Raju satyam Dhaba

Raju satyam Dhaba

Just Couldn’t  stop posting this .. 😛

Source : Email

25 responses to “RAJU – SATYAM DHABHA

  1. funny!

    but sad that one of the most respected companies in India [till a few days back] has become a joke 😦

  2. haha! This was funny!

  3. hilarious actually…but am unable to laugh thinking abt the 50k frends working for satyam….

  4. hilarious…

    but something that I still wish had not happened! one of the most respected company coming out like this! 😦

  5. hee hee .. spice water inc huh ? .. i got a fwd which said parthasarathy Ahatablast crappers …
    nautankey .. why so serious ??

  6. lol….must be the most expensive dhaba on the planet !!! 😛

  7. He he he LOL.

  8. hahhahaha

    good one 😀

  9. r u coming to kafeoke& dinner on pongal .. check mail !!

  10. I got this forward 🙂

    Raju Nursery Rhyme 😀

    Raju Raju sat on the wall
    Raju Raju had a great fall
    Balance sheet died
    Shareholders cried
    Raju Raju made a fraud

    Raju Raju
    Yes baba
    Cheating us
    No baba
    Telling Lies
    No baba
    Open the balance sheet
    HA HA HA

  11. oh this one is an obnoxious dhaba 😛
    the balancesheet is a piece of rotten chicken 😛

  12. Very well done. I liked the Dependant directors part

  13. What an imagination!

  14. Interesting and funny. I received an SMS that reads:

    Raju Raju “Yes Papa”
    Eating Funds “No Papa”
    Telling lies “No Papa”
    Open ur balance sheet “Ha ha ha”

  15. He he … Raju has become a piece of Tamasha now!

  16. hilarious!

  17. Really shocked by Raju’s incident.Being a ex-Satyamite I feel that whatever has happened is very sad as Satyam was my first company and I have my every emotions attached with Satyam

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