Look who’s back !!!

Ladies and Gentelmen !!

WE are proud to Have with us  the Guy  who Probably was missed by millions and millions of bloggers across the world galaxy Universe  .The guy who created ripples in the blogoshpere by his ever entertaining posts . Whose blog became the only source of entertainment for all the people in the times when the parasite boredom creeped in .

Let us Welcome the amazing ,ever stunning

**Drums Rolling **

**Drum Rolling**


Phew !! Its really strange that  it  takes  a build up as lame as the one above to take a blogger like me out from hibernation . Self-Motivation , u see 😀 . Every one Needs motivation . And when there is no one to motivate u . You have do all on your own :mrgreen:  . Now that cheer girls have stopped Chanting my name let me come to the main idea of the post.

This has been my longest absence from the blogosphere 😦 . I really missed all Your blogs and i guess u must have missed my valuable ,enlightning and entertaining posts too 😀 . Never mind ! Now that i am back , your Ultimate source of Entertainment is back Online :P.

A Lot has happened in a span of month . Yet it seems  so vague that i will have to search for words to fill it up here . Sometimes i feel that the world has narrowed down  much within a time of 2 months .Home to office , Office to home . Ofcourse they pay me but it still seems so odd . Huh !! May be i need more time to adjust with my Korporate Konnection 😛 . Anyways  i dont intend to write my tantrums out here 😛 . So lets talk something interesting . Cricket ???  . WHy not  !! . Well,  India creating history in NewZeland by winning a series after 41 years is not what i am going to talk about .:P They are creating “history” far too often now that it has started to become little monotonous now 😉 . The interesting thing is that HIPL (Hewitt internal peremiar league) is going on at my office 😛 . The good news is that my team (vennila cricket kuzhu ) is through to super six . Now how good would it feel to hit  a six as the winning shot 😛 . Thats what i did and my team members have found their new hero 😀 . Well , you see i have a natural flair for the game . Lucky that i have a blog where i can blow my own trumpet 😛 . And we have formed Vennila kabbadi kuzhu also  😛 . I am sure we would be atleast runner up in that . It seems there are only 2 teams that have registered inluding my team 😛 .

I have regained my old love and passion for books  😛  .  Although i dont get much time but still i have been making it a point to read atleast 30-40 pages  daily .Currently reading The White Tiger and now i am able to realize why people were going ga-ga over this book . Bought Robin cook’s  Invasion . Anyone here who has read that book ?? A short review would be  fine in the comment section 😛 . Talking about books , Yesterday one of my collegues came  across my blog .She was hell-bent on insisting me that IT field is not my cup of tea. .According to her I should ,perhaps , write a book . Now How crazy is that ? :mrgreen:

Rakhi SAwant Ka swayamwar

And Whats all this about Rakhi sawant Getting married On NDTV IMAGINE . I mean Is she  On her minds or what . I knew she was crazy but this is too much .I  need to figure out  a theory which proves  that  Length of dress u wear is  directly proportional to the size of brain 😛 .  And May be  now NDTV IMAGINE can flaunt with a big advertizement Rakhi ka SWAYAMWAR – Reality show ka Baap :D. The show would be the height of crazyness 😛 .

Other day i got this pic through a mail –

Crazy cat

ROFLMAO !!  Whats wrong with the cat ?? may be u can write  a one liner 😉

Well , Thats all i have to bore Entertain u today :mrgreen: ..

see u soon again .

Adios Amigos !!!

50 responses to “Look who’s back !!!

  1. Awww the cat is so cute…he looks as if he has seen a ghost 🙂
    Welcome back!!

  2. What’s with the Cat? Did he see Rakhi Sawant?

    Welcome back!

  3. Welcome back Arvind! The hero…the sixer hitter!! Kabbadi champ!!

  4. welcome back !!! [:D]

  5. Welcome back!! Blogosphere missed you 😛

  6. welcome back.. hoping to read more here.. 🙂

    crazyy cat caught on cam..

  7. Hmm, i was wondering where you had vanished!

  8. How many smilies have you used Arvind? Obviously you were very happy when you wrote this post! I’ve read The White Tiger by Adiga…awesome book.

    P.S- Read about Sawan’t experiment. Has she sold rights to 24/7 after married life to some music channel or not? 😛

  9. Welcome back dude 😀

  10. Chirag Chamoli

    Ha ha ha 🙂 great updates Man, be back 🙂

  11. Welcome back Mr Entertainer..
    hope to see this place regularly updated now 😉

  12. hi arvind………how r u…………after a long time i suppose………………nice to see u back…………got join letter from hexware??????

