable years of the peak of your life by joining a BPO? Reconsider your thoughts dude. That is my sincere suggestion. Anyway, is you DO want to go to a BPO, all the best for your job. 🙂

  8. This post was so absorbing it had me hooked from the first to the last line. You have given a very good insight into what happens at these interviews…seems like a mela!! But had no idea that so many engineers would look for call centre jobs…I wonder if they also reject if they feel that you are looking for a temporary job?

  9. Hey leave bpo(s).. There are few small solution companies and even tech based companies.. Try there rather than wasting your time in bpo… U r a topper, so u can get an job easily there…

  10. IT is in bad state man!! Forget getting job as fresher, people are being told to resign for no reason whatsoever.
    BPO are good for temporary job but I suggest don’t be so desperate for job. Sabr ka fal meetha hota hai.
    You can try some *online* business/work in free time. I don’t have any ideas but there must be something.

  11. bt call centre mein helt ki vaat lagti hai re 😥 ur back ki haalat kharab hoti hai 😥 so think b4 u do dat alright????????

  12. @ all
    i dont know if u missed my line or what .. 😛
    So for the mean time me and my friends thought of geting into some BPO/callcenter till our respective recruiters gives us joining date .

    i have no intentions of joining a BPO for making a career .. it is just for the period of 3-4 months …that too i am not sure if i would be able to stick wiht it 😛

    thanks for ur concerns dont want to join a BPOand waste my 4 years of knowledge ..
    i have already wasted it by getting placed in an IT company

    @ NITA
    thanks … I could have written it in more detail ..but it was kinda boring …there are lots of things i dint mention here ..some important things ..
    and if they have a good commiunication skill they will take it .. thats why there is no bond ..anyone can leave any time ..
    they selected me because i said i will work for 1 year atleast .. 😛
    no body accepts that they are looking for a temp job 😀

    @ vidya
    thanks..i am looking jhust for a temp job so anything will do ..i willt ry for them too ..:P

    @ suda

    yeah i know man … 😦 thats the most bad part ..i am stuck .. dont know whther to wait till they call me or to look out for options ..and there are no options ..

    what kind of business work are u suggesting ..i woyld be gald to do that ???

  13. @ riddhima
    he he …
    arre its almost same as a software engineer ,
    dont worry i have not joined ..even if i join i wont stick for more than 2 -3 months 🙂

  14. hmm I am also lookin for a change 😉 will update u all soon ..

  15. and yea, I worked for a call center for 6 months 😀 I left when I got another offer and because of few other reasons

  16. Ahhhhh
    heard about these things…but never expereinced…
    I guess IT sector has just money… and no peace and satisfaction 😦

    sleep wel… and take care dear 🙂

  17. I dont know anything about BPO or what it is like!! But one thing is sure that HR process is same everywhere… they suck!!! 🙂 😀

    And you know what, you can take up writing seriously… i have read Chetan bhagat’s one night at call center and yours simly rocks.. as nita mentions, i couldn’t stop myself from reading the whole post at a stretch and got irritated when my comp closed down unexpectedly… i HAD to come back and read it!!! 🙂

  18. lol,why don’t you try something else?

  19. I 2nd what Suda says. The market is very very bad.

    What is important is to keep your cool. I know it can be frustrating but at this stage one wrong move can make or break your career path.

    Loads n loads luck to you 🙂

  20. Ooops!!!

    Loads n loads *of* luck…:)

  21. @arvind
    Why don’t you ditch the thought of joining an IT company and do something what you wanted to do when you joined engineering? I still want to become a game designer. NOTHING can change my mind to think otherwise.

  22. @dinu
    nice to know that 🙂

    yeah true..just money peace .. 😦
    thanks a lot 🙂

    awww /…. i am flattered .. i have always considered myself a [poor writer .. 😛
    ur comment will give me huge motivation .. 🙂
    thanks 😀

    try what ?? 😛

    yeah i think i need patience … 🙂
    thanks for the wishes ..need lots of them ..

    dude beleie me i wanted tobe a cricketer when i was 10 years old ..
    anways years have passed be. ..
    at least u have an interest “game designer ” *which seems quite interesting ) ..
    i have none ..i wanted to be in software feild because i am good at programming … 😦
    no more specific reasons

  23. Lol, this reminds me of a story some of my seniors in college were telling me the other day. Apparently before joining college, they had joined a BPO to earn some extra bucks during the holidays. So they enjoyed there and would waste their time by calling their friends in other countries. They had no idea that their calls were being monitored and recorded. In a month or so, they got insulted and chucked out. They said they were planning to leave anyway. I’m not too sure if that part was true. But the way they enacted their chucking out for us was hilarious. We never realised we’d missed the Accounts period because we were too busy laughing our asses off.

