Welcome back after the short Diwali break . I hope u had a rocking time with ur family 🙂 .

Well, the pic on the left is exactly how i am feeling right now cuz my PC is really fucked up.  It  is having a strange problem when it comes to compatibility with anti virus softwares , Seems strange huh ??  ITs true . My PC starts acting weirdly when ever i have an anti virus installed in it . The anti virus has turned out to be Anti Os for my case :D.

IT all started about six months back when i had installed AVG anit virus , the crappiest anti virus of all time , My OS was stable but it used to take a whopping 40-50 MB of my memory for one of its process . Thats too much considering that i just have a 256 DDR ram . Being a game freak i was not able to play any games . The game used to crash after sometime because of low memory . And moreover The anit virus never found the virus even though i know there were many 😛 . SO i decided to remove the anit virus .

My system was happy as soon as i uninstalled AVG and it started working normally . For many months i dint install any anit virus . And IT should have stayed like that But unfortunately one fine morning i decided to use kasperesky . and guess what , My pc fell ill again . It used to restart every 30 minutes or so automatically . Sometimes even before that . Yeah , the mighty anti-virus seems to have some differences with my OS 😦 . So i removed it too .

And my system started working fine again as good as new . DAMN !! what a crazy system I have !! Anyways i decided never to install any anti virus again . But Yesterday when i tried to connect my W810i to my freinds PC to transfer some Photos ,it showed some alert .Apperantly my memory card had a virus . I was impressed so i came back home and tried that anti virus Bit Defender pro . It took hell lot of time to install and finally when i scanned my PC it showed one VIrus/trojan and quarantined it . It was the first time any anit virus software had detected a virus since the day i had installed SP2 . Then when i restarted the System after boot up it showed an error .Cannot find windows script file C:/windows/system32/virusremoval.vbs .Thats when the problem started again . AS soon as the error popped up ,my Desktop disappeared . And since then my Desktop/taskbar/applications are playing hide and seek with me . I tried uninstalling the BIt diffender but no use . Apperantly the stupid anti virus deleted some system file too .along with the virus.  I thought of  system restore but guess what   there were no restore points . Can u beleive it ??  The only option left is to reinstall the OS but I need to get rid of 2 problems .First , I need to backup some of the files that are still stored in C drive but the Mycomputer wouldn’t open 😦 .Second , I have the OS on DVD and my DVD drive isn’t working 😦 .

How helpless can a man get ??

The only thing working fine are my speakers and my modem 😦 . Even now ,my firefox is running without a desktop in the background 😛 . IT took 15 minutes to find a way to open the browser . Wow, amidst all this i have successfully written a post . Anyways i am leaving now … Got to do something with my system .

CIAO !!!!


  1. congo for 300000 visitors…mela party kaha hai?[ : D ]

  2. East or west, Norton is the best.
    Happy Diwali!!! 🙂

  3. aha i am not finding any problems for kaspersky,i paid and got a licensed version since a lot of keys were getting blacklisted ! honestly i’m fed up of virsues too,so switching steadily to ubuntu 🙂

    Hey did u try “run C:/” from the run,u said My computer is not opening ? tats d only solution i can think of to help u 😀 to back up all ur stuff !

  4. @ sweetu
    haan haan de doonga 🙂

    @ amit
    norton takes the shit from my systems memory tried it long back . 😦 it was protecting my PC ..but i was not able to run any applications 😦

    @ meghna
    yes actually i too want ton try ubuntu .. 🙂
    and as u said i did try c: and but as i said it dissapears as soon as it appears .. 😦
    copy paste takes time ..
    i dont get that much time 😦

  5. anti virus became anti os, because you are an anti social LOL hahahah

  6. That sucks.

    And that’s about the only real help I can give you :/

  7. Hey Arvind,
    Terrible incidences after another. Norton and AVG doesn’t cut for my system. It just slows down the machine and makes matters worse. I’ve not tried Kaspersky.

