The massive campaign which started 2 years ago gave its fruit today when obama won the majority votes and created history by making into the white house inspite of being african-american who were once treated as slaves .As obama says change is finally here .  He will be the 44th president of the United states.

Did any of you hear his speech  ?? It was awesome .Well, now I have just one question –

Will the indian outscourcing/IT industry get a blow after he comes to power ??

29 responses to “OBAMA WINS

  1. I am very happy that an African American is the next President of USA. I am however, not overjoyed with the fact that Obama is the next President. Making history just because of race and color would not defy the fact that the US economy is in deep hell-hole and that results in world wide turmoil. Lacking experience and leadership qualities, immature economical plans and many more. These are some of the attributes that would result in failure of democracy and supremacy of US.

    I second your opinion of change, but the fact is we are dealing with a fragile position that requires more than just color. Speeches can be awesome only to the ear, but I always believed that action speaks more than words.

  2. its surely a moment in history ! even i’m wondering how bad will our insdustry be affected by his win

    yet to see his speech ! but he finally made it there 🙂 what a victory!

  3. Historical presidential election and a great result ..

    I guess AMericans have changed with time and they are no more racist bunch of people .. This result proves that ..

    Ofcourse, Obama is anti-outsourcing so software technology is gonna suffer a huge blow .. Wait adn watch will be the right thing to do now !

  4. ha…imagine if BPOs are deserted…we will have a huge gang of jobless people…

  5. I hope the markets recover

  6. Its good that obama has won..his victory as we had seen was not jsut because of his race n color but due to his speaking abilities and power to convince people for a change.

    And I dont think outsourcing will be affected,bcoz franky outsourcing is a solution for the current crisis its a boon for Cost saving.i see financial clients of my company cutting down jobs o’er there but increasing head counts here.Ofcoz its not just cost but also the immese skill n knowledge we have….so i cant see the slightest problem for outsourcing with Obama

  7. Nopes It cant be… althou soem measures are sure to be taken as he promised but a full stopage not at all…

  8. Don’t think so… Even if he wants to stop outsourcing, does US have sufficient manpower to work on?

    There isn’t a single “Made is America” stuff I’ve seen so far. All gadgets, clothes, porcelein have Made in China, Taiwan, Japan, Srilanka, Korea and India 🙂 Have you seen either ?

    Its like you know the work, yet you hire a maid, pay her and get the household work done 😀

  9. That was an awesome speech. I haven’t heard it yet but i read it. He is surely bring about lots of changes every where. Not just IT.

  10. Yeah, I did hear his speech too. It was nice and inspiring.

    About the second question, I don’t know. I guess the pressures have only just begun for Obama. Now that he’s become President, he’s got loads of things to do. He needs to do something about the Economic situation. He needs to call back his soldiers from Iraq which he promised. And then there’s the foreign policy. If he succeeds, everyone would love him. If he doesn’t, then everyone will hate him more than everyone hated Bush. They’ll think that we elected this guy and if he doesn’t succeed, more racism and all that. However, we should not be negative right? Time will tell.

  11. Frankly speaking I have no idea how it will affect our IT industry but yes I remember reading somewhere that in short term at least things might not be so good…

    Speech??? Lemme try searching for it…

  12. I am glad he won. I am not sure how it will affect Indian IT. We have to wait and watch.

  13. thats a new chapter adding in the history of US . people all over the world have so many hopes associated to this man and i hope he lives up to it. from the beginning i too had my hands up for obama . i hope that his reign proves to be beneficial to india and to the rest of the world
    and yes i am very happy that bush has finally moved out. good for US and for the world 😛
    i didnt listen to his speech…i just viewed the news channel to find if he had won

  14. Yes, I heard the speech last night and it was great! I can’t even begin to describe how I felt. It was that good. Supposedly, the Indian Stock Market was down as soon as news hit that Obama is the next President. Quite possible that Indian outsourcing will be hit hard.

  15. I wish I couldn’t care… 😀

  16. Indian outscourcing/IT industry get a blow after he comes to power ?

    Moderatly and initially yes, but then again outsourcing is for their own good. We’ll come around.

  17. Yah! Heard it….it was fantastic & I am very happy that he has won 🙂

  18. I heard his speech too!! I wish our country could have a leader like him !!

  19. @kiran
    well ,\he dint win just because of his color and race ..i second ur opinion when u say he doesnot have leadership skills ..he has proved it by becoming the next president in just 4 years after coming to senate ..
    i really dont know why u are so anti-obama .. may be u r correct and may be u r not ..we will come to know in the future ..
    I dont have much idea about both of their plans so cant say who would be a better one for america and also for the world ..

    race is no more a means to judge people …
    well,about the software industry getting blow .. i just hope nothing big happnes ..

    as soham said we will have to wait and watch

    dont imagine ..ITs will not just affect BPO it will have its effect on every sector .. may not be overnight effect but it will effect other sectors too ..

  20. @reemalol ,.,..i have seen u commenting this somewhere else too ..have u invested ?

    yes , he has been awesome in amassing such a huge majority of supporters.. and i just hope what u said is what happens 🙂 … u have a point when u say that its actulaly a boon for current financial crisis …

    hmmm … hope no change comes .. 🙂

    LOL ..
    so we are like maids 😛
    anyways ,yes manpower would be a big problem for them ..and even they would have to pay 10 times higher than here …

  21. @varun
    let him bring anywhere not in india..not in IT ..i am about to start my career in that sector 😛 already the crisis has added fuel to fire . 😦

    yes ,now expectations are huge . and when expectation are so high that they cant be fulfilled completely

    did u find the speech ..u can read it in chirag’s blog too 🙂 not complete though ..

    yes ..we have to wait and watch .. 🙄

  22. @arpit
    yes huge expectation to be fulfilled by obama. .will be a huge task …
    and do listen to his speech its wonderful

    the speech was great ..he is a greAT ORATOR .. i am praying it should change the indian outscoursing and offshoring market .

    dude., .,same here 😀

    lol ..
    thats what we ask for . . 😛

  23. @priya
    forget about a leader ..i would be surprised even if someone could speak and convince people like he did ..

    yes it was fantastic. . 🙂

  24. Will the indian outscourcing/IT industry get a blow after he comes to power ??

    Never! Those people don’t have that much man power and resources to outsource being in outsourcing field I’m telling this… Americans will never work for this much low salary that we are getting here. So even if obama enact tax for outsourcing corporates still continue outsoursing in india. No other go…..

  25. “Will the indian outscourcing/IT industry get a blow after he comes to power ?”

    i also fear that for the philippines. hehe

  26. Why are WE so interested in US politics? Aren’t we in India? Do you think they give a damn about who the hell is our president or prime minister? Apparently not!

  27. @ teky
    well u have a point 😛
    but still i am a bit apprehensive 😛

    @ yoshke
    i dint know even philipines is a place for outscourcing ,..

    @ anniyan
    dude …Its not that we are interested ,what ever happens there effects us too .. not just us but other countries too ..
    when we reach a position like they are now ..other countries will be interested in our politics too

  28. I am all towards having a general knowledge of the world’s politics dude. But what they are is just a super power trying to impress themselves on the world. I don’t like that. Who leads the UN? Them. Who attacked Iraq? Them. I don’t know. Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am right. But I won’t sleep restfully in the night knowing that such powers are governing the WHOLE WORLD! Just expressing my views. Right to speech dude. 🙂

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