I have been tagged by Dinesh to list 5 favorite quotes of mine . I have a folder full of pics with quotes .So here are some of the best among them .


Attitude, not aptitude determines altitude

Best quote 2

If oppurtunity doesn't knock build a door
Keep smiling

Keep smiling


I am sure everyone would be having their favourite quotes so i tag each one of u who are reading this post . 🙂


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32 responses to “WONDERFUL QUOTES

  1. LOL, the last one is brilliant. But my favorite now is No Knowlage without Collage. 😛

    The first one is very nice too.

  2. The last one’s the best!

  3. LOL @last one 🙂

  4. hey i have read this last one somewhere ……lolz 😛
    building doors of opportunities for yourself ……that was a good one 😛

  5. The last one was LOL. Very nice way of doing the tag with Pictures. Well done!

  6. ah i want to buy some sticker to be displayed in my bike which says the last quote :D:D

  7. The 3rd one is my favourite.

  8. Tag picture was an awesome idea !!

    And ofcourse I agree with the last one …

  9. and only six to show the middle finger 🙂

  10. Nice pictorial way to show the quotes. I like the first one.

  11. Last one is lovely, but is it legal in India? The guy might land up in jail! 😉

  12. “Nobody remains….” LOL…:) AutoGyan

  13. nice ones..
    oh! I got a tag after so many days..
    will do it.. dun worry

  14. HAHAHAHA!! Seriously, chennai autos rock! 😀
    Good ones, dude! I’m listing mine, too!

  15. heyy, those are some very nice quotes. The auto in the last one isnt chennai, rt?

    Thanks for the indirect tag, i have hell lot of favs one, u must have seen in my orkut album, na? …gotta pick the best ones…hmmm…

  16. hee hee .. loved the last one .. and officially i didnt read tis post and am not getting tagged as i already have apar’s tag to finish and i am getting increasingly lazy these days to post..

  17. Even I save most of the fwd mails. Will take up the tag 🙂

  18. The last one!!!! 😀 I will do this tag too 🙂

  19. Loved all.. and the last one is very nice 🙂

  20. 4th one is too cutee !!

    last ones the best !! LOL !!

  21. @ish
    LOL 😀

    my fav too 😀



  22. @dinesh
    thanks 🙂

    you can make one like this …custom made .. 🙂

    🙂 good choice

    😀 .. thanks.. .

  23. @vishesh
    sorry dude, ,cant understand what u said 😦

    nice to know that 🙂

    even pics are illegal :O .. :O india is great 😀


  24. @princess
    thanks …. will see them 🙂

    yeah chennai autos do rock but that one is from delhi ..

    yeah its not chennai 🙂 its delhi ..
    will be waiting for ur quotes although i have seen them already 😀

    he he ..yeah i can see that u have been busy 🙂
    so u are finally back ..are u ? 😀

  25. Great quotes! Chennai auto.. ROFL 😀

  26. Great quotes! Delhi Auto.. ROFL 😀

  27. @manasa

    will be looking forward to seeing ur fav ‘s ” 🙂


    yes it is 🙂

  28. @varun
    LOL …yes ..thats delhi 🙂

  29. 2nd one was too good! 🙂
    and i am thinking of building a door… 😛

  30. LMAO @ the last one 🙂

  31. wonderful!

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