Sorry for being irregular in blogosphere these days .My office shift timings doesnt  allow me to do anything else other than  sleeping  😛 . However i have taken a new year resolution that i will be active from now on 😛 .

This is my first post of the year and i hate to say that it is going to be a Tag 😛 .No , Dont curse me . Its raining tags these days . People are getting more and more creative  by finding new ways to do tags 😛 .

Assuming that i am not weak in mathematics , I can be sure that i have more than 6 tags remaining . And if i include the fact that i have been tagged to do same meme multiple times the count can go beyond 10 😥 .

Well ,lets start

Vishesh has tagged me to write words starting with N

NATASHA -Well thats the first word that comes to my mind. Natasha was one of best looking girls of my school. Before You jump into conclusions Let me clarify that it has nothing to do with crush or love .  The reason why this word is here is known to 5 of my school friends and i would like to keep it that way 😛 .

NEW YEARThis word is here for obvius reasons . Happy  new year once again 😀  .

NO/ NEVER –  These are the Words that are very difficult to say especially to friends.

NEAT – This word never goes well along with me  . Dont take it too literally 😛 . I do take bath  daily 😛 . I was talking about my room and things around .

NAME  – Everything in this world gets an identity through this word .

NIGHTMARE – My nights are incomplete without a nightmare . I have faced everything  in  my dreams from my chemistry teacher to dementores :P.

Arpit tagged me to write words starting with T

TECHNOLOGY – This has changed the way we do things . Imagine a days  life without technology  !!

TIME – The most important thing these days next to money  😛  Time and tide waits for no one so manage ur time properly and keep blogging even if u are busy 😀 .

TITANIC : – The most overrated ship movie of Hollywood 😛

TASHAN –  Worst movie in the history of indian cinema 😆 .

TRUST – The most important factor in any relationship .

TELEPORT – I need a teleport device right now .

Phew!!! Writing a Post has become more arduous than ever . MY PC is a wreck . It sucks . My keyboard isnt working properly , the Processor is  slower than a snails movement . Even 8085 microprocessor would be faster.

Anyways  i guess its not the right place and time to crib.

Nice to be back 🙂 !

Have a Happy and Prosperous year ahead .

PS : Ignore my spelling mistakes 😛

26 responses to “HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

  1. First salary – get a new keyboard! 🙂
    No Birthday post???

    Arvind : Thanks for reminding 🙂 i should get a new one 🙂

  2. Poor you, same tag n tagged twice 😀

    Wish you a very Happy New Year 🙂 and yes be more regular

    Arvind : Thanks 🙂 i will be regular

  3. Wish you a very happy new year. 🙂

    ARvind : thanks 🙂

  4. happy new year .. hope u had a blast on u r budday ..

    ARvind : already there have been so many blast around the country ..u want more 😦 ?

    .. IT was boring .. just went fr shopping

  5. Teleport device? You from Harry Potter world? 😉

    Happy New Year!

    ARvind : I wish i was in harry potter world 🙂

  6. Happy new year! Hope you are not broke now having spent your birthday shopping. Coming on sunday?

    Arvind : Coming coming 😛
    I still have last mnths half salary 😛

  7. Happy New Year [:)]
    Happy Birthday[:)]
    Salary vangitya?? where’s ur treat ??

    Arvind : salary vangiyaachu 😛
    TREAT ?? enna treat venum

  8. Happy New Year, mate !!

    Happy B’day too !! ..

    Arvind : thanks 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday!!
    Happy New Year!!
    I have this tag as well. It is still pending 🙂

    Arvind : Thanks 🙂 do it fast befre u forget 😛

  10. Happy new year and happy Birthday Arvind 🙂
    Have a rocking year 🙂

    ARvind : thanks 🙂 same to u too

  11. Have a great year ahead…hope ur offer gerts confirmed 🙂

    Awarded you..plz pick it up @

    ARvind : Thanks 😛

  12. happy new year arvind!

    ARvind : thanks 🙂

  13. hehhehe… You must be dreaming of Natasha after getting first salary credited. Is she still single or committed? 😛

    ARvind :
    as i said ..i was not having any crushes on her .. 😛 anyways she should be commited 😛

  14. Happy new year to you too. and according to orkt (:D LoL), your bday was also supposed to be on the 1st. What did ya do buddy ???

    Btw, you got placed and you didnt even inform !!! Grrrrr….

    ARvind :
    just went for shopping 🙂 ..
    and i dint getplaced man .,.
    just joined sutherland ..nt a bid deal, right ?? 😛
    still waiting fr hexaware

  15. Happy 2009 to you and your loved ones 🙂

    Arvind : same to u too 🙂

  16. Happy NEw year 🙂

    n welcome back 😛

    Thanks 🙂

  17. Happy New Year ….

    and I am late…………

    Arvind :
    Thanks ..better late than never 😉

  18. A very happy new year!!! and get a nice laptop now. There are some very nice loan schemes near Diwali and New Year. 🙂

  19. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday 🙂

  20. oh that was nicely done 😛
    what’s a teleport?????
    and dream without nightmares is like cake without icing 😛
    i also had some weird dreams …check this one

    in between get a new pc or laptop…will improve your blogging frequency:P
    but mine is diminishing. second pre boards commencing from tomorrow 😦

  21. wishing u a very and prosperous new year…..may this year bring you a teleport device… 😀

  22. nice tags. Graveyard shifts really made u inactive in blogging…. Dude I told you during ur interview exp post itself…. It’ll happen… 😛

  23. i second what teky has to say…. graveyard shifts suck…!

    and why have not added me on ur blog roll 🙄

  24. well, I was wondering how to interface a monitor to an 8085! and guess what? the thought proved I was stupid 😛 happy new year anyways! 🙂

  25. Happy New Year Arvind (although I know I am late)!

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