LAW and ORDER !! What’s that ??


Photo source : HINDU

Dr. Abdul kalam has asked young bloods to dream but Guys like this are still fighting over petty issues like cast .I really dont understand when our country is gonna learn from the mistakes we have been committing since ages. WE just keep doing this again and again .

For those who are still unaware about what i am talking , Read this.

I was shocked, so were my parents after watching the video in a local news channel. Students attacking each other like maniacs with sticks and iron rods .  The evolution of a  man from a  pre-hestoric man took millions of years but now after seeing this incident i really doubt the very term of ” Civilized Human ” . The issue actually as gone beyond the caste due to which attack started .

Were they really humans ??  . How could they behave in such a way ?? . One side we are basking in  the glory of the chandrayan probe’s successful landing on the moon ,  and the other side guys like these are acting like barbaric pre historic man fighting for a piece of meat .No wonder we are called Social Animals (pun intended ) .

The most disappointing thing  in this whole incident has been the police force , who were mere watchers . They witnessed the whole incident and coudn’t dint do anything . Its really difficult to digest  . If i am not wrong there were more than 20 police personal present there  and they could have easily stopped  the rampage .But they dint and what a lame excuse – the college principal dint allow them to enter . I wonder what those police officers would have done had the boy being assaulted was their son . Even if the principal dint allow them to enter the fight it was their moral responsibility to stop it .  It was not one there few more who were attacked brutally by a gruop of other students .

The Government cant do bring to proper justice to this whole issue even now . The police official have been transferred . What kind of punishment is this  . ??? They would be partying by now for being let scott free . As far as i know they are equally responsible for the whole issue . They should have been atleast sacked for negligence of duty , if not jailed . The future of law and justice assaulting and attacking each other in front of a Police force which is meant for maintaining a proper order  .This is the pathetic state of law and order in our country .

AS for those Future lawyers I don’t think they deserve to be lawyers and i really feel for them as even 12 years education has not made them even close to the definition of civilized. What standards are they going to set for future generations . If this is the face of indian youth then like DR Abdul Kalam said we would just have a dream of India 2020 and the dream will remain a dream .

I managed to find a video of the incident in you tube

Light hearted please dont watch this !!!

[Youtube =

34 responses to “LAW and ORDER !! What’s that ??

  1. Horrible!!! It seems most of the youth of India is misdirected and have lost touch with humanity.

  2. We seem to have gotten used to these kinds of things.. anything new?

    P.S. if it wasn’t clear..sarcasm intented

  3. The least that I was expecting out of Chennai, very disappointing !!! Wonder where India is headed to !

  4. Had seen worse clashes than these during my college days….bu then there were no cops standing as witnesses.I cant understand how people would want to kill another person,the max I would go to harm an opposite gang guy in college is put a dent on his bike/car…The students need psychology class more than law classes..Worst part all this is due to cast issues…

  5. students turning into hooligans is the biggest set back for any country !

  6. This is a very common occurance in many states in India. Its just that it is caught on the television for the first time!
    The same thing happened in the hostel in which I was staying in Haryana. The boy got killed in the fight. All hushed up!

  7. I saw this incident on tv. I was shocked too to see people behave worse than animals. even animals are not so brutal. these men who were attacking that fallen man are totally mental, crazy and insane!! they should be locked up forever!!

  8. @nita: what is the use of locking them up?What we need to do is remove the discrimination when we can-in primary schools..

  9. COOL! I was really amazed at the courage of the guy who was whacking the fallen guy right in front of the police. Marvelous! The assaulting group did a pretty effective job. I heard that the student died in the hospital. Bravo, Indians! This is more than proof of what we are capable of doing if our religion or caste is threatened.

    PS: This comment is dripping of sarcasm. I literally puked seeing their behavior. More than that, the police who were standing there doing nothing. Sick bastards.

  10. This is ridiculous!
    Never expected students to behave like this…so barbaric!
    nobody will stoop to this level until you poison them with such ideas…wonder who actually triggered it in the mindset of students?

  11. Disgusting! Evolution seems to have stopped! 😀

  12. Barbarians they are! Mum could just not digest the scenes when she saw this. She channel surfed…guess what the first time it was telecast, it was shown on all channels except Kalaignar TV. Don’t know if they followed it up in later news casts.
    To think these guys are going to be lawyers and uphold the law!! Criminals each and every one of them themselves.
    The police officials, the principal…stooges! Disgusting.

  13. It gives us more pain. However government is taking thinks very lightly as this is INDIA???

    Lets see what is the government actions against this & what is their protocol to prevent such rudeness in the future.

    Trnsfer of police officials is just an eye wash. I see that seven people ONLY have been arrested whereas in the photo itself you can see more than twenty people involved in this thing. I hope atleast now government opens its eyes.

