60 hours of terror that shook not just mumbai but also the whole nation ,not to forget the other countries ,is finally over . Mumbai is free . Its not that terror is new to our country but the scale of this one in particular has left us appalled and speechless . When was the last time we were glued to our TV sets day and night changing one news channel to other . When was the last time mumbai came to a complete halt for 2 days .

The more i think about it , the more I feelsick. I mean , anyone can come to our country and kill a couple of hundred people . As a citizen of a country there’s nothing more disturbing that this . Is there any place that is secure . Anyone could would walk in to the station and go on a rampage . Five star hotels are under seige so  no point  thinking about the security of normal hotels. A complete lapse of security . Cctv footage shows two terrorist carrying guns and entering the railway station . A railway station as busy as that one has no one guarding it.What a shame!!

IT has been complete failure of intelligence  . ITs not the first time . There have been many terror attacks in the last couple of years . There’s no excuse for this .What’s the use of having such a team when they are not able to avert these kinds of attacks .

I really dont know what these terrorists are trying to achieve by killing innocent people . These inhumane bastards are out of their mind . ITs really shocking to know that the terrorist who has been caught alive says that he has no regrets in killing people . What a coward!! These guys shoot kill people without any guilt and when they are given death sentence ,human right activist come and fight for them . This is  so silly .

Pakistan taking a U-turn and refusing to send ISI cheif is not at all surprising .Infact i would have been surprised if he had come . India-Pak relations are  only going to get worse . Pakistan government always says that they will co-operate with india in removing terror but why dont they do something about the militants in the pakistan occupied kashmir (pok) .IT has indeed been proved that these terrorist were trained in that region .

Another issue i would like to mention is the sms  thats doing rounds relating raj thackeray and his MNS activists .

1.Don’t know where he is when you need him. We want him to go and save amchi Mumbai. Army, NSG commandos are not marathi manoos….why should they fight and lay down their life for Mumbaikars.

2.Where is Raj Thackeray and his “brave Sena”? Tell him that 200 NSG commandoes from Delhi (no marathi manoos, all south and north indians) have been sent to Mumbai to fight the terrorists so that he can sleep peacefully tonight in Shivaji Park. Please forward this so it finally reaches the coward bully.

I personally dint receive any message like this . Some people are infact taking the sms too personally  and feel that it has been intended towards maharashtra or mumbaikars. I ,however second their thought. I dont’ think that the message has anything any communal meaning. It is a message directed at raj thakeray and his supporters . The message is just a sarcastic way of mocking at raj thackeray and the politics he plays .Although i don’t support these type of messages , i cant accept when people say these messages show hatred for maharashtra .

Well, Only solace during these three days was to see the NSG commandos ,Marine commandos and other security personal keeping their lives on line to save others . Not to forget the fire department guys who too were present all the while .Special mention to the hotel employees who have been spoke off so greatly. Some of these people probably lost their lives trying to save the guests and hostages .

News channels did a fantastic job in bringing the live coverage of the developments going on there. I certainly do not agree when people say it was just to increase the TRP rating .. I want to ask -what do you want from them ?? They were putting themselves in danger for us ,for keeping up us updated about the issue . IF someone feels that they show the same thing again and again .They should  just change the channel rather than cribbing about it .Although now i realize that the media could have been a little responsible . (Line updated)

My heart really cries out for those who have lost their loved ones ,for those innocent people who did nothing wrong except for being in that place at a wrong time .May the people who have lost their lives, REST IN PEACE .

If terrorists think that they are weakening the country’s integrerity and unity by doing such acts then they are wrong .We as a country are only getting stronger.

20 responses to “WHEN TERROR STRUCK MUMBAI !!!!

  1. I guess Hemand Karkare, Salaskar, Kamte and their MARATHI colleagues should have first counted how many marathis are trapped inside the buildings, and then only decided whether to risk their lives. Coz even though so many marathi cops have died to save Mumbai, marathis are now being told that ‘north indian army’ has saved them. There are so many marathi soldiers who hv died for this country..and are still at the border as I type this..I guess their sacrifices are in vain.
    Besides, what exactly was Raj supposed to do? You are talking as if all other politicians were battling it out at the Taj and taking bullets, while only Raj Thackeray was missing.He quietly went to meet the cops’ families, his party arranged medical assistance camps..but he didn’t exploit this in front of media, because unlike NORTH INDIAN leaders like lalu, abu azmi, amar singh, RAJ has never supported SIMI, Afzal guru etc.
    It is due to the these north indian leaders n their supporters, that terrorism has become so rampant.

  2. @ neha
    After so much has happened u ppl still stick to marathi , non marathi issue, ., gosh !!!!
    stop being communal ..

    WE all as indian respect what hemant karkare,slaskar,kamte and others irrespective of he is a marathi or not ..

    i have not said a single line that divides north indians and marathis ..
    The sms was a joke … and if u cant beleive that india is a whole nation at least stop making communal remarks ..

