Roadside Romeo – A must watch !!!!


Well , I was quite apprehensive to go and watch the movie . I was like sheeesh !!! bollywood and animation movie  ??? .   WTF !!! Only reason i went was i dint want to miss this blogger’s meet after messing up the plans during the previous one . Had a real great time there with all of them . It was fun seeing A running and playing his heart out .He was such a cutie .Anyways coming back to the movie , first thing i would like to say is clear your misconceptions its definitely not a Kids movie . Infact elders would love the movie much more .

Every scene in the movie has been made in bollywood ishtyle 😛 . With Hero ,heroine , heroes’ friends and a villian , the movie is pure stereotype bollywood flick 😛 . Of course all characters are DOGS 😛 but that’s what makes the movie even more funny  and a treat to watch . Can u imagine a dog (Romeo-hero) being struck by cupid and a villain (charlie anna )who too fancies his chances of making Laila (the bitch ,no pun intended 😛 ) his girl freind  😛 .

The characters are just amazing ,be it the “chamcha” of charlie anna , the cat (romeos freind) , the cute little rat that gives special appearance every once in a while or the charlie Anna himself  ,all of them are fun filled goofy charecters . Special mention to charlie’s (anna’s) angles – silk sumitha , nylon nalini and polyster padma 😛 ( people from south would relate to that very well ) :mrgreen:

The whole movie is pictured on the streets making the name Roadside romeo a complete apt title . Every detail in the movie looks so real in the sense that the shops ,cars in the background are exactly the way u see in ur neighbourhood . A complete Desi effect 😛 . The dialogues and dubbed voices are just awesome . Javed jaffery Is simply the best . He has complemented charlie anna’s charecter very well . iist aar vest charli anna bestttt 😀 .

From the very first frame  ,the movie is addictive .  Even after the movie Got over we were glued to our seats .Like many movies they showed animated behind the scenes of the movie . When people  realized ,they stopped in the middle of the aisle and started watching it . I think this movie has taken Indian animation movies to a new level . Only regret i had after coming out of the cinema hall was that it could have been a little long . I wanted to see more of charlie Anna 😛  . Nevertheless it was a complete entertainer .

Peppy dance numbers with dogs shaking their hips , goofy characterizations , unbelievably hilarious dialogues and the handsome , dashing villain charlie anna make the movie a must watch whether u are a kindergarten kid or 60 year old veteran  😛 .

Thats all folks . In charle anna style .

Aeengilssssss De Enddddddddddddd !!!!

I  will leave u with this COOL song 🙂

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38 responses to “Roadside Romeo – A must watch !!!!

  1. Ohh really? But its a YASH RAJ LOVE STORY FILM!!!! How can we dare to watch it??? 😀 😀

  2. Dude dont go by the yash raj banner.. his love story might suck but u can dare to watch this movie …
    More than story u should watch it for the characters …its amazing ..the story is nothing great …but the movie is aweosme

  3. I am going to give it a try 🙂

  4. Well man wat a movie it was…still i am speaking in charlie anna’s slang…..guess the movie cud have made fun of more yash raj the final DDLJ train climax….people would have loved it. My only apprhension was how the kids in north would get the charlie anna slang..I took a few mins to get it….am sure its gonna be a bit tough for them… But as said this is not just a kid’s movie 🙂

  5. so, u liked it tooo … so many smileys??

  6. A enjoyed it and all the running around too 🙂 Thanks to all you guys for the good break from monotony! 🙂

  7. will watch eeeet 😛

  8. Cool review…though my chance of watching it are less but may be I will….

  9. I wanna watch it!!!!! It seems a very funny and crazy movie!! 🙂 😀


    btw, how are you? I just hope everything is fine for you! *HUGS*

  10. Ok now Yash is trying his luck wih animation. I will give it a shot. Thanks to all praise by you.

  11. I watched it, it was good but not Hollywood standard in terms of storyline. 🙂

  12. Sounds like a cool movie to watch with the Kid. Thanks for the review, will definitely watch it. I love Javed Jaffri’s voice. He was amazing as the Genie!