    Why don’t try installing Avast, Spybot and Spyware Doctor? I have them on my machine, and it’s working great! Especially Avast. It does not slow down or occupies memory.

    Best of luck and hope your PC would get well soon 🙂

  8. Whoa! What the heck are you gonna do? I can totally sympathize with you- my HDD crashed a month back and I actually lost tons of stuff. 🙂 After that, I reformatted my laptop…everything was OK for sometime. Then it just wouldn’t start! I thought it had something to do with my power cord (it has happened before). Looks like there’s some other issue going on. SO- I decided to move away from PC/Windows and got a Mac. I would advise you to do the same 😀 😛 😉 No known viruses for OSX.

  9. Classic example of “Who will guard the guards?” 😀

  10. These days anti-virus applications are nothing but a hogger. As long as you are not using pen drives connected to other machines, memory cards etc etc you don’t need the anti-virus application. Connect your hard-disk to another machine and transfer all the data you need. Also, using your friend’s DVD-ROM copy the OS installation files into your D drive. Make a boot disk too. Format your C drive and install a fresh OS. Everything would be fine after this :D…. Enjoy

    PS: Don’t install anti-virus ever again

  11. heheheh… Format the entire space n re-install the OS.

    I formatted mine some 3 yrs ago. Till now, never faced such issues 🙂 cos I don’t play games 😉

    I use Norton antivirus. It works fine..

  12. How can you keep internet without an anti virus in the PC?
    I think u have the same problem like my sister had few weeks back. Its a patched virus. It is stored as a system file and the moment u delete it , OS is corrupted. See this post

  13. Opps, do you need to re-format the system. i hope you have back up :). Also, Arvind change your RAM, please 🙂

  14. “256 DDR ram” which age are you in ,stone age?

  15. Dude..Get yourself Avast..Goes pretty light and is pretty efficient too. Just that you need to keep it updated…which can be done on the fly. Been using it for quite sometime now.
    But then…I don’t use windows much 🙂

  16. coool post dude…………even i’m having the same probs with my system…………….congrats for crossing 300,000 mark dude…………………….

  17. Remember Nikhils post on how to destroy a PC, thats what you should do !! LOL , how sadistic, huh!!!

    Bro, I have been having problems with two of my laptops since june 13th and Im still fighting the battle. Well, its a long story !!!

  18. switch to ubuntu 🙂 use WINE u can access all ur windows files if required ! using WINE ,u can play any game u want even on ubuntu 🙂 Ubuntu ki jai ho !

  19. i think i am visiting your blog for the second time and this time i thought of leaving a comment……i too had a similar problem with my system…..but it had some other complications too. 😛
    its mother board was unbeatable( u had never know when it would work and when it would stop)….the cpu had to be actually given good heavy fists to get it working……but finally i got rid of it and brought laptop…….i recommend you to dispose it off and rather spend your money on buying a new system else it is all going in trash…..and try installing norton antivirus…i believe it works best 🙂

  20. I think you need to upgrade you pc so that it becomes compatible with the various anti-viruses. Anyway, I don’t know too much about these things and hope you have solved your problems. I use Avast. Its good.

  21. Why don’t u use linux?

  22. @dinu
    LOL 😛

    thanks foir visiting dude …

    THANKS FOR the advice ..actually i should try avast lot of recommendations for that ..
    and yes spyware too … my computer sure has a adware /malware somewhere in my system …..

    OMG ..,.lost data .. ?? i cant imagine that .,,… now i am getting scared …i need to backup my data 😦 …
    hmm ..macbook ..yes will buy it soon let me join my job and earn some bucks 😀
    anyways my system is fine now ..i mean almost fine 😛

  23. @nikhil
    :d exactly system is fine now ..unfortunately dummy’s guide to destroy ur pc was not needed 😦 😛

    Lol ..yes …actually its really diffcult to carry my harddislk everywhere i go pen drives are best …and the only thing my anti virus has done properly (after formating c : and installing new OS ) is that it removed the lame virus from my memory card whihc was main accused in the murder of my OS 🙂 ..