  13. Welcome back!! You can expect anything from Rakhi Sawant! So don’t be surprised if she actually gets married on the show.

  14. Seems the cat was just made to go through last year’s paper of CAT!!!

  15. Welcome back buddy ! Did you try contesting for Rakhis swayamvar?? I think you should 😀

  16. welcome back!! 🙂 n good 1 on rakhee.. size of brain.. lolz.. 😀

  17. Welcome Back!

    Rakhi Sawant – HAHAHAHAHA.

    That cat is awesome =)

  18. welcome back 😀

  19. The cat just watched “Repo! The Genetic Opera”.
    That’s how I looked after watching it. Not for the
    faint of heart… LOL ! Welcome back ! 🙂

  20. ah welcome back! 😛
    but i guess now i am going into hibernation ! 😆
    ind, this new show on NDTV is a copy of a foreign show “WHO WANTS TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE ” ……..and what more….rakhi sawant has even invited rahul gandhi to be one of the contenders ……….poor guy! 😛

  21. And here I thought I was the only one missing from blog scene. Glad to know I had company 🙂

    I am hearing lots about dis White Tiger one, maybe even I’ll plunge in and try it out.

    While Rakhi SAwant is a u-know-what, she does seem to have amazing publicity accumen…she creates news where she goes watever she does! Others may laugh but chances are that NDTV Imagine got quite a thing goin for dem wqith this show. (Her coyness iss soooooooo fake in the promos!) She lives by the idiom, “Badnaam hue toh kya naam na hua?”

  22. Helloz!! Welcome back!!!! 😀 😀
    About the post – You seem too happy while writing it!! Great!! 😀
    About Rakhi Sawant – May all the prospective grooms RIP!! 😛
    About the cat – Was she caught red-pawed watching some err.. you know??!! 😉 😛

  23. and i thought you had stopped blogging… I didnt receive any feeds in my reader 😦 😦

  24. after coming back where are you man?? first let me ask you How are you??
    Very enjoyable post… please write more man.. 🙂
    else r u writing any book.. taking that girls advice.. then it’s ok 😀

  25. LOL… BTW, when is your next come back 😉 Worked up, eh ? 😀

  26. Rakhi ka swayamvar 😀 God!!! Just couldn’t help laughing… May god help the groom… 😀

  27. Really nice one…I really liked this point of view u shared…
    Adding u in my blog list to read more from you!!!

    My blog is http://rahul-bhattacharya.blogspot.com/ 🙂

  28. Rakhi ka swayamvar!!! ROFLMAO!!! 😀 😛 That aside, good to have you back. 🙂 So I guess both of us made a good come-back post. 🙂

    And oh, I hate cricket. It has ruined the sportsmanship of an entire nation. Have any of you heard of something called “hockey”? No? It’s our national game. 🙂 Think about it. 🙂

  29. Myaan even u have been away for so long ! I have literally burrowed into the sand 😦 just not been blogging these days !

  30. HI ARVIND !

  31. holy fuck!! That cat is scary!! Damn! It’s scarier than Rakhi Sawant’s reality show! 😀 😀 😀

  32. Welcome back 🙂
    The cat..well..is just turning his head repeatedly from right to left. Crazy creatures, cats!

  33. Look who’s gone again??

  34. Hey! you got a great blog!! I have added you in my blog roll 🙂 Keep going :))))

  35. Hellow,

    welcome back Mr. entertainer…….

    hope to hear more of your ripples again because we are really enjoying it.


  36. welcome back Mr. entertainer,

    hope to hear more of your ripples again.

    I most delighted on them.

  37. hello

    how are you??

    *hugs* and *kisses*

  38. Guess, you’re in same state as mine 😀 totally worked up 😉

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  40. Where have you been? When r u coming back again?

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  42. atleast write a post about ur work dude

  43. welcome back!
    I’m back in biz too

  44. oh, my blog address has changed by the way, it’s


  45. hey!! 😀 lol.. welcome back!

  46. It’s been almost a year (will be, in 2 days from now) since the drums rolled… where are you!?

  47. hey , nice blog , like it ,
    won’t be nice if i u can clickover to my blog page too ,
    & post some suggestion

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