TAXI TAXI From sakkarakatti Video song

Well ,Ever since the audio of sakkarakkati was released Taxi taxi song has been a bIg hit . A.R rehman is a genius . Isn’t he ?? I mean he creates magic every time he composes music  and sakkarakatti is no exception . The movie is full of peppy numbers and each song has a feel good factor . BEST of the lot is Taxi Taxi 😀 . This is my personal choice .

I always wanted to watch the video song . Thought of watching the movie earlier but after reading the reviews, i have changed my plan . Unless they telecast it in TV i am not going to watch it 😀 .

Anyways I was searching for the video of TAXI TAXI song on you tube . ALL i could find was this one 😛 . Enjoy the music and the video ofcourse 😀 😛 .


19 responses to “TAXI TAXI From sakkarakatti Video song

  1. Can’t see the video @ ofc.. will watch @ home 😀

  2. LOL 😀 Nice track! Can u dance btw?

  3. A.R.Rahman rocks!!!!! No need to mention you are not dancing. That’s understood on seeing the video LOL 😀

    Arvind may I know where are you living in chennai?

  4. Buddy, dont even watch the movie even if they air it on TV.plsssss, its a request.

    The only good thing about this movie was this song and its picturisation. And the makers have cleverly put this song at the end, so that the audience waits in the hall. One of the best songs to have come out this year. Each time, you listen to the song, there is an adrenalin rush!! Long liive ARR !!!

  5. hi,

    nice vdo pa.
    of course uber kool rahman music.. 🙂

  6. Cool song man.. evn though i didn’t get a word except taxi

  7. Made me nostalgic. I am missing Chennai. 😦

  8. I liked “I miss u da” from that album. Very deep and very sexy. Chinmayee was awesome in the Emanee bit.

  9. Hahahahahaha!! If it weren’t for the disclaimer, I’d have said, “So Cute!” 😀
    Hehehe! Nice track…

  10. Definitely a foot tapping number. That poor guy’s attempt is in fact pretty good 😀

    ARR is too good. No second thoughts on that one.

  11. 🙂 I liked that Naku mukka song…

  12. I heard the video of this song was really bad and didnt complement the song at all.

    2 of my frnds just walked out of the movie during the interval :D:D

    Maybe i must just settle down with the songs

  13. @ manasa
    😦 .. no probs !! 😉

    @ reema
    i wont say i cant because i have never tried… 😀
    i will try someday and let u know if i cant 😛

    @ kanagu
    LOL …
    i am living in east tambaram … u ???

    @ vimal
    Lol .ok i wont 😛
    and yes i agree the best song to have come out this year ..

    hii. .
    yes indeed 😀

    he he … good that atleast u enjyed the music


    come back !!! 😀

    yeah ..i miss u too is good too .. chinmayee has sure got a sexy voice 😀

    LOL 😀
    yes ..he ‘s good ..
    see the video in you tube u will find his account he has one more i guess 😀

    yes thats good ..
    i love the other one too “thozhiya yen kadhaliya ” 😀
    yes i too heard it ..LOL … 😀

  14. I am staying in perungalathur with my friends. My home is in Ennore.

  15. Well, that was a nice dance and good editing too 🙂

  16. Oh, that was AWESOME !!!
    Napoleon Dynamite has
    some competition !!! 🙂

  17. @ kanagu
    oh thats good. .where are u wrking ??

    @ teky
    yeah … 😀

    @ daniel
    Napoleon ??
    well i need to listen to his albums then

  18. I;ve been listening to this song so often that am tired…. 😀

    chk this out—

    heard the movie is el crappo!!!

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