    I never said raj or any poliician should take guns and fight terrorism… neither did i accuse raj thackeray …

    ur last line clearly shows how narrow minded and regional u are …

  3. Raj Thackeray is a moron. He and his uncle were busy making vada pav in the kitchen when Bombay was burning. Ever since his Z category security has been removed , one can see that he has become a mouse. The less we speak about his paper tiger uncle the better. He’s already with one leg in the grave.

    What we need today is an effective deterrent in the form of good intelligence and a proper follow up. An effective police, armed to the teeth. Not someone holding a 303 rifle and a lathi in his hand.

    And not to play communal politics when police catches a hindu and then commending them when they catch a muslim or vice versa.

  4. I disagree with you on the media issue. Media discretion is necessary. In fact its a failure on the part of the armed forces that they didnt seal off the area. Bystanders were caught in crossfire. Media showed live telecast of commando operations. Barkha Dutt shoved mikes in people’s faces to ask the age old and most ridiculous question “how do you feel” to a woman whose husband was inside Taj. Also she gave away locations of people who were hiding inside cupboards or bathrooms who had contacted their families somehow and risked their lives by telecasting their hideouts.

  5. I agree whole-heartedly with Reema. There should be a clear line of what, and needs to be, ethically and responsible reporting as a journalist. Not at the cost of so many innocent lives!


  6. @ liju
    he is a moron but thats a known thing so lets not get into that
    yeso intelligence is the need of the hour ..
    and it would be better if politicians just stay away if cannot help in any cause .

    @ reema

    i dont think that media was too open in fact ndtv never showed anything when the grenade launchers were used . they followed some discretion.. some channels did show them and it was wrong
    and i can agree with u that they could have been a little more responsible..
    anyways still i feel they have done a good job .

    @ kiran
    I agree with reema and u both, i cant argue on that ..
    some questions are ethically wrong

  7. Terrible loss of life. The worst thing is all of this could’ve been prevented!

  8. Even I dont believe that the sms against raj thackeray is communal. Its just mocking him. Marathis should not take it personally as it is not against them but against the MNS’s goondagardi.

  9. At times, the News channels really need to stop being stupid, specially when someone’s life is in jeopardy.

  10. @ amit : i dont agree with you on this aspect because i feel that they were just doing their job. think so many relatives and friends of the victim must have been dependent on these channels for updates and information of their near and dear ones. agreed that too an extent it caused a little hindrance but as soon as they got official instruction, they turned off the live view asap.
    @ arvind : i dont know what to say. i am trying to detach myself from all this as thinking about it makes me feel like crying.
    arvind, i am observing one week peace march against terrorism on my blog and have lit the torch. i request you to carry it forward spreading the message of peace. thanks

  11. Its time india did an israel..Else we shud keep seeing more of this and our thoroughly insipid PM can appoint a new minister for counting dead bodies

  12. The whole episode was very sad. Couldn’t take my eyes off TV. News channels did a very good job indeed.

  13. standing up to the cause is the need of the moment… but the question is…

    WILL WE?

  14. I couldn’t have agreed more with you on Raj T’s issue. Some people are taking it too personally to get offended.
    It is natural for people to ask about Raj T at this time when he was so much shouting about his Mumbai being robbed and destroyed by non-marathis.

    I have also written about this and can see how people can misinterpret the messages. One had the audacity to say that if we ‘hurt’ their sentiments, Raj is definitely going to become next CM !

    @Neha:-Sorry to say but just one word for you. You are a non-Indian.

  15. Well, news channels have definitely done a fantastic job. They have evn cooperated with the police. Three cheers for the media! I know how I spent those three days. I hardly slept at nights. I am catching up with that missed out sleep now 😀

    Well, on a more serious note, we all have to introspect seriously. India has to bounce back. We should show the terrorists how united we are.

  16. Tyhats really a question what they are trying to achive ..
    today tehre was a news in TOI syaing that major public killed in CST are muslims….
    whom are tehy saving?
    If muslims… first protect them….

    but they are just killing…:((

  17. @nikhil
    yeah … that hurts more than the attack …

    yeah ..thats what i too feel
    well,yes they do act stupid but thats their job ..If they dont cover properly . people willsay the news chanle are waste …

    yeah sure buddy..
    nice work

    its terrible ..
    something should be done soon

  18. @varun
    yeah they did ..
    it was sad indeed ..

    we are standing ..but now its upto politiciansto take some action ,…wage a war or convince pakistan to take some action ..something need to be done

    I agree .. thakeray is a parasite ..
    and if he becomes CM ..the state is going to see much more violence ..

    media did a good job ..
    I think our government has done enough of introspection ..
    this is notthefirst time terrorist are attacking our nation ..
    action need to be done ..

    They are sick …really …
    dont know what to comment on them … 😦

    😦 😥

    thanks forthe award 🙂

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