    Anyway, good luck with your IT Company. And the next BPO. Who knows they might have a Raghu like guy to interview you guys? 😛

  24. Tough times at IT with Wall street crashing. I hope you will find a good job soon. But reconsider your thoughts about BPO, may be you didn’t get to join this company for a reason. may be it was signal to you to not make hasty decision. You could try smaller IT companies.

  25. Hehe…funny post! Much ado about nothing, eh?

    Do not join a call centre at all…not even for the meantime… 🙂 Join the circus instead, you’ll atleast hav fun 😛

  26. I did same.. My joining was 3 months away so I joined call center for 3 months and blew up the money which I got lavishly. It’s fun. No harms in joining for a short duration.

  27. Hey Arvind, I knew you were not gonna tell those guys that you were there for a temp job! But you know, these guys are smart, they guess. The fact that you are an engineer could be a dead give away!

  28. @ish
    well , here we cant call ,:( we just need to recieve them the fun part is missing 😛
    thanks for the wish
    who si rakhu by the way :O

    well ,yes ..even the smaller ones are not taking any freshers in ..infact it seems that the smaller ones are hit the hardest due to the slowdown ..
    anyway thanks for u wishes 🙂

    circus ??
    how much will they pay me 😀 ???

    yeah ..i would have joined had my freinds had got in too 😦

    yes they know it that we are looking for temp jobs..but still thy take us in because the number of ppl they need is huge…
    and the fact that they selected me was a sign that they dont care abt it..i had very good grades … they had doubts so i said them i am going to work atleast for an year and then quit…
    so they took me in 😛

  29. Job hunting and interviewing are not jokes! I guess something needs to be done about the work ethics in India.

  30. arvind,
    great post! gives some insights and info to all fresh grads out there. bpo’s are actually baby steps in this turmoil economic situation. one should consider anything and everything, be it small or big opportunity, to gain some experience whilst waiting for the IT market to recover.

  31. DUDE!
    Good you didn’t join a call center! The cab drivers will rape you at night! 😀

  32. @ solitaire
    Yes indeed !!
    yeah seriously something should be done …

    thanks duded…yeah but the problem is software field doen;t consider the experience gained in BPO sector …

    ROFL ..
    looks like u had experience 😛
    did u take lift anytime 😉

  33. Great reply to Nikhil. 😆

  34. Apti in a BPO?! BTW dude if u are ready for graveyard shift then go, else don’t take risk 😛

  35. Ewwwww!!!

  36. the password is ‘open sez me!!’….just go 2 my blog 2 check…. 😀

  37. y do u wanna work in a BPO??? ur a qualified engineer…

  38. @nita
    😆 :mrgreen:

    yeah … apti in a BPO ..:P
    anyways thats just a eyewash…

    one more 😦
    3 to go now :mrgreen:

    😛 😉

    thats just for temp sake ..

  39. Hey, don’t worry and enjoy the time you’ve..
    Once you’re IN, believe me you would want more free time to spend on yourself…

    And the post if perfect.. No errors… Sleep peacefully 🙂

    My HR interview which I wrote 2 yrs back 😀

  40. Lol.. that was quite an adventure.. but seriously.. have all the fun while you can.. once inside the corporate jungle there’s no looking back.. As someone who went thru exactly the same phase a year back, I tell you, while it may sound fun to make a quick buck here at these BPOs its really isnt worth it.. Use this time to read/write as much as you can.. watch movies and chill..

    Relax.. they’ll call u for work soon.. 🙂

  41. I hate this ‘Tell me about yourself question” .

    Don’t get into a call center, they are monotonous.
    believe me I used to work in one 😦

  42. interviews and selection process are boring :/

    guess they may ask for some SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  43. I agree with Aparna :p

    Infact IT companies itself are tedious and monotonous until you surrender yourself to corporate world, after which it doesn’t make any difference to feel.

    But hey you can always swim into pool of good memories

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