Jai Ho !!!

No surprises  .I am not going to write anything new , infact i have got nothing new :P.

First of  all I would like to congratulate Ar Rahman and Resul Pookutty for bringing oscars 😛 to our country ,something that we badly missed every year. Each and every indian would be proud for what they have managed to achieve . Frankly speaking i never thought we would get oscars 🙄 .

But ,when A.R.Rehman got nominated i was sure that he would get one atleast . He is a true genius . Starting from Roja for which he won national award ,he has never turned back . The magic he creates in every movie  still amazes me. I can name quite a few movies which ran in theaters just  due to his music 😛 .Kollywood -> Bollywood ->Hollywood , Is there anything left unconquered .

Long live rahman  . Jai Ho Rahman !!

Anyways, I would like to put forward some questions . Give me your honest opinion 😛

Both the songs in slumdog were good . But dont you think he (rahman) has infact , given us far better songs in the past ??

No wonder slumdog won the award for best cinematography , I really liked the way the movie was presented ,but did it deserve the award for best motion picture ???

Did You know who Resul pookutty was before he won the oscars ?? (i mean i am not a movie buff so i wasnt aware of him )

okay i will stop it here .You see, time constraint is a big problem . 102 posts still unread on my reader .  My valuable comment will be on all ur blogs within a day 😉 .Extremly sorry for the delay 😦

Chao  !!!


49 responses to “Jai Ho !!!

  1. “he (rahman) has infact , given us far better songs in the past ??” — yes, he has, so what? the movie demanded such songs, and he gave his best. He got nominated and he won. Why is there a debate on his better songs? Of course there are. This movie deserved only these songs. Period.

    Resul Pookutty has been here for a long time, but its just now that his name has come in the limelight. He has been associated with movies like Black, Gandhi my Father and our very own Saawariya.

    Arvind : No debate 🙂 ..
    just a question 😛 ..

  2. I agree completely.. Films like Roja, Bombay (even Delhi-6, may be 😐 ) and many others are better works by A.R. Rahman!! But then, as I have said everywhere, an Oscar is an OSCAR!!!! So Jai Ho!!! 😀
    Oh btw, what’s Kollywood.?? 😛

  3. Don’t you have an E-mail notification feed..?? 😛

  4. A R Rehman has definitely given better songs but are they qualified for Academy awards? If those films need to be considered then that would be under foreign films and even in that category there is no music award.

    So since Hindi movies cannot be nominated how could have Rehman won before?

    Kudos to ARR, Gulzar and Rasool Pookutty

  5. Guess solilo got the point right on. there is no use in thinking if ARR has given better songs, just that those films dont qualify for oscars.And I seriously feel Dreams of fire was one of the best songs of ARR, sad that Jai ho got all the attention.Dreams…gives me goosebumps,the lyrics and awesome MIA. It was magical combo.

    There are many pookuttys,just that they dont get the importance in a glamour ridden filmdom,where only stars r noticed.

    And nice to hear the busy programmer complainign abt alck of time 😛

    • hmm …thats rite …
      cant agree more on u ..bad that they dont nominate good music for foriegn movies..

      and by the way i idint say u write i am not a programmer..
      my designation is SET up configuration analyst..

  6. i completely agree with you…AR has given so many good numbers before….guru , ghazini , jodha akbar, and recent delhi6…..i found delhi 6 songs the best..

    but still its because Danny Boyle is associated with this film rest all came to limelight…. whatever i m happy over india’s access…Cheers 🙂

  7. In all the hulla balloo about Rahman, very few remember Gulzar and his contribution to “Jai Ho”.
    @nautankey: agree with you that we have many Pookutys. Sad that stars steal the limelight

  8. Ok waiting for ur comments 🙂

  9. Looks like all of us seem to be having this time constraint! It is indeed difficult to write a blog, read blog and answer comments. Very time consuming! I think I need to lay aside some specific times for this instead of doing it randomly.

  10. Yeah been ages since you have been seen around.
    To your questions,
    Yes, there are so many of ARR’s songs which are way better. Don’t care if they had/could or whatever verb be nominated for the Oscars…but there certainly have been better compositions.
    Best motion picture : I strongly feel no! It is my opinion. It was a decent movie; but no not the best!
    Pookutty has been here…but has shot to fame with this Oscar!

    • yes …been busy lately ..gosh trainnig itself is so much time consuming ..
      what will i do once i start working 😦

      will remember pookutty from now on 😀

  11. I agree with everything you’ve said. My latest post totally echoes your thoughts.

    I don’t think Slumdog deserved the best movie. Danny Boyle totally deserved best director because he did something different but as a movie, the others were better. I guess Slumdog just managed to ride the hype successfully.

