Team india  is on a roll. Series win against Australia made them the top contenders to replace worlds best team and now with this improbable win we have just proved that we are almost there .Yes , All we need to do now is to conquer srilankan lions in their own den and to keep up the winning rate abroad.

Mondays win was a special  one. Very special indeed . After those gruesme terror attacks, atleast cricket lovers like me have something to cheer abut. Winning on home soil is no new thing for us . I dont think india had any chances of winning the game till 4th day post lunch session . India was facing a defeat that looked more or less inevitable . Chasing more than 350 runs in the fourth innings n a fifth day pitch is not an easy task .But the brilliant knock by sehwag set opened up the game against all dds . Time and again sehwag has proved how imprtant he is for this indian line up . What t osay about sachin. !! He is  GD . Yes , cricket is a relegion for me like millions f  others and sachin is my GoD . Scoring his 41st hundred through the last winning strke made my day  😀 . I mean  i was tired to see him getting out in 90s. He would have Got more than 100 international hundreds in DI and test combined if he had not been out in 90s . Yuvaraj as usual played his natural game and thats what made easy fr him t scre runs quickly .

.The test has brought in lot of positives fr the indian cricket TEAM. it showed the temperament ,fighting spirit and ability of  indian cricket team to win under any circumstances  .After australia i dont think any team has dominated us in a test  on home soil. England did really well to control 70 percent of the test .They had almost  won the test . Just one session took the game away from them .Strauss played exceptionally well . Hitting two centuries in a same test in n kids job that to in subcontinent.

All in all  it was a wonderfull test match . The best thing was after a long time there was a result in a test match played in chennai 😛 . I just hope our team conitnues the gd form and replace australia as the worlds best team soon 🙂 .


This is my 200th post . Gosh !! I never thought i would make it this long . Blogging which started as a tool to kill time has become an obsession now . Although i am not posting as regularly as i was , it still remains an important part of my life .

I would like thank all the regular ,irregular and other  types of readers  😛 Without whom i would not have continued blogging.

A special  mention to all the bloggers on my blogroll .

It has been raining awards in blogosphere . Last week avant grade Bloggies awards were annunced . Reema and Amit stole the show completely 🙂 . Congratulations to them and all the other winners 🙂 .

Vimmu , Bhargavi , Aparna , Reema awarded me with these awards . Thanks a lot guys 🙂 .

Kiran has awarded me with the Friendship Bracelet 🙂 🙂 . Thank  you so much .

Hereby i pass the above awards to everyone on my blogroll (updated today after a long time 🙂 ) .

36 responses to “SHABBASH INDIA

  1. Congratulations for wrting your 200th post. Even I have not reached there. 🙂

    Thank you for another Friendship embracelet 🙂

    Arvind : thanks 🙂 and you are welcome 🙂 😉 ….
    Doesn’t matter how many posts you write .I know that u are a better writer 😀

  2. Congrats 🙂 Keep going 🙂
    Arvind : Thanks 🙂

  3. Hey cognrats on 200 man…and this was one match where we wud not have felt bad even if india had lost :)…cricket n sports was the winner.

    Arvind: thanks 🙂 yes exactly . It was a historic moment for cricket.. England team should be lauded for coming and playing so well Even though the circumstances were not good .

  4. Congrats for India ‘s vistory and you beiung floooded with awards… and then for 200th post… and then for coming back again…and updating us… hhhmpfff!!!

    now atleast ask for a cold drink 😛 😉

    Arvind: hehe thanks 🙂 . how about a dinner 😛 ??

  5. Victory all the around 🙂 , Congrats man.
    Arvind: Thanks man 🙂

  6. hi arvind,
    too many motivations for you too continue blogging..
    congrats.. and keep blogging..

    Arvind: Yes, exactly , hope i go for atleast another hundered ..

  7. Congrats on ur 200th post and the awards. Blog on!

    Arvind : Thanks 🙂 ..

  8. 200th Post??? wow!!!

    Congrats 🙂

    And yes the match was very good, the only sad point for me was the Dravid couldn’t perform, I like that guy a lot and his non performance hurts 😦

    Arvind: Thanks 🙂 .. There have been clear indications that there is a crack on the WALL 😦 .. it hurts all cricket fans

  9. congrats on the double century .. here’s wishing many more sixers.. and congrats on all the trophies 😉

    Arvind: Thanks a lot .. 🙂 . ellam unga ashirvatham 😛

  10. Lot to celebrate 🙂 Congrats!! 🙂
    Thank you for the friendship bracelet 🙂

    Arvind : Thanks 🙂 and you are welcome .

  11. Congrats for the award and your 200th post.

    Arvind: Thanks 🙂

  12. Oh… I am in your blogroll too.

    So, in that case, Thanks for the award and the friendship bracelet. 🙂 Really Honored 😀

    Arvind : Welcome dude. .I am honored to have you on my blogroll 😀

  13. congrats for the double-ton dude! thnx a lot for the bracelet… u’ve a painting tag waiting photoshop-man! 😀 i’m waiting to see it… 🙂

    Arvind: Thanks dude … yeah next post will be that one only .. 😛 ..

