Ranganathan Street – Mambalam !!!

Mambalam is probably one of the most prominent areas in chennai .I would say any tourist who has missed  this place,  has missed the real chennai. Textiles,jewellery,electronics,footware  ..u name the shit and it is available .Clearly a shoppers paradise. Perhaps the only place where u can do exaustive shopping .. Crowd is a synonymous word for the place .The fact that its very close to Railway station and Bus stand makes it all easier for people to come along with the family  from any place.

But when it comes to festive season ,especially diwali , shopping can  really  be an ardous job.You will have to think twice before deciding to enter Ranganathan street . All you need to do is get out of the train . You need not even walk, the crowd will take u to the end of street but yeah it will take nearly an hour to cover the street that is hardly 100 meters long . Roads which practically can never be neat are full of  pot holes  and when it rains the place becomes really messy  . Come in shorts if you don’t want to spoil ur pants 😛 . When u are out of the street u are relieved like u have just won a war .But thats not true ,shopping takes a lot more . All that glitters is not gold !! who cares !!!. When You  enter the tallest and the best looking building around , you will find that almost half of the crowd from ranghanathan street too marches towards it.The best option to reach the top floors of a multistory building like this one are lifts but not here , they will either be not working or so overloaded that u  would hardly be able to get in .SO climb up  ,atleast u will  lose some calories  .It would be wise Carry oxygen cylinders  to avoid suffocation   while you are inside the building . You wont find a single place where u can stand peacefully .Billing section queue will be as long as the queue outside a stadium with India-pak match and dont even think about going to  the  stinky  trial rooms 😛 you will have to wait till evening for that  . All these things are common for almost all the major shops located there .

Going back home safe is no kids job too . ALL the buses and trains will be over crowded . consider it ur lucky day if u get a space to stand on ur two legs . ( And if u are among those few souls planning to come on their own vehicles find a solution beforehand for parking problem 😛 )

And when u reach home  u cant help but feeling proud of making it through all the obstacles successfully . U pat ur own back and say What a DAY ??  I have made it

Anyways  the post was about picture of the day i guess .. 😛 .So here u go …

what a crowd !?!?!

26 responses to “Ranganathan Street – Mambalam !!!

  1. Aha!!! Last sunday we had gone for Diwali shopping and by the time we came back I was almost dead. There was so much rush ki I can’t tell you….but then part of life 🙂

    And the picture wud surely encourage me to stop going out for diwali shopping 🙂

  2. Hey this reminds me I have been here like so many time when I was in Chennai good ole days of engineering 🙂 If I am not wrong there is a station near by ? I Love Chennai 😀

  3. @ smitha
    LOL… yes its fun to shop in such a crowd .. 😛

    @ chirax
    thats good man..
    which college did u studied ??

  4. lol…hey this street is not only crowded on diwali times but i have always seen this road crowded… Diwali shopping over huh???

  5. haha.. guess u might have emptied ur wallet 😛

    I visited Madras a decade ago and the only place I remember is Vadapalani 😀

  6. Oh my god!!! I cant bear such crowdy places. I m still fine with it but my dad avoids crowds like plague. So I guess visit to this street is out of question if we ever visit chennai.

  7. lol i live pretty close,in W mamblam 😀 How is the place 😉 We never go there,we prefer spencers or Lifestyle or shoopers stop or well the others in general 😀 man,thye have made the place oneway and all,making it tough for us to travel…

  8. I have been there to the R. Street several times in my life. The experience is exactly the way you have described. The thing is this place is crowded even on a weekday afternoon. Quite Unbelievable. You can actually get out of the R. Street if you know a shortcut. There is a Sathya Bazaar on the way, a small street full of shops with electronics. If you enter there you will be able to come out of Usman Road and you can avoid the rest of the crowd.

