The World according to AMERICA – Funny pics

These are not my creations…stumbled across them while browsing.You can have a look at many more pics like these right here

26 responses to “The World according to AMERICA – Funny pics

  1. LOL 😀 Good ones!!

  2. I had a nice laugh. But sadly, this is an open secret that they think this way.

  3. good ones 🙂 like the second one 🙂 The subcontinent though should be curry, elephants and snake charmers 🙂

  4. LOL!!! We are hellbent to prove that they are dumb! 🙂

  5. These were quite entertaining!

  6. Good collection dude… 😀

  7. Very good indeed. Reminds me of that joke we used to have. Now I can’t even remember it. :/

  8. ROFL… where did you find these? 😀

  9. How are you, buddy? I hope fine… *hugs*

  10. Hahaha… They are absolutely awesome! Thanks for sharing…

  11. Arvind good one 🙂

  12. LOL .. good one man !!!

  13. LOL !!

    I liked the 3rd one the best !! 😛

  14. Where do you guys find all these ?LOL. Those funny americans!!!!

  15. HAhaha! Hilarious post, man! These americans are really into themselves, aren’t they? 😀

  16. We can make a documentary on this 🙂 and I wonder how Indians see the world.

  17. @Reema


    yes they do …it no longer a secret

    lLOl. .yes the snake charmers and the big elephants. .and maharajas thye missed it ..and taj mahal too ;;

    they are dumb …


    oh u forgot 😦 .. ??


    just in some crazy site |

    @smallstar, *
    how are u .?? i am fine ./.

    u r welcome dude




    Lol favourite is first

    @Dinesh Babu

    just while browsing ..lots of them around in net \

    yes they are …
    wonder if bush comes across these

    @chirax, .
    lol ..yes we can …
    how indians see..thats a difficult question

  18. haha that was a good one 🙂

    i wonder how it would on be for – How Indians see the world.

  19. he he he had a nice laughter man… 😀

  20. hi arvind,

    LOL.. these are too funny..
    I saw few of these via email..



    Hilarious, I tell you!!

  22. Bwahaha…. The first image is a wonderful favorite~

    You gotta love the politically correct-ness~

  23. LOL! Simply hilarious! thanks for sharing..

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