  14. I give you awards and Im out of your ‘updated’ blogroll 😦

    Congrats on the awards and the 200th post !

    Arvind : thanks 🙂 Sorry dude ..i forgot ur name 😥 . I have updated it again :mrgreen: .

  15. Congrats for the awards, cricket victory and your blog milestones. More awards on the way! 🙂

    Thanks for the awards in return and the blog roll update 😉

    Arvind: thanks 🙂 you are welcome .. 🙂

  16. 200 posts!! wow!! You are a blog veteran 🙂

    Congratulations for all the awards and 200 posts. Keep going!!

    The main difference between the new Indian team and the old ones are that this team has learnt to finish games. If they sniff victory they are definitely going to get it.

    I want Dravid to do well too… 🙂

    Arvind: he he .just one and a half year old blogger 🙂 not a vetran 😀 .thanks 🙂
    yeah thats true ..their is everything positive about this team 😀 .

  17. wow 200 are now officially declared a oldie in blog world 😛

    and i really hope dravid fires in the next test match 🙂

    Arvind : No . I am just 21 years old 😀 😛 … thanks 🙂 and i too wish dravid fires as soon as possible 😉

  18. Great Going!!! Have fun, i say! 🙂

    Arvind: thanks 🙂

  19. Wow, 200 posts! Congrats!! 🙂
    Keep going, you’ll catch up with Sachin soon! 😀

    Arvind : Thanks 🙂
    I cant even dream of catching sachin 😀 😛

  20. wow 200 posts….Congrats!! congrats on the awards too 😀

    And Ya, I noticed I am on ur blogroll too….Honoured and Thanks for the friendship bracelet!!

    🙂 Keep blogging !!

    Arvind: thanks 🙂 . I am honoured to have u on my blogroll 🙂

  21. congrats man…

    love ur blog…

    added u to my blogroll… 😀

    Arvind: Thanks 🙂 . I am glad that u liked my blog 😀

  22. yup i read it in newspaper but i am not into cricket but it must be a matter of celebration for cricket fans like you :p
    besides congratulations on getting so many awards……i was wandering you didnt get any award in the avante garde
    and thanks for adding me to your blogroll just saw it right now and the band looks cool 😆

    Arvind: Its indeed a matter a big celebration for fans like me 😛 . thanks 🙂 . That shows that i am not as good a blogger as those who won in avante grade 😉 .

  23. Congrats on your 200th post.
    It was a great victory. Arvind, it is attitude which is making all the difference. Sehwag’s quickfire 83 changed it all, before that at least I was thinking that saving the match would be good enough. Then of course Sachin and Yuvraj played beautifully. Lakshman’s score of 23 runs sounds small but his partnership with Sachin was important.

    Arvind : Thanks 🙂 . yeah…thats what even i feel . They beleive that they can win every match and they are winning literally every match now . The best thing was every one contributed when it mattered the most .

  24. This was one of India’s best wins ever.. And Dhoni rocks big time.. Lots of positives yes.. Did you notice Shewag’s statement? “The atmosphere in the dressing room is awesome.. We all feel that we can go out there and do anything”.. Maybe thats whats turning tables for us.. Hopefully we continue this good form…

    And 200 posts.. Congrats man.. Great going indeed.. Keep em coming…

    PS: I spotted 4 Aparnas in your Blogroll.. And I used to think it was a not common name.. 😛

    PPS: I think you wrote this in a hurry or in the middle of the night.. Run a spell check dude! 🙂

    Arvind: Dhoni has been amazing leader . Words cant describe how much he has done for indian cricket .
    even i dint know many aparnas before blogging 😛
    I wrote in day but my keyboard is not working properly ..thats the reason 😀
    Thanks for the wishes 🙂

  25. It is been a long time I watched cricket. Not interested anymore. Congrats on your 200th post and the awards, keep it going!

    Arvind : 🙂
    thanks 🙂

  26. You forgot me or my name !! Grrr…now I am even more angry.

    I am going to punish you with tags !!! 😉

    Arvind : I dint forot ur name . I just thought u were already there on my blogroll . 😛
    No tags !!! already i have 2 pending tags 🙂

  27. Congrats arvind.. 200th phew.. thats a great number.. 🙂
    Indians looking to be invincible 🙂
    Thanks for the bracelet 🙂

    Arvind- Thanks dude… welcome 🙂

  28. congrats ! 200 posts whoa 🙂 I wish i get there soon too 🙂

    Arvind – thanks 🙂 u will get there soon too ..dnt wrorry 😀

  29. wow… 200 post… congrats

    ARvind – Thanks 🙂

  30. dude i have tagged you. hope you enjoy doing it 😛

    Arvind : thanks for tagging dude ..will do it soon 🙂

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  32. congrats dude for ur 200th post

    Arvind – Thanks dude 🙂

  33. Hey Arvind, The header is on the priority list. Had a product release 😦 Please hang on.

    Arvind – Yeah sure dude … Take your own time 🙂 no urgency

  34. Congrats for all the awards. And yeah, India is the 2nd team on the ICC list. Hooray.

    Arvind – Thanks 🙂 … I want it at no -1 😀

  35. Congrats!!! Keep blogging 🙂

    Arvind – Thanks 🙂

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