  9. Baap re!! How did you manage to click that picture!!??

  10. I just HATE Ranganathan street! Had been there to shop for my mom’s brother’s marriage. Hell on earth to me. 😀

  11. I avoid that street like the plague, but yeah; you can get anything and everything there – vegetables to jewelry (fake & real 😉 ) I took A once there…he literally cringed!!
    As I asked you, how did u manage to return in one piece?! I would not have dared even go to T Nagar , let alone Ranganthan St. pre-deepavali especially on the one day it did not rain 😀

  12. I had to drop by my cousin’s place which was close to the Joy Allukas showroom last sunday. Gosh! That place has changed SO Much! The flyover and such a tremendous explosion of people…

    But I guess, every city needs to have one such place. Where else would the lower middle class common man get to shop for his family economically during festivals?
    R.Street rocks!

  13. good post ! i actually like the madness ,its fun to visit rt.street once a while,blore has similar places too like chickpet for sarees n brigade n comm street ..every city has such places 🙂 but in chennai wow,ppl buy silks n gold like crazzy ! tats wow for me 🙂

  14. How did you manage to take a picture of that wretched streeet maaaaan ????

    Perhaps the only place I wouldnt dare visiting in chennai is this Ranganathan ‘theru’. I could bear the smell of Koovum river, but taking me to that street is equal to butchering me !!!

  15. India seems like an awesome place. Its one place that I wished I had visited when I was in Asia.

    Perhaps someday soon!

    A lot of folks on that street! haha

  16. That was T Nagar? We always feared going there on Sundays. You don’t need to walk at all. Just stand there and the crowd will take you to where ever you want.

  17. @ tweety
    yes it is crowded on normal days but not this much ..where u cant even walk .. 😦
    and yeah diwali shopping over 😀

    @ manasa
    actually ,my hsopping was over 2 weeks back. .i just accompanied my freind 🙂
    and i took my wallet only for eating pav bhaji .yummy !!! 😀

    @ reema
    😛 ..visit it on the least probable day …like mondays afternoon …with no festivals coming .. you can atleast walk peacefully 😀

    @ vishesh
    spencers is a very good option ..shop in peace …
    GO on a weekend evening even it is getting crowded these days …

    yeah i know satya bazaar and infact that was how i go normally .. now that too has got busy …already it is very narrow …
    and the post was written with a genrala point of view …no many know the satya bazaar ..infact even many locals dont lknow the route 😛

    @ varun
    LOl …the crowd was moving slowly so clicked the pic by raising my mobile 😛
    people did look a bit surprised ..but who cares 😀 ??
    @ anniyan
    ROFL 🙂

    LOL …
    i just managed 😀 somehow …
    I never wnated to go there but my freind insisted to come 😀
    had nothing else to do at home too ..

    @ srikanth
    yeah ,,,rightly said. ..
    I mean lower middle class people cant afford to go adn buy in malls and expensive showrooms ..T nagar is the right place for them …not only for them but also for others…

    @ meghna
    LOL.. yes people are crazy here for gold and clothing ,., 😛

    @ vimal
    LOL ..just took it while walking … 😛 .

    @ islam
    Yes indeed… 😀
    where are u from ??

    @ amit
    yes thats the starting of Tnagar …once u go pass the street .it will be better ..just slightly better 😛

  18. OMG!!
    Gud old ranganathan street!
    Never seen it THAT crowded, though…looks like most of chennai decided to shop there!!!
    Nice pic!!

  19. @ kaddu
    its not chennai as i said even people from outside chennai shop there .!! :
    and yeah i forgot ur password. .cant check ur new posts

  20. Nah!! I don’t..send me to a mall and I can spend the whole day there 😉

  21. argh i just hate this road and the saravanas 😦

    Been there a few years back and hated it so much, never been there since then!!!

  22. @ smitha
    Lol. .even i can spend a whole day there… 🙂

    @ praddy
    he he. .. yeah its too crowded there …i too hate the place. .[

  23. I went there by last night. But I enjoyed much as it is cool evening and also determined not to get irritated by this crowd 😉

  24. Hi,

    Saravana Stores in Renganathan Theru ?, i heard the Street name in Saravana Stores Ad 🙂

  25. The password is- “open sez me!!” jus copy wats in the quotes and paste it…actually i posted only once on that page…my latest post is on my regular page itself…coz my mom lost my url… 😀

  26. bro how the hell did u get tat pic
    is it not wit ur mobile on tat day

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