MNS Attacks Railway exam centres

MNS activists attacked the students at the railway exam centers today  morning for the only reason that they were not maharashtrians .  These perverted acts of violence are not new to us anyway  .Remember earlier this year when they they attacked north indian workers in mumbai and the remarks made on amitabh bhachan .

The most depressing and shocking fact is that they even justify it by saying that they want only local students to attend it.There were Protests like this earlier too at some engineering college where they demanded 90 percent reservation for the locals.This is silly . Every Indian whether from north ,south ,east or west has the right to study or work at his choice of place .Doesn’t he ?? If not whats the use calling ourselves citizen of independent india . Right to freedom which is one of the fundamental rights of our country allows a person to reside or settle at any part of the country. So the justifications  does not  make any sense at all . It just promotes regionalism.

Just look at the bigger picture . Imagine every state has a party that comes up and fights for priority for their own state people.Now its just jobs and education ,next they will say we don’t want them to live in our state because they use more resources like food ,electricity etc and they beat up people . Eventually .people will stop going to other states . Woudn’t that be a big blow to the integrity  of the nation as a whole . Imagine a time when our country of over a billion people are limited within states . The time when INDIA will be a nation as whole only on the world MAP .Do we need such regional divides too  when the country is still searching for way to curb communal and cultural divides !!!

20 responses to “MNS Attacks Railway exam centres

  1. Its high time this party is banned before they create more havoc!!!

  2. as the elections are coming we are going to have more of this. this is the sad state of our country today, communal politics. all parties are doing it but MNS has a violent and sick way of going about things.

  3. I am well, thanks 4 asking. ❤


  4. But they haven’t killed anyone??
    I am disappointed!! 😦

  5. For once I liked what Laloo Yadav said about Raj T…he is mentally sick person.
    MNS needs to be banned asap.

  6. The general public, the aam junta irrespective od religion, caste or state should join hands and beat up these political gundas !!! Drive them away from our country !!!

  7. “Woudn’t that be a big blow to the integrity of the nation as a whole” not only integrity but the economics can any state stand on its own? We all contribute to India and not to states. As Nita, pointed out this bullsh## will occurs with the elections sadly every year. WTF people want? We are Indians first right?

  8. Already, there are so many probelms in our country. Now these idiots are adding fuel to burning fire 😦

  9. I don’t know what the hell this guys are doing out there. This MNS must be banned. Why Indian government not taking stringent action against them? This type of violences only encourage some movements in other states to do like this for the sake of vote. Its time to educate the illiterate people who may fall prey to this kind of activities.

  10. This is just a stupid political stunt that they play. Losing jobs to immigrants from other states is just an illusion. It is a competitive world, and if Maharashtrians go to other states for job they are not beaten up there. Growth will halt if we have to give jobs only to the folks in a particular region. So after this there will be a city level divide. Pune people will only need to find job in Pune and not Mumbai. This is just stupid.

  11. “unity in diversity” …hmm…whats that again?

  12. the last para of this post really made me think !!! see, what happens if you have a party like that in blore ? most of the IT and ITES companies will be forced to close down ……….. this is something really complicated, and needs to be killed in its infancy ……

    no excuse of course, when the leader comes out and challenges the govt to arrest him .. come on … this is India .. dont forget that !!

  13. I am glad that Raj Thackeray has been arrested.

  14. More problems will be coming up with the arrest of RT and his gag order…cries of outrage against freedom of speech probably! damn politics!

  15. @praddy
    yes ..thats the only way out

    yes sad indeed ..
    its really shocking that they bring politics in every single issue…
    was watching a new channel yesterday .,.shiv sena and MNs were playing blame games there /./.

    welcome 😀

    @ amit
    RAj would be disspointed ..
    sick guy !!!

    @ reema
    hehe ..yeah …raj thakrey is a mental case thats what lalu said .. 😛

    I wonder if that could happen here in india ..
    if aam janta does something like that police will be there with guns ..
    when party workers do it no police would be present ,only the media ..:(

    we are indians right ..i think we should teach the party workers first …then they can learn about the economics too 😀

    yes ..that right..we can call it adding fuel to fire 😦

    Banning is the only solution left …
    and as for the educating them..i think MNS workers are educated .. 😦

    this is stupid …and as i said most schocking thing is that they justify it and the government does nothing about this..
    RAj has been arrested but i am sure he wil get bail and will be back in business again..
    another sad part is most of the MNS workers are educated and i dont know howthey could justify it …

    thanks 🙂 will do

    yes ,these acts should be stopped as soon as bpossible..
    a ban on MNS will do a lot of good 😀

    me too… lets party 😛 ..

  16. @ apar
    yes …. but ..i say arrest them all ..
    bring army in 😛 .
    punish them in such a way that they shoudl not even think oif doing it again ..

  17. Just see hoe much loss this terrorist has caused to maharashtra in a single day..Can one count the number of public tranport buses his followers destryoyed?Is this how one save marathis !! And for all dumb blind followers,see his statement “If you arrest me,whole maharashtra will burn” ha ha..indeed son-of -soil attitude ..

    Today,we are named by our nationality..sooner,we all will be named by our state name,later by district name,later by muncipality,then thaluk,then village then streets,then lanes ..then….err,then what will people like Raj do..Poor people,they will be indeed bored then :-/

    Shoot them at sight..If I were in power,i’ld shoot down all jihadists,all Dal guys and insane guys like these..grrrr……

  18. @ nimmy

    yes ..u are right …they are just blind followers.. .its a shame that even after getting educated they dint get a proper sense ..

  19. Thackrey is a useless politician who survives on such such acts of desh bhakti. he is a shame on maharshtrians.

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