Worst cities to work !!!

New York-based human resources company ORC Worldwide has released a recent survey which has  a list of 55 worst cities to work in world 😀 . 

and Guess what ?? 3 indian cities have made it to the list …

Delhi ,Mumbai and Chennai ..

The worst 10 cities are…

1 Lagos, Nigeria
Problems: Infrastructure and crime, pollution, disease & sanitation, medical facilities, availability of goods and services.

2 Jakarta, Indonesia
Problems: Pollution, disease & sanitation, medical facilities, political violence & repression, political & social environment, crime.

3 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Problems: Political violence & repression, political & social environment, culture & recreation facilities.

4 Almaty, Kazakhstan
Problems: Pollution, disease & sanitation, medical facilities, physical remoteness, housing, climate, education facilities, infrastructure, communications, culture & recreation

5 Mumbai, India
Problems: Pollution, disease & sanitation, infrastructure, political violence & repression, climate, medical facilities.

6 New Delhi, India
Problems: Pollution, disease & sanitation, infrastructure, climate

7 Nairobi, Kenya
Problems: Crime, infrastructure, disease & sanitation, political violence & repression, political& social environment.

8 Bogota, Colombia
Problems: Pollution, political violence & repression, crime, political & social Environment.

9 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Problems: Disease & sanitation, climate, pollution, medical facilities, infrastructure, crime.

10 Chennai, India
Problems: Climate, pollution, disease & sanitation, medical facilities, education facilities, infrastructure, physical remoteness.

Ps : I guess i need to change my place of work soon 😛  .

44 responses to “Worst cities to work !!!

  1. So where do I apply?

  2. People who’ve answered that query must be crazy… Mumbai in that list… No way!!!

  3. ha ha ha haa ha! Chennai? Education is a problem? come on our auto drivers talk english! and infrastructure we are moving on,i guess…

  4. It all depends where you live isn’t it. I mean, is a new yorker going to live in a slum in Mumbai? Without and airconditioner and sanitation facilities? What a joke! And the other stuff, even funnier! Disease for gods sake! haha!

  5. Wow. I am amazed that I didn’t find Bangalore in it. 🙂

  6. Chennai: education facilities? Whaaat??! Pollution & Disease? What jobs are they talking about here? local bus driver? In that case, they are blessed with having the right of way!!!
    And climate: …give a break …what do they expect in a tropical country?! Besides most of these people will be inside an air-conditioned office, hardly ever noticing the temp outside!!!

    Most of these surveys are absolute humbug!! For proof, please see the Yes PM clip I posted recently!!!

  7. Go to Bangalore!

  8. These surveys don’t make any sense. Any survey you always find couple of Indian states in the list. No! I am not in denial but come on! why is India always featured?

  9. Maybe they did announce these cities to clear off some public as there was too much popualation.. 🙂

  10. Hey in Delhi they dint mention the ‘i own dis road dude’ attitude of people behind the wheel? Its a life risking adventure going to office everyday!

  11. 🙂 I wonder what starta of people took part in the survey.. To me Rhiyad is hell ,but Simla maybe cool..For a Delhi-ite, Chennai maybe hell,Cochin maybe cool 😉 Its all subjective liking and requirements you know..lol..

    **sigh** I wish we will make it to best 5 sooner or later…

  12. Delhi in the list??? and one of the problem listed is infrastructure ??? 😯

  13. Even though Indian cities have their problems, i am not convinced they belong in this distinguished list.

    There is no way India should be in the same league as a Kenya, Nigeria, or Columbia!

  14. Not fair !!!! chennai is a nice place !!

  15. Chirag Chamoli

    @New York-based human resources company

    Again, my point is why the hell, we should take the list at the face value, as it is obviously biased towards NYC 🙂 They should have brackets, and say in developed nations, in Developing nations ….Kenya, Nigeria…India? WTF

  16. Rubbish survey…..All the three metro of India is listed…
    Atleast in India we have sufficient jobs in the time of recession also..unlike NY where you dont know when you will get pink slip…

  17. Batteries not included? 😀
    But honestly, this is disgusting! 😀

  18. 3 Indian Cities in the top 10 list ???? no way .. there should much more worse Cities in the world !!

  19. Not fair ! CHENNAI IS THE BEST !!!!

    and a bunch of ignorant firangs decide this ???

  20. Thank God such lists aren’t taken seriously and even if they are, for us Indians it is a matter of survival and we do survive whereever we have to 🙂

    What say??

  21. no delhi isnt that bad…..(i cant say in terms of working conditions)
    but otherwise its a lovely city 😛

    i think that common problems are pollution, sanitation and lack of infrastructure……but i think all these are glaring features of all cities of developing nations
    sooner or later they will or have to be put away with

  22. whr r the other 45 dude! 😛

    • but no wonder if bangalore makes to the list pretty soon. lots of problems coming up. pretty pissed i am. horrible traffic, bad road management. i feel sudden crowding of the city made it choke. only the diversity in the population makes it somewhat okay. sorta unknown comfort. 😛

  23. hmm how about banglore??? Im not there… still just wondering 😉

  24. What crap… i am completely against this survey.. Am not saying it just bcos i live in Chennai, but in general….

    Blore dint make it.. and its the most poluted city on earth….!!!

  25. and err.. all the cities listed are from the Developing nations category… how come none from USA/UK/Europe or anywhere else?????????????????/!!! hmpfh…

    shows how true the survey is… 🙂

  26. it’s not like that Arvind… Instead asking the people who are living here.. they are asking the visitors and obviously our cities will get a lower rank.. anyway I am for sure.. I won’t be this much comfortable than Chennai 🙂

  27. Bangalore’s not there? 😀

  28. All these are developing countries. What were they expecting? And I have worked in Delhi and Chennai. Traffic and infrastructure are problems but most of the time you are inside your office and you won’t even notice.

  29. Whoa that is 3 metros called the worst. That is a lot!

  30. If Bangalore hasn’t featured, I dont trust this survey! And Mumbai and New Delhi???

    Really! Who did hey do the survey with? Road-side vendors of NY!!???

  31. This is funny 😀 I thought I was priveleged to be working in this city. All the problems stated are true, only I neve rnotice it as part of my work day.

  32. yes, i know you will whine and complain that i haven’t been visiting your blog often or haven’t been writing on mine…its just that I have been super busy and have been caught up with way too many things…will visit ur blog more often… sorry once again…

    Keep Blogging!!!

  33. Bogota isn’t such a bad city to work in.

  34. as if kokata is so koool they have left that city.. LOL
    not all areas in all cities are bad.

  35. physical remoteness? Chennai?

    Have u traveled in a public bus? You’ll have 3 elbows in your face, 2 people standing on your left foot, an old lady drooling on your shoulder and someone kid’s school bag digging into your midsection… Physical remoteness Hmph!

  36. This is cheating!!! How could Calcutta have missed the accolades for pollution, political environment and the kind!!
    The survey is biased!!

  37. heheheh…. 3/4 metropolitan cities in this list.. come to bangalore 😉

  38. how come calcutta nt in this list??? ***rolling eyes***

  39. gone into hibernation?????????????????

  40. godo n abd are so subjective aren’t they..for a white man indian cities are bad obviously ..

    And too much work..eh?

  41. good n bad are so subjective aren’t they..for a white man indian cities are bad obviously ..

    And too much work..eh?

  42. Common man, Chennai isnt all that bad.

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