    aah ..playing games doesn’t do anything to ur computer … 😛
    and there is n way i can format mmy entire PC ..i will die if i lose my precious data ..

    actually firewall is enough ..antivirus is not needed if u dont have any important info leik credit card details in ur PC ..and believe my i had turned off my firewall too for sometime ..
    my computer was slow but never showed anysigns of virus

  24. Wait a minute. I thought I commented on this post. It was a very long comment and I listed few tips you can use. Damn. Its not here? I don’t understand 😦

  25. @chirag
    yes i formatted but only c drive ..
    and will get a ram soon 🙂

    lol yes … may be .. 😛

    man 3-5 people are recommending avast 😛 .. must use it and will try ubuntu too …have a free cd but then i dont have much space to install it 😛

    thanks man .. solve it before it eats up ur PC ..

  26. @vimal
    we are ready for ur story ..
    post it in ut blog 🙂
    then i will give forward some suggestions people have been giving me 🙂 😉

    I have a ubuntu Cd ..i just fell lazy to use it ..and moreover iot asks for sperate space ..i have just 40 GB hard disk 😛 and most of it is occupied 😛 so finding new space for a ubuntu is difficult

    lol … even my motherboard is giving me problems… every time i install a new OS asks for new drivers 😛 funny eh ? ..yeah i should buy a laptop ..a macbook would do 😛

    yes ..its fine now 🙂 and i am using the same anti virus which got the better of my system ,..i guesss i shoud use avast

    I should use it … never tried till now ..dont know why ?? 😦

    dont know ,man ..i even checked my spam Its not there 😦
    😦 anyways thanks dude PC is fine now …

  27. haye haye!!i am protesting against arvi as he has not yet added mee in his hall of fame.He promised mee of tat 1 year bak n still hv done nothing[ 😦 ]

  28. Run any linux through a livecd and backup ur data, because you’ll have to reformat ur hdd and install the os again.. and if u really like playing games, i wonder how u survive on 256 mb ram…
    and try avira as an antivirus after u get ur system up and running.. its pretty good

  29. better idea ,using WUBi -windows based ubuntu installer,install ubuntu inside windows,work aramse,u dont need any partition hassles,works excellently with ubuntu 8.04 lts onwards ! just type in WUBi or u can order a Cd ,the CDS come with WUBi based installer,its a really cool feature 🙂

    chk this link

  30. I’m using AVG .. It is going great guns in my Laptop ..

    Touch wood !!

  31. Precisely for this reason …..I hate PCs & Laptops….. & love good old paper and pen.

  32. @sweetu
    arre tera comment meine delete kiya tha 😦 fir aa gaya

    i should try linux sometime 🙂 ..
    and about the games ,i think there are loads and loads of games that run on 256 MB ram ..its just nowdays that games are getting heavier …demanding 2 GB of ram ..
    well i satisfy myslef by playing counter strike ,age of empires ..256 mb ram is morethan enough for them 🙂

    gotta try it soon. .i have a ubuntu now but thats 6.0 version so i should order again 😛

    great .. I used AVG ,,and i feel it totally sucks … it has never pointed out a single virus in my system ..i even keep updating it 😛
    i have removed it anyway 😛

    lol ..
    how would u blog/surf /play games with paper and pen 😀

  33. dude… as Meg has said it already, try Ubuntu… its the best u can get ur PC… Anniyan too has a 40 GB HDD but is using WinXP + Ubuntu + Counter Strike game + Age of Mythology + A load of english and tamil songs + his project related “bulky” softwares. use a simple mantra give 6gb partition for XP… 5GB for Ubuntu, 512MB for Swap(u’ll know while installing Ubuntu) and the rest of the space in one partition. this will prevent “bleeding over” of free space and u can enjoy best of both worlds! 🙂

  34. arvind !!!!!!!!!!!!!chooooooo sad story yar
    upgrading ur pc is the only way yar i know u cannot wait 4 solong sorry its now i thougt of ur blog

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