I hardly get to watch Tv these days and even when i do  get time , most of it goes by just surfing around the channels . There arent any genuine entertainment programs available these days . All one could see is sick mega soaps where one women plots against another or  the reality shows where people do everything to disgrace themselves in front of public  or lame news channels which covers  a tiger-tigress love story . And living in cities like Chennai doesn’t help either because they bring in some crap Set top system and remove all the good channels saying that they are not free . Now i understand the meaning of Nothing Comes Free.

Let me come to the topic without deviating anymore 😛 .   Changing channels with a stone aged remote is a big pain in the ass hands 😛 . Bang it here ,bang it there and then press the button and it   will work . Thats the mantra for operating the remote  which no one in my home ,except me, understands . So i was changing the channels .. 1 …. bang bang …2… bang bang … ..67 . and then it stopped .I could not beleive my eyes .I was seeing the good old DD channel  in malayalam though . and guess what ??  The channel showed Mile sur mera tumhara ad  . I dint move an inch during the whole song . Even even my mom who was running from one room to another , stopped to watch it .

Created in 1988 by Lok Seva Sanchar Parishad, and promoted by Doordarshan and India’s Ministry of Information , the song still remains in the heart of millions of people . 6 minutes of complete bliss .thats what the song is .A song which describes our country as a whole , which teaches the meaning  of Unity in Diversity ,harmony and National integration .Too bad that no private channels show it anymore when it is most needed.

Political Parties dividing the country for vote bank is not new these days . I think those people should be locked in a room and this song should be played 24×7  😉 .

Anyways here is the song ..

28 responses to “MILE SUR MERA TUMHARA !!!

  1. Oh loved it and I used to sing along. I too had posted it on my blog long ago

  2. love the new header 😛
    i better go for discovery travel and living and ndtv good times
    all are lifestyle channel and are offbeat
    at least they have something new 😛
    i dont remember if i ever watched dd even in my childhood …
    it was all that uncle scrooge on disney show or the little mermaid 😛

  3. Hello.. 🙂
    It’s d same with all remotes.. Mine keeps showing the Menu no matter what button I click.. oops.. press!!

    And the song.. It’s really good & refreshing to hear it after a long time.. But NOT when a friend makes you hear it 4 times in a row..!! I remember how difficult, those 25-something minutes were (no offence..) 😐

  4. I loveeee this song too!!! and I used to sing it in my butler hindi! ya it was like listening to sounds and mimicking but it went well! I started learning hindi in 6th class with gr8 difficulty to my teacher haha

  5. Cute header! 🙂
    I love that song too and like you while channel surfing, I stop whenever I get to that song! Yeah it comes only on DD, may be they have a copy right or something?

  6. I loved this song. Good old DD

  7. oh its a wonderful song..just luv it.

  8. ur TV romote sucks , keyboard sucks so what u doing with u salaries?? 😛
    i love this song… Its been ages i listened to this song ,thanks for sharing it … Also there are so many channels these days that i don’t even give importance to DD nowadays 🙂

  9. One of my favorites!! I posted about it sometime back too!! I think the song has lost its meaning in the present scenario.

  10. I’ve downloaded this song long back.. will download the video n store it on my iPod now 😀

    Thanks for sharing.. Nostalgic…

  11. Arvind its few of the good thing that happen in India, I wonder why we don’t do a part two of that. BTW: This is my ring tone 🙂 ha ha ha

  12. its a truely nostalgic song ………. reminds me of number of things.. including days with single tv channel … waiting for sunday evenings for movies… waiting for Jungle book … Shaktiman …

  13. This is probably one of the legends of old time Doordarshan.

    Good point about force feeding it to all of our divisive politicians. That should be useful!

    Arvind : yes …. might be usefull for some 😛

  14. pain in the ass or hand… ahahhahahahhaa… 😛
    no dount this osng is truley truly the best one… just recently on 26th our office collegaues performed on the same song 😀 😀

    ARvind : i meant hands only 😛
    they danced for this song 😮

  15. whole life sucks, doesnt it?

    Btw, I happened to watch this song yest too. Got totally glued to it. What music man !

    ARvind : lol yes it sucks 😛

  16. the header rocks…

    ARvind : thanks 🙂

  17. Aha!!! I love Mile Sur…Wt a social message it gives…

    It was one of its kind as I guess no other video had ever featured so many stars together…

    As far as showing it to ppl for national integration..hmmm only of ppl were so sensible…

    ARvind : sensible people ??
    lol i forgot about that 😛

  18. I love this song very much..

    And you have been awarded:

    ARvind :
    thanks for the award 🙂

  19. THat is a very nice song and I love it. It is a timeless classic 🙂
    ARvind : yes it is 🙂

  20. hey no more posts? plz write a new post ..i am waiting to read it 😛

    Arvind : wow ..people waiting for my post 🙂 i have posted one ..check that out 🙂

  21. I knew the entire song and used to sing along. There were many others like ‘ek chidiya’ . Sadly we don’t have any quality on TV anyore.

  22. I love this song and sing it all the time, when two children cry at the same time, two politicians from different parties join hands or two Congress men praise Sonia ji and Rahul baba.

    Arvind 🙂
    did they come in the song too ..I dint understand

  23. Oh I love this song..Thanks for refreshing good old memories..Long time since i ever saw this..I love the 3.00 and 3.20 the most …India is a beautiful country…

    ARvind : yeah .. hats off to the singer and director 🙂

  24. They don’t come in the song but when they come on TV I think of the song 🙂

  25. Winnie the poohi

    I can still sing this song yay!

  26. oh gosh this was awesome!!!! :))))

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