  14. It was a horrible incident indeed. It was insane the way they were beating that poor guy up. Maybe the police couldn’t have saved everybody but they could at least have saved that one single guy who was being attacked by the mob. Maybe they didn’t act because it was a caste issue and knowing our leaders, the leaders of the caste that would be stopped by the police would allege discrimination. The police is not the only one that can be blamed in here, it’s the entire system. And I was also sad to hear that the major officials were only transferred and the juniors suspended. I believe the major officials were as much responsible as the juniors. I personally never understood this concept of transferring. However does that help?

  15. @reema
    yes , they are misdirected ..even if they are they dint behave the way they should have been..
    Dont they have heart … ..:

    well,, yes we have been hearing a lot ..but then first time i have seen ..

    yeah ..even i hadn’t expected such kind of act in chennai ..

    exactly they perhaps need psycartric treatment ..and once they are treated .they hsould be jailed for liftime…
    same with the police men ..

  16. @arpit
    yes ..u are right . 😦 .

    its ok when no one is around ..but in front of media and police ,i just cant digest it .. 😦

    exactly they behaved worse than animals ..
    and i feel even the police men should be jailed forever ..

    thats very diffcult to implement .. leave these guys …what about those who dont go to school …
    i really feel this is not gonna end …

  17. @anniyan
    I really dont have words for pouring out my anger .. 😦
    they are sick bastards …
    and yes one guy did die .. thats horrible ..

    yes disgusting indeed ..and may be because it belongs to our great CM they dint show it ..
    politics between sun and jaya tv was never new anyways 😛

    well , these people are brainwashed from their chidlhood to fight for their caste. .
    sick people ..

    I doubt if there was any evolution 😦

  18. @mohan
    eye wash is the best possible term everytime something like this happens ..the government is full of hypocrites who never do what they should do ..
    I am sure that even those 7 would be out in bail in no time

    it was shocking ..
    the entire system has to be blamed but the police could have helped ..they had the responsibility to do .
    like i mentioned in the post. .had it been their son would they have stayed back thinking that the issue is a critical issue. .
    like mohan said the transferring is just an eye wash ..

  19. It was shocking and depressing. Old man Karunanidhi is losing sleep over Srilankan citizens and not worried about what is happening in his own backyard. I am waiting for a statement from the political parties from Tamilnadu and from the super hero of Tamil cinema Rajnikanth.

  20. Had read the report yesterday and trust me was disgusted.

    But then the mockery of police & law n order is nothing new in our country.

    On one hand MNS ppl can create havoc and nothing happens to them but when one blogger writes harsh & violent words against MNS then te police is busy making case against him….

    This is today’s India…

  21. I have seen the video in youtube only. Oh god how horrible is that….. being a student more than 10 guys attacking one guy with iron rod(until he die) near the gate and police man watching everything as cool. What’s going on….

  22. an atrocious act. Very Horrible indeed. People should learn to respect and love fellow people for being just that. Castes and such just blind us and politicians make use of it for their advantage. Nothing is achieved by that.

  23. It is scary to imagine that the future of this country lies in the hands of these kind of students.

  24. So much for the young guns of India, then we cry about we being portrayed as in humane across the World stage. These are students??? They are the new face of India in the time to come. I guess India does need to NOW look at itself and feel some shame. Arvind you bring up a good point, “If this is the face of indian youth then like DR Abdul Kalam said we would just have a dream of India 2020 and the dream will remain a dream .”

  25. Such incidents involve educated ppl and really hurts.. When will ppl be practical ?

  26. It’s a joke. And these men will grow up to defend the principles of law in the country.

  27. This scene is a very big disgrace to our country………………….how can we call these anti social elements students……………………..they should be severly punished……….

  28. What I coould say..? such was the bad situation prevails in our country.. no respect for a human life 😦

  29. We live in Mobocracy. All you need is a mob and you can enforce your wishes.

  30. the most annoying thing I ever notice when I see these kind of things,

    these images will on web, forever
    these videos will stay on blogs and youtube for ever

    and these bloody buggers caught on camera doing all kind of BS** will never get punished …

    that sucks …

    big time ….

  31. @prerna
    Well , he is just pretending to be caring for those in sri lanka ..all political stunts..
    the fact remains that he cares the least about any issue ..

    well . that true .,
    police have become mere puppets to the politicians ..there’s no transperency ..
    it sucks ..

    that is horrible .. 😦 what can we do

    yeah ..exactly ..cast has become just a tool for politicians to play games with each other. .and
    innocent ppl get affected

  32. @varun
    …yes .. its pathetic 😦

    ITs difficult to imagine these guys guarding the law ..

    it is indeed a joke

    never ..
    thats the answer never..
    these guys would never think practically
    thats the answer for ur question

  33. @aravind
    they should be ..but i doubt if they would be 😦

    its a disgrace to a country like ours

    LOL ..
    may be u are right 😀
    they would have been already out on bail ..
    those bastards should be barred from taking law .infact any eduction

  34. Arvind, I think police need a serious make over. Well, recently Manmohan Singh was addressing them and insisted upon gaining trust from the public. With te helplessness police showed in this incident, trust is a far fetched word. I think they need a serious make over.

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