  13. it was tooooo goood man..i totally loved it :))

    best character was Charlie Anna :))

  14. actually its got pathetic ratings ! i heard there is no story at all ! n we have a long way to go in matching international standards liek d Shrek series ! but i think ill watch it since u recommend it with such enthu 🙂

  15. n a bloggers meet ?! wow 🙂 u guys had one in Chennai ! im jealous now !

  16. well, u really hv inspired me to watch it now ..

    i was a bit skeptical like u were with bollywood and animation .. but now as u hv reviewed it well, I mght give it a try !!

  17. @kanaguy
    you should man …

    yes man i loved charlie anna more than romeo .. 😛 and as u said i would be difficult to north indian kids ..infact it would be difficult for the elders too … 😛

    yes i did ..and never mind the smilies ..I would have used them even if hadn’t liked it ..

    keep visiting dude 🙂

  18. @apar
    yes .it was a relief from my monotonous life too 😛

    sure dude

    🙂 ,,,better if u watch it ..its really good

    yes thats a crazy movie ..UI will not understand it though ..
    i am fine ..thanks for asking
    🙂 hugs

  19. @reema
    🙂 i hope u like it too

    which bollywood movie had a story line these days ..seriously man i watching a bollywood movie after a long long time .. Its too harsh to expect hollywood kind of animation movies from bollywood. ..It will take 50 more years .

    you should watch it ..
    apar’s kid was there and he was glued to the screen ..plz dont compare it with Hollywood ones 😛

    yes man too. .iis aar vest charlie anna best 😛

  20. @meghna
    well i really feel for a bollywood movie its very good ..people expect more and finally they get disappointed ..
    The movie is not about story its about the humour it has got .. that too in desi style ..

    give it a try and as i have said to others dont expect too much by comparing it with hollywood animation movies

  21. @arvind: glad to know that u are fine, buddy….. 🙂


  22. sounds like a cute movie arvind. i was thinking of seeing it, and I guess I might soon if it keeps running.

  23. A really nice movie, from Indian animation standards, All the animations are done in Mumbai by VCL, Tata Elxsi, my earlier employers 🙂

  24. Hey have you been? 🙂
    Well, seems like a promising one..but the reviews were not so good that your review was good, will watch t..But I am not sure if this movie will be released in US.
    And you had a blogger’s meet?? Wow..that must have been exciting! 🙂

  25. @smallstar
    same here
    *kisses* 😀

    yes it .. its good …no story though 😛

    wow thats cool man .. so u are a animated by profession ??

    i am fine ..thank u dude, ,how are u …
    Lol…i am sure they wont release there ..people there definately wont like it ..ITs not hollywood types..trying downloading and watch … was fun …infact it was the second. ….and we are planning to have it quite often .. 🙂

  26. You are the first one who is saying good things about the movie. 🙂

  27. Ohh is it good….when I saw the promo I thought it was like hum tum …was a bit surprised 2 c whole movie is animated….hehe…ya we can relate the villian part def….silk smita was the item girl in telugu decade ago may be…..
    🙂 shud give it a try then

  28. was i the only person to have not liked the movie ??? i enjoyed every bit of our meet, but not the movie. It didnt work for me 😀

  29. Ha ha no I am into storage business 🙂

  30. @amit
    LOL … i dont know what to say

    yeah try it 🙂 IT kind of time pass … people like me who stay away from serious movies will enjoy it ..

    Lol …U had lot of expectations i guess 😛 .

    oh …fine 🙂

  31. Oh good…might check it out this weekend.
    Nice blog

  32. Yeah …the movie was absolutely awesome …
    and for a change the villain was better then the hero..
    Charlie annaa rocked…animation was better then ny indian movie so far..
    btw great review..
    great blog..

  33. @meira
    yes see it .,..its good ..thanks 🙂
    thanks for visiting 😀

    dude ..why dint u leave ur blog address ..
    thanks ,,keep visiting .. 🙂

  34. will watch it dude… i think i convinced myself not to watch it after seeing the 2.5 star rating in Bangalore Mirror… u’ve turned my mind now… 😛

  35. Looks cute ! I love the song. COOL !!! 🙂

  36. Looks cute ! I love the song. COOL !!! 🙂

  37. I’m a fan of animated movies 😀 😀 😀
    I’m a kungu panda LOL

    hmm, should try this one 🙂

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