  12. He has for sure better given music but then out there these were the best songs 🙂 they can not nominate old songs, right?

    SO be happy and stop asking question buddy 🙂

  13. To be honest India has made a hell lot of good movies than this. Just because with a UK director it went to oscars. And ARR has made a lot and lot of good music than this….

    Anyhow we got at last.. 🙂

  14. no comments on oscars this time 😀

  15. I think the Jaya Ho song was more of a pop-culture based song than the usual deep and soulful Rehman song. Maybe people in the West are listening to such songs for the first time and hence are exited. But the background music was great.

    But back home, Illayaraja’s ‘Naan Kadavul’ had far better music and songs than SDM. Illayaraja deserves an Oscar as much as Rehman.

    Destination Infinity

  16. i agree with Vimal here. it is not about the best composition, it is about suiting the need of the movie. this movie needed music like this and it was best suited.

    i know ARR has created better music and we love him for that. but here nothing more was needed.

  17. Chirag Chamoli

    Yes, this was a good song, but as you say not the best of the AR! but as luck would have it, he got a award for it cuz folks are not too familiar with masala songs.

  18. LOL… Nice post, dude… Yeah, I kinda missed the oscars but its great that rahman won… Not too sure if the movie deserved the best movie award… 🙂

  19. This was not AR’s best. But this was probably best of the lot that got nominated for Oscars. I think it is the same for the other awards that SM won.

    All said and done, the jury is human and they commit mistakes. They choose what they think is the best. That probably is the best answer to the doubts in our minds. 🙂

  20. Well i hvnt seen the movie yet but yaa have been listening to the songs since last one week continuously on the loop 😀 fabs!
    My fav is actually Lalita’s Theme and O saya

  21. We will all agree to the views expressed by you but is there a point in discussing them now.

    Let us celebrate the moment not because A R Rahman got an oscar for Slumdog Millionaire, but
    For the glory he brought to india.
    For the fact that he got one which he well deserved.
    For Indian film industry which got its long pending reward.

  22. rajanigandhaa

    Jai ho! 🙂

  23. jai ho rahman!

    ya… indeed rahman has given us better songs.. bt u know wht i think… the west has never heard him b4… had we heard him for the 1st time along with them… this wd definitely b something extraordinary… lets take it this way… 2 oscars 4 all his compositions done till date! 🙂

  24. How ya doing? 🙂
    Rahman rightly deserved the award. And you are right, he has many other compositions that were better than Slumdog Millionaire..Lagaan for that matter! And Roja! There was voting survey on CNN IBN after Rahman won the Oscar, on what people think his best composition is so far! I voted, and predictably majority of people voted for “Roja” 🙂
    I thought Slumdog Millionaire was a beautiful movie, but it did not deserve all those awards. I felt the movie’s screen play and Direction could have been better. There was romance in the movie but was not rwally romantic. The kids are fabulous though!
    No, I did not know who Resul Pookutty was before all this happened! 🙂

  25. No, I had not heard of these people until the movie had come out ! Great film… Very unique. It really managed to wrangle a lot of emotions out of me. I felt it was very deserving of best picture. (I am sad that the “Dark Knight” was not nominated). At any rate, nice
    posting Arvind !!! 🙂

  26. AR Rehman is a genius. If he never got nominated or won before, it’s coz the OSCAR jury weren’t at apr with him!

    As fr Rasool Pookutty, no one is born a winner. This man worked his way through to success. Now everyone’ll know him!

    Slumdog was a lovely movie. If it won the best motionpic award, thts coz it deserved to!

    😀 😀 😀

    JAI HO !!

  27. If you look at the sound mixing award – it was given to
    him along with Ian Tapp & Richard Pryke
    Richard Pryke has no less than some of the great movies in the past to
    his credit..
    Resul’s studio is just amazing and he has a dedication & creativity
    for sure..but it sure does need some stepping stones to reach oscars and i guess richard was one

  28. I agree with you that Rehmaan has given much better songs in past. But I am not complaining. If he won Oscar for this movie, then its okay 😀

  29. compared to his previous hits in Roja n Bombay, slumdog songs are okay dokay… dont u feel so?

  30. Resul Pokutty was my classmate in the film institute, so yes, I think I have ‘heard’ him.

    This question, I think , has to do with our underdeveloped sense of hearing. We think only music or song has the element of art in it. Otherwise, we are tone deaf. 🙂

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